Amethyst – An Animated Tomboy

Amethyst’s lack of refinement

Amethyst is a wild and unrefined tomboy, who acts impulsively and carelessly. She is lazy and untidy, and often refuses to throw out her own junk. Her lack of refinement is also reflected in her character, who calls herself a “flawed quartz.”

Amethyst is a laid-back slob, whereas her sister Pearl is elegant and refined. In the opening episode, Amethyst is jealous of Pearl, and she refuses to acknowledge this, but when Steven learns about Pearl’s motivation, she defends her sister. Later, when she learns about Pearl’s secret, she comforts Pearl and tells her not to be jealous.

The lack of refinement in Amethyst’s design is also apparent in her clothing and hairstyle. In the movie, Amethyst wears a dark purple leotard and has short hair. Amethyst’s style is influenced by Lumy Space Princess, the princess of Adventure Time.

Despite her lack of refinement, Amethyst has grown up since the first episode of Steven Universe Future. Steven even comments on her maturity, saying that she’s “grown up.” As an adult, Amethyst is a “mature” Crystal Gem, helping other gems find their purpose in life.

While Amethyst shares a similar kindred spirit with Steven, she is a bit “not like anybody”. Peridot is overshadowed by Steven, but she’s not a rose quartz. Eventually, Amethyst becomes more assertive, and she becomes the new Smoky Quartz.

Her clothing also changed significantly in the second episode. In Can’t Go Back, Amethyst’s tank top was replaced with an off-white one with a jagged hem. Her shorts were also replaced with torn white fabric at the bottom, and her boots were changed from black to white. During Together Alone, her hair was also made wilder.

Mikasa’s lack of refinement

While she is not an overly refined tomgirl, Mikasa does show a strong sense of right and wrong. She tries to guide her impulsive friends in the right direction. She also often follows them around, especially when they are in trouble. One of her most important lessons is to be a good soldier and protect those you love.

Mikasa is one of the best friends Sasha has. They’ve been roommates since they were both cadets. They’ve had plenty of adventures together, and Mikasa has come to respect Sasha’s instincts. However, Mikasa has a soft spot for Sasha. After she learns that Sasha is being shot, Mikasa runs out of her room and goes to find her. She’s distraught that Sasha has been killed.

While Mikasa has shown her rage, she is also a very sympathetic character. Although she is not a particularly refined tomgirl, she has shown a lot of anger towards Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover. After she discovered that they were Rumble, Mikasa fought them off and was nearly killed, but she hesitated before killing them. Later on, she caught up with the two men and flew into a murderous rage.

After the murder of her parents, Mikasa lost hope. Her new family took her in, but her lack of refinement made her an unrefined tomboy. Her lack of refinement made her a vulnerable target for robbers, and her lack of sophistication made her a prime target.

Mikasa’s lack of refinery is also a concern in her relationship with Armin. Despite her lack of refinement, Mikasa’s compassion for her friend and reassurance in the face of danger makes her an extremely endearing tomboy.

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