Anime With Tomboy Characters


Anime fans may have a hard time believing that Sora is a tomboy. Her canon language is feminine and her clothes are incredibly feminine. But it’s not just her fashion sense that makes her stand out, either. Her style is also influenced by her tomboyish personality.

Despite her tomboy appearance, Sora is also a motherly figure. She often takes care of the other kids in DigiDestined. However, her preferred hobbies are soccer with Taichi and flower arranging. Her Digimon partner is Piyomon.

The character Yuuko is also a tomboy. She is a clumsy tomboy. Unlike other characters, she does not shy away from girlish things and tends to make clumsy jokes. She is also very passionate and has the ability to sneer at her male counterparts. However, she is a prankster. Her personality makes her a classic anime tomboy.

Another anime with tomboy character is Utena. She is a delinquent tomboy who transforms into a boy. In the 2017 anime Little Witch Academia, she becomes the star of the series. Her first action was when she disguised herself as a boy in order to sneak into an all-boys magic school. In one fight, she defeated multiple fencers without her wand.

Hiroyi Sarugaki

Hiroyi Sarugaki, a former lieutenant in the 12th division of the Eagle Jump team, dresses like a tomboy, but is actually quite feminine. She is very athletic, and she holds a school record for beating 99 male classmates in arm wrestling. She has a long-standing crush on her childhood friend Ryu. She also works at Eagle Jump as a motion designer, and she often wears male clothing.

In her anime series Nana, Hiroyi Sarugaki plays the lead role of a tomboy-ish female. Her hair is short and black, and she has a tattoo of a pink-and-red lotus flower. She wears purple eyeshadow and black mascara and has several piercings. She is a 20-year-old Genki Girl, and she is prone to falling in love at first sight. In her anime series, she meets Junko, a punk-rocker from another small city.

Hiroyi Sarugaki is a popular anime character, and she has many fans. She has a strong character arc, and her fans will love her fiery personality. Unlike many other tomboys, she is not stereotypically feminine. She is a nerdy, and wears clothes that don’t reveal too much skin.

Another anime character who is known as a tomboy is Kagura. She often hangs out with boys and participates in their activities. She also has a boyfriend, and she is gay. However, she still wears civilian clothes. She is also very happy with her boyfriend.

Despite her nerdy personality, Hiroyi Sarugaki’s karakter cewek is a sosok. She is a sosok but also a perokok berat. She is a tomboy with a psikological disorder.


Ryuko is a teenage girl of medium height with feathered black hair accented with red undertones. Her black skirt and top cover her arms and neck, while red bands tie them together. Her black boots cover her legs and ankles. The top of her head and body are covered by a crest of red hair. She wears a white shirt with a red ribbon tie, black sneakers, and a jacket with white and red striped sleeves.

Her flame-coloured hair and bright green eyes are quite dazzling. She is a strong and brave swordswoman, and has a secret ambition to become a prince and win the hand of the Rose Princess Anthy through battle. Despite her many strengths, Ryuko also has more human traits than you would think. She was raised in a boy’s academy, but was able to overcome the obstacles in her path to achieve her goals.

Another example of an anime character being a tomboy is Ryuko from Girl Meets Girl. In this anime series, a boy turned girl (Hazumu) is paired with two girls – the ultra-feminine Yasuna and the tomboyish Tomari – to choose a girlfriend. Although the manga ending is inevitable, the characters do have contrasting views.

In anime with tomboy traits, it’s hard to find a female tomboy who doesn’t like being feminine. Yuuko is an example of this, as she is often mistook for a boy. She is the most popular female character in the show, and she loves attention. Despite her shyness, she is also a huge ball of energy, who lazes around when she’s not studying. She can also catch people off guard by addressing them in a foreign language.

Ryuko’s gender identity is somewhat complicated. Although she is an extremely strong-willed female character, she is also charming. Her strong will and fearless personality make her an imposing opponent, though she has a soft side. She also has an understanding of guns and how to use them, which makes her a great tomboy.

Minene Uryu

Minene Uryu is a protagonist in an anime series called Future Diary. The series follows a battle royal in which the victor has the power to predict the future. The winner becomes the heir to the family. Minene is the only survivor of the game, because she possesses a ninth diary, called the “Escape Diary.” Minene is also tomboy-esque, with her eyepatch, weapon holders, jeans, and military trousers.

Her rough language shows her disdain for feminine manners. She uses male words like ‘ai’ and ‘aho’ to communicate with people. Because she was raised by herself, she was never taught to be a lady. As such, she tends to be more direct with people instead of letting her emotions come across in indirect ways.

Another tomboy in this anime is Seishirou Tsugumi. She wears khaki pants and a red neckti with white chevrons. This character is very unique and is not like most female characters in anime. She is also a big flirt.

Minene was once a marine, but she had lost her parents when she was a young girl. She then lived as a street rat in a Middle Eastern country overrun with religious extremists. As she grew up, she developed a hatred of religion. Later, she became a terrorist bomber, destroying religious buildings, individuals, and organizations. Her ultimate goal was to destroy the idea of God.

While many anime series focus on tomboy female characters, not all tomboys are bad. In fact, there are many anime series that feature tomgirl female characters that don’t look like tomboys. The main character Asako, for example, has an attitude of justice, targeting bullies, but she also has a nurturing side to her. She admires her mother, Hikifune, and she looks up to her.


Revy is a lesbian character in anime with tomboy characters. She isn’t as sassy as her counterparts, but she makes up for it with her own unique style. She wears diamond-shaped earrings and long flame-colored skirts and black boots. Her style is fierce, and she also likes rock and metal music. She has a shootout playlist, and her favorite band is Guitar Wolf.

Revy has one hundred and eighty kills in the series. She is also proficient at riding motorcycles, and she once saved Rock’s father on a red sports bike in Japan. She also watches Oprah on TV. Interestingly, her name is sometimes spelled Levy, although it isn’t used in the English version of the manga. German translations often misspell R-L, so Levi was a common choice. However, it wasn’t until volume four that she switched to her full name.

Revy is another tomboy character in anime. She owns a surf shop and is a huge sports fan. She also wears men’s clothing, drives a sports car, and dreams of becoming a race car driver. Before she became a Sailor Scout, she studied film at university.

She has short flame-coloured hair and sparkly green eyes. She aspires to be a prince. However, her true passion is to win the Rose Princess Anthy’s hand through battle. She also has a talent for swordplay. Her fighting skills have won her the hearts of all suitors and is the best at beating down her rivals.

The protagonist in this anime is also a tomboy. She loves anime and manga and is a passionate otaku. Her hobbies include collecting toys of her favorite anime characters. She also works as a motion designer at an anime animation studio. Her hair is low and she often wears hoodies. She also has a soft spot for arcade games.

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