Bedroom Ideas For Tomboy Girls

Bedroom ideas for tomboy girls can be very different from those of a more traditional girl. It would help if you remembered that while tomboys may be more into feminine fantasies as babies, their tastes in decorating can be very different from yours. You must consult her before planning to find a suitable design for your daughter. It will help to look through decorating magazines together and cut out pictures that inspire your daughter.

High-contrast color scheme

Color is a crucial element in bedroom designs. You can use a high-contrast color scheme if your child is into sports. However, you can use a monochrome color scheme if she is more into girly things. This is not a retiring look; you can mix patterns with monochrome. A striped drawer unit will allow her to store her growing wardrobe and make-up collection.

A room with a high-contrast color scheme can be fun for a teen. For example, a high-contrast bedroom can feature a slender console with built-in shelving and a colorful console for her design work. She can also use floating shelves painted the same color as her walls to give the room a spacious feel. A bold graphic-print rug can also work well with this color scheme.

Monochrome color scheme

Consider a monochromatic color scheme if you’re looking for bedroom ideas for a tomboy girl. This style is based on one primary color and provides excellent flexibility and creativity. You can use bright or muted shades and use different combinations.

A monochromatic color scheme makes it easier to choose specific colors and ensures they work together. Make sure you consider each hue’s brightness and saturation levels when selecting the color scheme. Also, use strong shapes and sharp edges to further differentiate the blocks of color.

The monochrome color scheme isn’t dull! You can choose a mix of patterns and colors to make the room look sophisticated. For example, a striped drawer unit is an excellent choice for storing a growing wardrobe and make-up collection.

If you need help deciding what color scheme to use, try incorporating different furniture styles. You can also use furniture from a boy’s bedroom. This type of design can be very functional and low-maintenance. You can also try incorporating bold patterns in the walls and furniture.

If you don’t want to go with the traditional pink colors, you can always use a monochrome color scheme. This color scheme can make the bedroom seem less girly and sexier. Black accents are also an excellent way to make it look more feminine.

Light-up neon drawing board

Light-up neon drawing boards are a fun way to create your child’s art. Use the board to display pictures, create unique labels, and draw pictures of your child. You can also use the board to store small accessories. You can decorate the board to make it more appealing.

Performance fabrics

If your teenage daughter is starting to express her individuality, consider using performance fabrics in her bedroom. These fabrics can help her cool down when she sweats and keep her clothes dry. They are instrumental in wicking sweat. Performance fabrics also look great and can be used on bedding and curtains.

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