Cool Tomboy Names

If you’re looking for a cool tomboy name, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of options out there, from the famous namesake Anais Nin to the timeless classic Aiden. But which one should you go with? We’ve rounded up our favorites for a tomboy-themed baby boy.

Anais Nin is a famous namesake

Anais Nin is a famous tomgirl nameake with an intriguing history. She was a married woman who fell in love with Henry Miller, a writer, and was deeply influenced by him. Anais’s relationship with Miller shaped her sexuality and work as an author. In her diary, Nin records a passage about Miller, which ignited rumors that Nin was bisexual.

Nin was born on February 21, 1903, in Neuilly, a suburb of Paris. Her father, a Spanish pianist, abandoned the family when she was eleven. When she was a child, Nin began keeping a diary. She dreamed of becoming an artist, but also had a host of insecurities.

Nin’s diary chronicles a variety of love affairs throughout her life. She wrote about her affair with Henry Miller and his wife, June Miller, as well as her relationship with Gore Vidal, Edmund Wilson, and Otto Rank. Nin also had a secret relationship with Rupert Pole. In 1947, she met the man who later married Guiler. The two secretly dated, and the resultant diary was published in the early 1960s. The diaries have become feminist classics and have received praise from many literary critics.

Nin also wrote several novels, critical studies, and essays. She was also active in the avant-garde and feminist movements of the 20th century, and her work became a part of many literary movements. Her life and work were marked by many personal and artistic experiences. She died of cervical cancer in 1977.

Bertie is a classic tomboy name

The name Bertie has been used as a boy’s and a girl’s name for centuries. It has been a favorite of royalty in England. Its meaning of noble and bright makes it a great choice for a child. It is also a great androgynous name, as British singer Kate Bush calls her son Bertie. The name Bertie is similar to Bertha and Bertram, which means “noble” and “bright raven.”

While it is traditionally a boy’s name, there are many female options for a tomboy. Several English names are very similar to Bertie, including Esm. In the nineteenth century, this name was extremely popular. However, it has since fallen out of favor. Another option is Nellie, which is the pet form of Ellen. Nellie means “bright” in Latin and has been used by actress Nelly Furtado and American journalist Nellie Bly.

Riley is a classic tomboy name

Riley is a great choice for a tomboy girl because it’s unique, cool, and boyish sounding. It also has an air of strength and power. This name evokes a sense of adventure and adventuresome spirit. As a result, it’s a popular choice among parents.

It has been in the top 100 for decades and has been a favorite among tomboys. In addition to Riley, you can choose from several other classic tomboy names. The first one is a Scottish name that means ‘valley’. Another English name, Grayson, has a similar meaning and is suitable for both girls and boys.

Riley is a classic tomboy name and fits well with girls who like sports. Riley has an adorable feminine version as well: Rea. Despite being a tomboy, it’s still appropriate for girls who like to wear sporty clothes. It’s also an excellent choice for parents who want to explore parks with their kids.

Another classic tomboy name is Geri, which is a nickname for a popular Spice Girl. Geri means ‘rules with a spear’. It’s also a good choice if you want a tomboy name, but don’t worry too much about gender! Harri means ‘ruler’ in German, and could also be used as a nickname for a girl.

Despite its gender-neutrality, Riley is an extremely popular choice for both boys and girls. It’s actually four to five times more popular for girls than for boys in the United States. Riley has been on the top baby boy names list for more than a century, but it has recently become more popular for girls. In fact, Riley peaked at 99 in 2002, and reached number 22 in 2016 among girls.

As a girl’s name, Riley is very common in the US, though it can also be spelled Reilly or Rylee. It has links to music royalty, including Riley Keough, a granddaughter of Elvis Presley. Similarly, Ronnie, which is also used as a nickname for Roanna and Veronica, has a retro feel when used for girls. Samara, meanwhile, is another great choice, but it is more feminine than Riley.

While Riley is an overwhelmingly feminine name, it also has a strong, masculine feel. The name is an excellent choice for a young girl, especially for a first-time mom.

Aiden is an Irish name that means “little dark one”. The Gaelic name can be a great choice for a tomboy. Aiden is also available in the unisex spelling Carsen, which means “little dark one.” The name Carson is a great option for a tomboy, and is also a good option for a girl. It also means “park keeper,” which makes it a good choice for parents who want to take their children to the park together.

Some parents choose to name their children after famous people or fictional characters. But it’s important to keep in mind that the name you pick is a permanent part of the child’s identity. It’s also best to avoid naming your child the same as his or her father, which can cause confusion later on.

A popular girl’s name that is a little bit feminine but not too girly is Harper. This name means brave and is a favorite among tomboy girls. It also sounds good with names like Smith or Campbell. Riley is another traditional tomboy name that has a feminine flair. A name like Bernadette can also be a good choice for a tomboy girl.

Aiden has become increasingly popular among girls as a girl’s name, particularly in the United States. Aiden is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name Aedan, meaning “brilliant, bright”. In recent years, the spelling has become more popular. A popular nickname for Aiden is Alex, which is short for Alexandra.

If you are considering a boy’s name, you should also consider the meaning of the name. Tomboys are usually strong and determined. They tend to have a more aggressive temperament, which can make it difficult for girls to choose a name that is not too girly. Names that are too flowery and dramatic do not fit the tomboy image.

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