Clothing Brands For Tomboys

There are many clothing brands for tomboys to choose from. Some of them include Flannel Foxes, Scout’s Honor, Wildfang, and Olderbrother. These clothing brands all specialize in tomboy-themed clothing. While these clothing brands might not be suited for everyone, they are a great option for those who want to express their individuality.


If you’re looking for clothing for a tomboy but can’t afford Gucci, consider Olderbrother. The brand is made of menswear-inspired garments that are perfect for both genders. They offer jeans, jackets, button-down shirts, overalls, and shorts. They also have pop-up shops in major US cities. Their clothes are made of organic cotton, hemp, linen, and woven rice paper.

Olderbrother is a sustainable clothing brand that celebrates the quirky individuality of the human spirit. They use natural dyes and organic fabrics for their clothing, and are completely vegan and ethical. Kirrin Finch, the creator of the brand, creates clothing based on classic menswear styles. Her garments are eco-friendly, made of natural fibers, and are fashioned in streamlined silhouettes.

Flannel Foxes

The Flannel Foxes are a fashion blog that features feminine takes on menswear. The blog, which was created by Meagan Henderson and Brittni Goshulak, has gained a following of both male and female readers. They’ve even been featured on Buzzfeed.

The Flannel Foxes clothing brand is a nostalgic nod to Western Canada, and the founders are native to the area. This is reflected in the company’s clothing, which is based on sturdy performance fabrics. Their activewear is odor-resistant and features neutral color schemes.

The Scout’s Honor clothing brand is based in San Francisco. The founder of the company wanted to create clothes for modern-day tomboys who love adventure. While the online store offers only a few shirts and a tomboy scarf, the company expects to offer more items soon. The clothing has a casual aesthetic without darts.

Scout’s Honor

Scout’s Honor is a San Francisco clothing brand that caters to modern tomboys. The founder Clare Walsh wanted to create clothing that was not just comfortable, but also true to the tomboy lifestyle. The brand currently has a small online presence and offers a handful of shirts and tomboy scarf, but more items are expected in the future. The company’s aesthetic is laid back and casual, and it is free of darts and buttons, which are typically a turnoff to the tomboy world.

While there are many clothing brands for tomboys on the market, Tomboy X has created a unique space that offers carefully curated androgynous fashion. The shop’s founder wanted to create a space that would allow some of the best designers to get a greater audience. The brand also has a blog where tomboys can keep up to date with the latest trends.

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