Alternatives to the Tomboy Haircut

Tomboy hairstyles are short and often paired with longer sidelocks. These styles are usually cute, boyish, and unprofessional. While the Tomboy haircut is typical, there are many alternatives to this look. A more feminine version of this type of style is the Power Haircut. A Sci-Fi Bob Haircut could also be its successor.

Short tomboy hairstyles

A short tomboy haircut can add new life and a rebellious edge to your image. This type of haircut is versatile, low maintenance, and requires little styling time or product. This short style works well for oval and round faces. In addition, it balances out face shapes. Using bronze or silver highlights can add a touch of edginess.

Short tomboy hairstyles are available in various lengths and styles. The ultra-short version can look jaw-dropping! A tomboy haircut can be an excellent option for a busy person with little time to spend on styling. Petite women can also benefit from graphic cuts.

A tomboy haircut can be layered to create a sleek look. This hairstyle is a good choice for someone with thick or naturally wavy hair. The sides and back are longer than the top. It’s also possible to add a fringe. It’s a great summer choice.

A tomboy hairstyle is easy to manage and requires little styling time. A tomboy cut is an ideal choice for a girl with stubborn curls. Curly hair can be created with a curling iron. This style looks great with brown hair. It is simple, elegant, and sexy.

Long fringe

A long fringe tomboy haircut may be for you if you have long hair. This type of hairstyle is straightforward to manage and maintain. It can be styled into a top knot or ponytail. However, thin hair may not be suited for this style. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect tomboy look:

Choose a light shade for your hair. Blonde is an excellent choice for this hairstyle. It will add depth and volume to your hair, while the long fringe accentuates your hair’s length. Also, this style will make you look thicker if you have thin hair.

A short tomboy haircut can be styled to look chic. It’s easy to maintain, and you can wear various colors. A bowl cut with dark blue highlights looks great on fair-skinned girls. A bowl cut with moon bangs is another variation of this classic cut.

Short tomboy cuts look cute on both men and women. They work perfectly for skinny frames and add a touch of femininity. A wavy pixie or asymmetrical bangs are a great choice. This haircut is low maintenance and can make you look fabulous with minimal effort. It’s also ideal for warm-weather days when you want to feel cute and feminine.

Long-fringe tomboy haircuts are only suitable for some types of hair. If you have thick or coarse hair, consider a longer haircut. It is easier to maintain than a short one but could be more versatile. The longer hair also loses shape while sleeping and may wave in the wrong direction. It can also be challenging to change styles. It’s also best to use a round brush to dry it.

Straight bangs

A tomboy haircut can be casual, edgy, or chic. This look is a great way to show off your rebellious spirit. This hairstyle also looks great with a cocktail dress. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual, easygoing look or want to spruce up your appearance for a special occasion, a tomboy haircut will add some spice to your face.

The tomboy cut is perfect if your hair is naturally wavy or thick. Short sides and a longer back characterize this style. Adding a few curls to the amount will make it look very stylish. You can also use an undercut to create a modern look for this tomboy hairstyle.

This tomboy hairstyle is best for wavy, curly, or straight hair. It suits men and women but will look best on thick hair. However, if your hair is thin, you may use styling products to achieve the desired look.

Choosing a tomboy hairstyle is easy if you have thick hair. With a tomboy haircut, you can have thick hair styled to frame your face. This style is also good if your hair is extensive, as it will add volume.

Shaved sides

A tomboy haircut has long top layers with a shaved side fade. It can be styled in a messy bun or a high ponytail. It is versatile and flattering for all head shapes. Long-shaved sides look feminine but edgy and bold when worn up.

The tomboy cut is excellent for girls who want to show off their creativity. This style is highly versatile and easy to maintain. It can be worn with or without extensions and will undoubtedly get compliments. Thin tomboy girls can go for a mullet, which gives the illusion of more volume. When cut correctly, the mullet creates a defined structure. A grey jacket completes the look.

A fairy is another popular short hairstyle with a feminine vibe. Pixies are perfect for any occasion and look good with any outfit. Spirits can be styled with texture on top or a ruffled look. They also go well with distressed denim.

This tomboy style can be styled with different lengths and colors. This style is perfect for girls who want to spend only some days putting it up. It can also be styled with dry gel to give a smooth finish.


A pixie tomboy hairstyle has a pixie top and a short back. This asymmetrical cut creates a polished appearance and is low-maintenance for busy women. It adds volume and emphasizes facial features. This style looks great on short and thick hair.

The pixie cut is the perfect style for round faces. It falls just above the collarbone and looks excellent when brushed. Its length allows eyesight to stray through the distance. To create volume, you can add hairspray to the top of the cut. It is best to get a whole night’s sleep before you have enough.

Pixie tomboy hairstyles work well with wavy hair. Wavy hair makes even the simplest haircuts look interesting. Wavy hair tends to soften facial features and create a wavy look. A pixie cut allows you to spend less time on styling and grooming.

The pixie tomboy hairstyle is popular for women who want a youthful look. It does not require hair dye and is very easy to maintain. Pixie haircuts are also great for older ladies because they make your hair look much younger and healthier. This style is also a good choice if you want to color your hair in a fun way.

A pixie tomboy hairstyle is versatile and will remain popular for years. This style can be paired with a sleek undercut to add structure and texture. This short style is ideal for girls with curly hair and can also be worn with an elegant or faded undercut.


A buzzcut is a stylish, short haircut that comes close to shaving without completely removing all the hair. Its breezy, light, and fun texture make it ideal for summertime. This trendy cut can be enhanced with bangs and an undercut. This style looks edgy and sexy and requires zero hair products.

A buzzcut can be an excellent choice for a tomboy. Long hair is typically considered masculine, but long hair can also be feminine if cut short. A side part can be an option, too. Another popular tomboy hairstyle is the high-top fade, a classic and fresh take on a boyish cut. To create a feminine look, the hair around the temples should be softer and shorter.

A buzzcut for tomboys can be a stylish and edgy cut. It can be short, medium-length, or long and can be blended with a pixie style. The front part should be buzzed while the sides are cut longer. To add an accent to the top position, use a texturizing product. Another great way to make a tomboy hairstyle unique is to use clippers.

A tomboy haircut can be versatile, depending on your hair texture and face shape. It can also be a great way to update your image. This look is a great way to look younger and more daring. It is also easy to manage and can be complemented with various colors, textures, and angles. A tomboy haircut is versatile enough for both formal and informal events, making it an excellent choice for both sexes.

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