A Tomboy Cut For Girls

Consider a tomboy cut if you’re looking for a funky girl’s haircut. A combination of a shag and a mullet, a tomboy cut has a rebellious feel. This style features thick layers on the crown of the head and thinning ends. It works for any hair type and looks especially striking with curtain bangs.

Long fringe

Long fringe is a perfect way to enhance a girl’s hair and accent her face. It’s also a great length for the neck area. The style is often complemented with red highlights. This tomboy cut is a funky style that displays your girl’s playful and carefree spirit.

This cut is easy to style and can work well with any outfit. Its length and fringe make it an excellent choice for many companies. It works well with long skirts and layered tops. It is perfect for girls with a tanned complexion and dark eye color. In addition, it looks fantastic with any casual daytime outfit.

This tomboy cut can be worn with various hair colors and styles. The side parting gives it a classic look and requires little maintenance. The fringe adds a touch of sophistication and maturity. It’s a good choice for girls with fine or short hair.

This tomboy cut is excellent for girls with curly hair because it doesn’t require a lot of styling. In addition, it complements any face shape and facial features. It’s versatile and can be styled differently depending on the girl’s hair texture. You can go for a tomboy cut with long sides and a long fringe if she has thick, wavy hair.

Another classic tomboy cut for girls is the fairy. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and has the perfect length. A pixie cut will be a good choice if you have thick, wavy, or curly hair. The amount is an excellent match for any outfit. You can add a few layers and a touch of distressed denim for the best look.

Shaved sides

A tomboy cut for girls is a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle. It has shaved sides and a long top with a fringe or a side part. It can be straight or messy and looks best on girls with oval-shaped faces. A shaved edge on the sides is a fun feature of this style.

This style is a variation of the androgynous cut and originated in the 1920s. It was popularized by fashion houses such as Chanel, encouraging women to wear male clothes. Many famous actresses and models incorporated male clothing into their feminine wardrobes, including Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich.

This style has evolved from its initial conception as a boyish style. Today, it is a fashion statement that emphasizes a girl’s character and personality. As such, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific tomboy cut for a girl based on her facial structure, hair texture, and personal preferences.

The shaved sides of a tomboy cut for girls are edgy, calm, and versatile, perfect for girls with thick hair. The hair can be pulled back into a pony and styled in several ways. In addition, the hidden designed undercut makes this cut swanky.

Despite being short, a tomboy haircut for girls with shaved sides looks excellent on wavy or curly hair. It suits every face shape and facial feature and can even be styled with a long fringe. If you have thick, wavy hair, the shaved sides of the tomboy cut for a girl are an excellent choice.

Shaved sides of the tomboy hairstyle for girls are a contemporary look that will stand out. This avant-garde style is ideal for girls who want to make a good impression. The side shave will keep her hair cool in hot weather. However, it may take a while for the hair to grow back.

Acid blonde highlights

An ashy blonde color on a tomboy cut for girls can update an old pixie undercut, giving it a modern twist. The hair color will build visual thickness and contrast with the short layered sides. The hairstyle can have a mid fade on the top, while a piecey fringe on the sides will only be distracting.

To add some shine to this hairstyle, you can add some serum to your hair. A side part with asymmetrical waves is ideal if you have wavy hair. You can also try a short grey hairstyle if you have a cool undertone.

Reddish undertones

The tomboy cut is an excellent choice for girls with reddish undertones and can give them an easy, versatile look. This cut can be styled with various hair colors and complement any clothing or look. This cut is incredibly flattering for reddish undertones and looks best with a long back and uneven fringe. It also flatters girls with square faces.

A tomboy hairstyle is simple but stylish and easy to maintain. Its characteristic shape allows it to be styled with ease and comfort. Girls with reddish undertones can opt for a longer tomboy style for a more dramatic look.

Layered outfits

Layering can add both style and comfort to an outfit. A simple sweater layered with an excellent leather or denim jacket can give a tomboy outfit an updated look. Tomboy attributes include dressing like a boy, being rugged, and being interested in sports and physical activities. For your tomboy little girl, layering can be a great way to add these attributes to an outfit.

A tomboy outfit will be easy to layer, and the key to a tomboy look is to mix lightweight pieces with more fitted items. For example, a plaid shirt and tank top will look great over a pair of skinny jeans. Using bold colors can also add an edge to the look.

Tomboy clothes take inspiration from men’s clothes. An essential pair of boyfriend jeans will work well with a white tee and boots. A tee with a favorite band’s logo will add a bit of character and style. A hat with a straw-fisted cap will complete the look. A boyfriend cardigan is another must-have tomboy piece. A navy or gray cardigan will work over a fitted white tank.

Choosing colors and prints that complement your skin tone is essential. You’ll want your little girl to be comfortable while still looking stylish. Choosing oversized or baggy clothes will make your little girl look less curvy. Layering with a jacket that hits below the hips is an excellent way to avoid looking bulky.

A tweed coat is another great way to dress up your girl for tomboy chic. Tweed is a classic fabric that goes with any color. A brown or camel tweed blazer is reminiscent of the vintage British style.

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