A Tom Boy Hair Cut For Girls

A tomboy haircut for girls can be both fun and edgy. Longer quiffs add a spiky straight-up look, while a graduated undercut and long front hair add femininity. Some tips for this look include using different products and experimenting with other cuts.


A tomboy pixie cut is perfect if your girl has thick hair. These short styles are often layered to give them a feminine touch. Hollywood stars like Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron have shown off tom-boy-inspired hairstyles.


Volume tomboy haircuts for girls are a stylish choice for girls who want a look that screams sex appeal. These versatile styles require a little styling product and a few touch-ups. These styles add sex appeal and sass without looking too manly or macho.


A Tom Boy haircut is a sexy haircut for girls. This style is made famous by male fashion. In the early 2000s, many models channeled this androgynous style. Many of their outfits resembled those of a boy. Their haircut was also a big part of this trend.


Girls can sport edgy, boyish hairstyles with a Tom Boy cut. A graduated undercut and longer front hair add a bit of femininity. Boys can also wear this look. However, if you have thick hair, it may take some experimenting.

Girls can have both a short and long tom-boy style. The sides are often faster than the top, which lends to this look. This type of cut is also popular with girls who have curly hair. The shorter hairstyles are easier to maintain than the long ones.

The style is very versatile and easy to maintain. Curly hair is not out of the question – boys can also have this cut. A shorter length with a long quiff at the top adds softness and femininity to this style. Boys’ haircuts can also be worn with curly hair, and a pop of color can add interest to a short style.

The short tomboy is both feminine and masculine. The straightforward style of Miley Cyrus is a perfect example of a short tomboy cut. It draws attention to her face and contrasting soft, feminine features. A short tomboy is also incredibly versatile – it can be layered with a gorgeous blonde fringe, for example.

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A Tom Boy haircut for girls is a style that resembles male fashion. Throughout the early 2000s, models channeled a boy-like style with outfits and haircuts. Short hair was a big part of this look. This new style is gaining popularity with girls.

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