Anime Tomboy Names

If you’re looking for a name for an anime tomboy, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of anime tomboy characters to choose from, including Minene Uryu, Haruhi Fujioka, Casca, Misty, and more. These characters are all great examples of strong female characters with strong personalities.

Minene Uryu

This name is a play on words. The pronunciation is a bit rough, and the word’mi’ is coalesced into an ‘ee’, which is an attempt to emphasize that Minene is a tomboy, and not a lady. She grew up on her own, and was never taught to be feminine. She rejects being portrayed as feminine, and uses coarse language to express herself.

Minene is the holder of the Ninth Diary, which she uses to plan out her escape route. She is also a skilled tactician, and her wits are sharp. Her standard outfit is a black sleeveless jacket with a tank top under it. Her first appearance, however, is in a gothic lolita dress. She is known to feel intense self-loathing over her appearance, which makes her a natural candidate for an anime tomboy name.

Besides being a mecha officer, Yuri is also cursed with a mysterious power that enables her to transform into a cat. She also has many special skills, and is responsible for the episode of June 1983 eternally repeating itself. However, despite her powerful powers, Yuri is the most dependable of all the girls, and she is also the most caring of them.

Haruhi Fujioka

There are several tomboy anime characters. Some of them are popular, like Yuzuki. Yuzuki is an unusual character due to her lack of filters in her singing voice and nickname “Oblivious Death God of the Basketball Court”. Those who love tomboy characters will love this character’s name.

She is a popular anime character with green hair and blue eyes. She is a cultural icon, and her chibi looks make her a favorite of many female fans. Although she is a girl, she dresses like a boy in school. She says that she dresses like a boy due to circumstances, but she knows that she is a girl at heart.

The character’s eyes are large and shiny, but these are caused by contacts. Despite her appearance, she has an innate affinity with people and has a kind and sweet face. In fact, she is compared to her deceased mother, Kotoko Fujioka. She also dresses as a female in some scenes, although she doesn’t reveal her real gender until she is about to leave Japan for the United States.

Haruhi’s mother died when she was a baby, and she lives with her eccentric father. She doesn’t have much money to buy a branded Ouran uniform and wears clothes that are too formless. Her appearance, hair, and personality lead people to believe that she is a boy.


If you are looking for an anime tomboy name, look no further than Misty from the Pokemon anime series. This character is a water-type and the leader of a Pokemon gym. She is also an incredibly brave and competitive tomgirl who says exactly what she thinks and feels.

Unlike many anime tomboys, Misty is not a typical tomboy. While she is a headstrong tomgirl and an excellent leader, she was raised in an dysfunctional home where her parents disapproved of her love of football. Nevertheless, as she grew up, she learned to appreciate herself. She is a strong female character in the series who is also a faithful defender of the Neo-Tokyo government. Although she is human, she is also a powerful psychic.

Interestingly, Misty has a Pokemon of her own. She first appeared with Red, and later traded it for a Gyarados in You Know…Articuno!, where she used it to protect Cerulean City from the Elite Four Ghost Pokemon army. She also has a Starmie named Goldeen, which she used in a Gym Leader tournament.


If you are looking for the perfect anime tomboy name, then you’ve come to the right place. The character of Casca is a tomboy with some girly traits. She is a feisty Irish-American descendant and is the first to jump into a fight. She is a great team player, but also enjoys embracing the feminine side of being a woman.

Casca is a member of the Falcons who wants to absorb the powers of Atomsk. She has short hair, but it’s crooked and has a noticeable sharp tooth in her mouth. She’s one centimeter shorter than Minami and has tan skin and brown eyes. She is the friend of Ayano Minegishi and has been since kindergarten.

Casca is one of the most popular anime characters. She’s cute, has a strong personality, and is constantly flirting with her fellow Sailor Senshi. She also wears men’s clothes and drives a cool sports car. Before becoming a Sailor Senshi, she dreamed of being a racer and has a passion for sports. She also started analysing movies and TV while she was in university.

Casca’s relationship with Griffith is short, but intense. It’s not a relationship that’s meant to last, but the relationship between the two is one of the most intriguing in the Golden Age story arc. Casca is also a tomboy in a sense, and her relationship with Griffith is arguably one of the most touching in the anime genre.


The anime tomboy is one of the most iconic tropes in anime. A tomboy acts and dresses like a boy and loves boyish activities. She also rejects many of the norms of society. An anime tomboy’s name can be a great way to express that desire to stand out.

A Japanese anime tomboy with blue hair and green eyes. Haruhi is a cultural icon and has won over many hearts. She is the most popular anime tomboy and has a cult following. She is the most popular character in the series, and is also the most famous.

An anime tomboy name with a sexy edge is perfect for a tomboy with a love of fashion and anime. It’s an unusual choice, but the character’s sex is both sexy and feminine. If you’re looking for a name that will keep you in line with your personality and character type, consider Ren.

Another unique anime tomboy name is Kyouko. It’s based on the character of the same name in Black Cat. Both anime versions feature the same voice actor.


If you like to watch anime, you’ve probably noticed a character called Mikasa. In the anime series, Mikasa is a member of the 104th Training Corps, and she is the strongest soldier in the group. She has short hair and flame-colored hair. She aspires to become a prince and win the hand of the Rose Princess Anthy through combat. She’s also a legendary swordswoman. And even though she’s a girl, she has more potential than she realizes.

In the anime series, Mikasa is a hothead who’s compassionate and gentle at the same time. She is also known for her musical talent and fierce battle prowess. Her name is the perfect combination of a strong character, and it is perfect for an anime tomboy.

Mikasa is a very popular anime character. She was raised by her adoptive parents after her family was murdered. She has a special bond with her adopted brother Eren. She grew up an outcast and was a tomboy despite wanting a more peaceful life. However, she eventually joins the military and becomes one of the most skilled soldiers in the 104th Training Corps.


The name Natsume is often associated with anime tomboys. She loves sumo wrestling and is very courageous. She has a rival named Ren, who also carries the name. But she is a tomboy at heart. And, she is the kind of person who can easily pass for a boy.

She has a short flame-colored hair and sparkly green eyes. She has a secret wish to be a princess and win the hand of the Rose Princess Anthy through battle. Her swordswoman skills are legendary, and she is more than meets the eye. Despite her secret desires, she attends an all-boys academy.

Her friends include Shino, a soldier in the JSDF, who is a hothead and enjoys fighting. She is also a fan of shounen manga and plays the role of a hero. She is also a member of a sniper team from the Littner village. She wears very little clothing. Suguha, who is the cousin of Kirito, wants to feel loved again.

In addition to being a popular anime character, Natsume is also the name of an anime tomboy. Her manga character is a strong, tough, and intelligent teen. She is a brilliant scientist, and is the second daughter of the founder of Capsule Corporation. She is a good match for Goku.

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