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This stylish beanie is a great choice for cold weather. It features a slouchy fit and is available in a variety of colors. The stylish beanie is made from 100% acrylic. It features a high-quality pom-pom and is sure to keep you warm in cold weather.

The beanie comes in a variety of colors, including red, pink, and blue. The pattern is reversible so you can easily change the style to fit any outfit. The beanie comes in a variety of sizes. A medium size may fit most heads.

Nicole Haught has a long hair and she says she grew it long because she missed Waverly. Waverly is perplexed, but Nicole is infatuated with her. After all, she missed Waverly so much after she broke her leg a year and a half ago.

Nicole is a girl who can be a little bit scary, but she is also very cute. The beanie has a pom-pom on the back, and she looks adorable in it. It is made from 100% acrylic and comes in different colors. This beanie also looks great with the matching hat.

A Waverly Nicole Haught beanie is a great choice for cold weather. This cozy beanie is a wonderful addition to any outfit. It is also a great gift for anyone who likes to wear a beanie. If you’re in the market for a beanie for a special occasion, consider getting one for your girl. It will definitely be a hit!

Nicole is an orphaned girl who returns home to live in a castle after being orphaned in a horrific attack on her town. She finds herself in a tough position because the new hard-line Sheriff is loyal to the rival Revenant MC. She has to choose between her loyalty and her desire to leave. She also meets a red-headed deputy, who becomes her first love. Eventually, she is voted mayor of her hometown.


Nicole Haught is a sheriff in the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department. She is also an ally of the Black Badge Division. She was previously married to Shae Pressman but is now married to Waverly Earp. In Season 2, Nicole was featured in a case file, which was featured in the Purgatory episode “War Paint.” In War Paint, Nicole reveals that she is Nicole Rayleigh Haught, which is the full name of her character. In this episode, she proposes to Waverly but is interrupted by Wynonna.

Wynonna and Nicole argue over a matter that she considers to be minor, but she does not let it go. Wynonna accuses Nicole of tampering with her body and insults her rank as a cop. When Wynonna finds out that Nicole has a daughter, she accuses her of letting her daughter, Billy, out.

In another case, Nicole and Wynonna have to search for a killer who has murdered several women. Their investigation is complicated by Nicole’s sister-in-law, Willa. They need more backup. In the case of the Earp sisters, Wynonna and Nicole must find a way to stop the sisters before they kill them.

Wynonna was a bad girl, a bad influence and a sex guru. She even slept with Amon, a Clanton, in a desperate attempt to reclaim her lost love. Her husband Jeremy Chetri, however, has not been around much either. He has been scarce this season.

Nicole’s desire to save Waverly leads her to team up with Wynonna. As they begin searching for her, Wynonna stumbles into a room containing grates. She steps on one, but it gives way. As she lands, she is pushed off the grate and falls down a seemingly endless hole.


Nicole Haught is a police officer in the town of Purgatory, where she became a deputy sheriff. She also teamed up with Black Badge, but ultimately lost her position as sheriff during the fourth season. She also defended the Earp homestead when the Earps were gone. However, she was hexed by the Swamp Witch for not upholding her bargain with the witch.

While Nicole was fixing the trap, Nicole saw a monster approaching the house. She then yelled to her daughter and told her to wait. The monster was just getting closer. Luckily, Nicole and Doc had the opportunity to shoot the monster. Nicole quickly gets Rachel into bed and turns off the lights. Doc then knocks on the door and shoots the monster. It then escapes through the window. This scene is hilarious, but it makes viewers want to watch it until the end!

Throughout the series, Nicole Haught has always been a fan favorite. As a sheriff and deputy, she not only protects the homestead, but also brings her non-supernatural skills to the forefront. In a show filled with supernatural beings, she is a welcome addition. Despite being mortal, Nicole Haught is an indispensable part of the series.

A few scenes from this episode revolve around Nicole’s new role as a Purgatory Sheriff. She is secretly pining for a mysterious woman named Waverly. However, when the two meet, Nicole discovers that Waverly has a mysterious secret and a spell conjured by the Iron Witch. Wynonna, meanwhile, remembers Wynonna from her past.

Later in the episode, Nicole and Doc meet in the basement and Nicole talk about her chicken kicker breakdown. When they are alone, they kiss on the jacket of the other. However, the two are interrupted by Rachel, who asks them to stop. Afterward, they get back to making out.


Fans of the show will love the new Camp Brand Goods Beanie worn by Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught in the Wynonna Earp S04E03 episode “Look at them Beans.” The hat is a must-have for fans of the show’s characters. It features Nicole’s famous fox face with a black and white striped design.

The hat is made of a soft acrylic and polyester blend. It has a comfortable fit and is a great way to keep warm this winter. The pom poms are a nice touch too. The beanie is available in two sizes and can be found in the main collection.

The Nicole Haught beanie comes in a variety of colors. You can choose the color that suits you the best. This is a great way to stay warm while you’re on the go. The beanie also features a removable fleece liner. You can wear it with a knitted vest or a sweater.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll find Nicole Haught’s beanie to be a great gift. She looks great in it! She has an adorable personality that is sure to be a hit with any fan. It’s a great way to show your support for the show’s female leads.


In “Wynonna Earp: Look at Them Beans,” Katherine Barrell’s character Nicole Haught wears a Camp Brand Goods Beanie. The beanie has an embroidered logo of Nicole Haught and is a great way to show your support for this beloved character. These beanie designs are sold on quality merchandise. Each beanie is printed one at a time and the proceeds go directly to the artists, so you can feel good about supporting the arts.

Nicole Haught is a redhead who is 5’9 inches tall. She has a scar on the left side of her face, just below her left eye, and brown eyes. When she smiles, she reveals dimples in her cheeks. In Season 1, Nicole wears her hair up in a ponytail and braids it, while in House of Memories and Two-Faced Jack she lets it down. In the movie, Gonna Getcha Good, she wears her hair down to below her ears.

In “Keep the Home Fires Burning,” Nicole Haught flirts with Waverly. After the mishap in the bar, Nicole has a soaking wet shirt and asks Waverly to turn around. She then finds herself stuck in the shirt and waverly has to save her, which Nicole is more than happy to do.

Nicole is in desperate need of finding her beloved Waverly. She teams up with Wynonna to find him. During a search for Waverly, Nicole falls into a room with grates. She accidentally steps on one that gives way. She then cries and curses Wynonna for getting her into this situation.

Nicole is the best friend of Holt and Cleo. She also gets along well with Jeremy. She is a friend of Waverly and Jeremy. Jeremy knew that Nicole could handle a situation like this.

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