Bedroom Ideas For Tomboys

There are several bedroom ideas for tomboys. A tomboy’s room can be a combination of masculine and feminine. Here are some color schemes, storage solutions, and a makeup station to help your tomboy decorate his or her room. Make sure to consult your daughter before making final decisions.

Decorating a tomboy’s room

Decorating a tomboy’s room can be a challenge. Unlike girls, tomboys are typically less interested in dresses and frilly things. It’s best to focus on her interests and design her room around those interests. Consider including plenty of storage and shelves that can be reconfigured as her interests change.

If your budget is limited, you can reuse items that are already in the room and rearrange them to suit the new theme. If your daughter is very active, consider investing in storage solutions that will accommodate her sports gear. Depending on the size of the room, you might also want to consider re-arranging furniture so that it fits her new style. You can also look for free furniture online. Just make sure to check back periodically.

Color schemes

While princess-themed bedrooms are popular with little girls, decorating a bedroom for a tomboy can be challenging. A tomboy may dislike anything girly, and may even be proud of his closet that contains no dresses. However, a tomboy can still appreciate a stylish makeover. Consider using a neutral palette that can easily be changed to suit his personality.

Pink is a color that can be soothing and calming. The color is also warm and energetic. You can choose shades of pink, red, and orange, or you can combine them. Purples and bright pinks can also add interest. Using patterns and pops of color is a great way to give a bedroom an edge.

Using three colors in a bedroom can make it easier to match accents and accessories. A three-color scheme has more depth and variety than a two-color scheme. A neutral base color helps a multi-hued scheme stand out from the rest of the room. A neutral furniture set will balance out the bold accent colors.

Another option is to use a neutral color scheme, which can be a great option for little girls. This palette will keep the room from looking too stark, and a patterned ceiling will add a touch of glitz and glamour. If your child is interested in ballet, consider using pinks and ruffles in the bedroom. Similarly, if your child is into art, you can incorporate a few pieces of ballet slipper artwork. Alternatively, you can use citrus accents to add a contrasting look.

Choosing an appropriate color scheme depends on your child’s personality. A girl’s bedroom should be a happy place for both the girl and the parent. If she is a girl, she may be more apt to be more interested in art than in books. A neutral color scheme will also make the space feel bigger.

Storage solutions

If your daughter is a tomboy, consider incorporating functional furniture into her bedroom. Look for storage units and shelving that can be rearranged easily. If she plays sports, consider incorporating storage for sports equipment. Another great option is a storage ottoman. Rivet Asher Round Upholstered Storage Ottoman is a stylish storage ottoman that can be placed against a wall.

Shelving units are an excellent place for toys and accessories. You can add boxes and bins to house them, which will free up space on the floor and in the closet. They can also serve as organizers for shoes and clothing that don’t need to be hung.

Hanging a pegboard shoe rack is another great solution for bedroom storage. This can be hung on the closet door or on a wall above the floor. It will save space and prevent breakage. Also, foldable bed sheets can be stored under the mattress or at the foot of the bed without feeling awkward. You can also add floating shelves to the closet to increase storage space.

A fitted wardrobe can maximize the storage potential of any room. These units can also be combined with drawers, shelves, and shoe racks. These systems are also ideal for a dedicated dressing room or a walk-in closet. These units can be designed with a fold-out ironing station or shoe racks.

Makeup station

Create a feminine makeup station with a vintage style vanity mirror. The ornate design conveys a glam and sophisticated style, while the gold finish adds a touch of opulence to the makeup station. Propping a beveled floor-length mirror atop the vanity adds a luxe flair and allows you to see the whole face while getting ready.

Adding a makeup station can make the room feel more organized, and you can place it anywhere in the room. Makeup mirrors can come in different shapes, so you can decide which one will look best in the room. Depending on your taste, you can even purchase a makeup mirror with lights to make it extra beautiful.

A makeup vanity station can combine a full-length mirror with a stool and storage space. It can also consist of a slim unit that is mounted on the wall. The storage space can be in the form of drawers and shelves. To create the ultimate in convenience, make sure you have plenty of room for supplies and accessories.

A mobile vanity station is also ideal for girls on the go, as it doubles as a work desk. Makeup station ideas for girls can also include a chic monochrome color scheme. Adding white to a vanity space makes it appear larger. A multi-tiered vanity tray can open up a vanity corner in a bedroom.

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