Anime Characters With Tomboy Hair

If you have watched anime, you may have noticed that some characters have tomboy hair. Some of them have long hair, while others have short hair. Anime fans will be pleased to know that you don’t have to be a nerd to get a tomboy hairstyle. Here are some examples.


If you’re a fan of anime, you’ve probably noticed that tomboy characters are pretty funny. Yokozuna is a good example. She is tomboy-like and often wears men’s clothes, such as a tank top and cargo pants. She also likes to play video games.

The hairstyle of Yokozuna is reminiscent of Japanese tomboys. Her hair is short, and her eyes are purple. She also wears a fitted eyebrow, where her right eye used to be. Her hair used to be long braids, but her hairstyle is shorter.

Sakura Urano

In the manga series Sakura Urano, tomboy-haired girls are standard and are usually featured with ninja hairstyles. This style is trendy and is often portrayed in anime. The main character, Sakura, first sports short hair in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament and gradually grows it out by the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

The manga series also depicts a short-haired anime character. This character is beautiful with short hair, and it’s not unusual for her to have shorter hair than shorter girls. Young men like her sexy figure and the shorter hairstyles that she wears. She has a very distinct style and is one of the most famous tom girls in the anime world.

The anime features several characters with tomboy hairstyles, including Rintaro and Sakura Urano. She works in a cafe with Rintaro and is a cosplay artist. Her costumes are often designed for cosplay, and she’s been spotted wearing them by Luka and Kurisu. She also hums “culture” and speaks in the third person.

Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro is a petite slender girl with a small but triangular face, a long, elongated left ear, and small, brow-fringed eyes. Her chin-length hair is a dark purple, with asymmetrical fringe and reflections resembling the waves on a heart monitor. Her most notable feature is a pair of flexible earphone jacks attached to two thin cords that allow her to change her length.

The short hairstyle is also a characteristic of many anime girls, including Kyoka Jiro from the manga and anime series Naruto. This sexy character is kind, mysterious, and innocent. She is often depicted with colorful underwear and short hair, which is a source of frustration for her.

Another tomboy-haired girl in Kyoka Jiro is Sakura, the fifth Hokage’s girlfriend. While she used to be a tomgirl in the manga, she grew into a girl as she reached adulthood. This is because she wears a lot of makeup and is a fan of fashion and accessories. In the manga, Sakura and Hikaru are friends, but each has a unique personality and interests. As a result, they have distinct characters that are often portrayed as feminine or masculine.

While Ena’s sister is a tomboy with waist-length hair, her friend has short hair and wears skinny jeans. This is what some fans refer to as Les Yay. Other tomboy-hair anime include Kyoka Jiro, whose tomboy-haired sister is named Mikoto. This anime also has a tomboy version of the same character, Akane, who is the opposite of Kasumi.


A short-haired anime character named Rei has a unique personality. She is a teen who is possessed with godlike abilities. But, her powers are attached to her feelings. As such, she has no understanding of how her powers work. She can cause an apocalypse without even understanding them. She lives in Tokyo-3 and is related to the Ackerman family.

Even though she’s a tomboy, she has a girly streak and enjoys sports. Her short hair makes her look like a tomboy, but she is more of a girl. Rin also likes sports and is the most active and hard-working member of the m’s. She’s a very dynamic character in the series and has worked hard to get into Love Live! Tournament.

Rei has pale blue hair and short bangs. She also has red eyes. She usually wears a blue miniskirt and white socks. She also has many necklaces. Rei wears a uniform that resembles the uniform of her school. She also wears a pair of black ankle socks and white loafers. Her plugsuit is white with red, green, and black stripes.


Ami has tomboy hair, which she does not like to straighten. She is also known for being a bit of a flirt. She is a sweet and kind child, but fame can change a person. Her mother is an actress, so this may have had something to do with her personality.

As a child, Ami is not as influenced by how other children think. She is more interested in what she likes to do than other people think. Consequently, she prefers mud wrestling to the drama of playing sports. However, she doesn’t think of herself as a tomboy, and she is a trustworthy individual.

Ami’s short hair makes her look sexy. Her appearance makes her the favorite of male weebs. She also likes to spend time in the garden, and her perfect looks make her an attractive target for sexy guys. Her short hair and cute outfits are enough to draw the attention of any guy.

Ami has an IQ of 300, and her dream is to become a doctor. She also uses water and ice powers and uses smokescreens to distract enemies. Her closest friend is Lotte Jannson, also Akko’s best friend. Both are smart but shy and can communicate with faeries and spirits that live inside discarded objects.

Haruko Haruhara

Tomboy’s hair is a popular trend, and many anime characters sport it. Haruko Haruhara is no exception. She has a curly bob and wears it proudly. She is one of the most popular characters in the series. The hairstyle is adorable and goes with her quirky personality.

Her flame-colored hair and green eyes stand out from her male counterparts. She is an accomplished swordswoman and dreams of becoming a prince and securing the hand of the Rose Princess Anthy. The fan base for this popular manga character is vast, and she has a cult following.

Haruko Haruhara is a character from the series FLC. She starts as a housemaid but is a rogue who has a mission to find the missing planet Atomsk. She has a bob haircut, green eyes, and a hoodie over her long hair. She is a fan of anime and manga and has a passion for male media.

Haruko’s bob is a popular look in the anime series Fooly Cooly. She has blonde hair that reaches her waist and spends most of her time in mechanic garb. She is complex and strong-willed. Despite her impulsive and aggressive behavior, she is still stubborn and determined to capture Atomsk again. In the final episodes, she cloaks herself as a homeroom teacher to avoid the troublesome Hidomi but faces opposition from Julia Jinyu and Naota Nandana.


In Misaka the Tomboy Hair anime, the main character has a simple hairpin attached to her head’s right side. As the series progressed, her hairpin evolved into a flower pattern, symbolizing her growing importance. The creator of the series, Haimura Kiyotaka, changed her hairstyle because she grew up to be a much more prominent character in the manga and anime series.

The tomboy hairstyle is a trademark of the manga, and the anime series also has several characters with a tomboyish look. The main character, Touka, is a tomboy who loves rabbits. She’s also a ghoul but is fascinated with humans and attends human schools. During the series, she becomes friends with a bunch of humans and sometimes engages in insult rages with them. Another recurring character is the rebellious and cynical Kei, who has short hair and a negative attitude.

While Misaka’s hair is short, she still looks admirable and attractive. Her short hair makes her attractive to men, and her sexy figure makes her one of the most famous tom girls in anime. Anime girls with short hair are beautiful and have unique traits and personalities.

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