Curly Tomboy Hairstyles

Curly tomboy hairstyles can be very versatile and are suitable for both men and women. This haircut is perfect if you have naturally thick, wavy, and voluminous hair. It consists of a short shaved back, long sides, and a long fringe.

Short bob

A short bob for curly tomboy hair can add an edge to your look. It can be layered or swept to one side to create a cool volumized pixie look. A tomboy shortcut can be more manageable, too, as it doesn’t have to be pulled back all the time. Plus, this style won’t interfere with athletic activities.

One of the simplest ways to update this style is to go for a layered fringe, which emphasizes your face and neck area. You can add red highlights to give your tomboy hair a funky vibe. A short bob can also be shaved to create a mid fade with long hair on top. Avoid a piecey fringe, though; it can be not very pleasant.

Another option for short curly tomboy hair is a blunt cut. This cut is a perfect choice for tomboys who don’t want their hair to fall on their faces. It creates a dramatic look and works well with the tomboy’s hair. Moreover, it can be bleached platinum or left longer on the sides to give it a feminine appeal. This style can add a dash of sexy flair to your overall look.

A short curly, tomboy hairstyle will also save you a lot of time and effort when styling it. Because of its short length, it’s easier to prevent frizz and sweat. You can rest it over your scalp and apply a serum to give it a glossy finish.

While a short bob is versatile and adaptable, it can also be challenging to maintain. Curly hair has a soft texture and is less precise than straight hair. Moreover, it will show off your natural curls, and you can easily switch it up to suit your mood and style. You can also try pinning the hair at the top to open up your features and make it look sophisticated.

Side-swept undercut

A side-swept undercut is an excellent option for curly tomboy hair. This haircut is simple, clean, and striking in appearance. It is also easy to style and maintains. You can get this look in different color variations. You can even add some highlights to accentuate the layers.

This tomboy hairstyle works best for women with fine, curly hair. It will create the illusion of a lot of volumes. You’ll want to focus on the cut technique to create this effect. You’ll want to make sure you get a sharp side shape. Then, you can experiment with the length of your hair.

A side-swept undercut can look amazing on thick hair. This haircut gives the hair more volume and frames the face. However, it does need to be dried to the side to prevent it from getting too frizzy. It is also a good choice for curly tomboy hair prone to frizz.

A side-swept undercut for curly tomgirl hair can be both elegant and casual. It can show off your rebellious streak or complement your sophisticated look. You can wear it with a chic cocktail dress. A tomboy haircut will add a lot of personality to your appearance.

If you’re considering this hairstyle, there are numerous ways to customize it. You can add a bold color, tattoo, or design to your hair. Adding an asymmetrical edge to the side-swept undercut is a great way to add modernity and style to your hairstyle.

While undercut hairstyles can look messy, they are also easy to maintain and style. Besides, they can be grown out. You can make this hairstyle even more versatile by adding layers. Just make sure that you get plenty of rest before styling your hair. Then, try adding some hair spray to keep it in place.

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is a popular haircut that can be styled in various ways. It can be a simple way to experiment with your hair texture and can add an edgy finish to your look. You can choose a bold color or add a fringe for extra interest and structure. It can be worn with both straight and curly hair.

A pixie cut is flattering to all face shapes and is versatile. It will show off your naturally curly hair and make it easy to manage. It will also take some weight off thick hair and make your head look slimmer. You can also opt for different lengths and bangs to create an entirely different look.

If you have curly tomboy hair, you can consider a pixie cut. This hairstyle has a long top with a short back and sides. It is a popular choice for those with naturally curly or wavy hair. A pixie with a fringe is an ideal choice for curly tomboy hair.

A pixie cut can give your hair a retro 60s look. The short pixie is also flattering on thick hair. You can wear it with a hairband or leave it simple. For a more professional look, you can opt for a layered pixie.

A pixie cut for curly tomboy hair can give your hair a classic look but can also look contemporary. A short pixie with bangs and sides adds a fresh touch. You can also opt for an undercut for contrast.

Bob haircut

A curly tomboy hairstyle is a simple but beautiful look. It has short hair on the sides and back that can be dyed any color. This hairstyle works well on women with a round to rectangular faces and is easy to maintain. It is also great for women with tanned skin.

You can try a bob style if your curly tomboy hair is wavy. It will flatter your face and hide any problem areas, such as a crooked hairline. If you have thick, wavy hair, you can also try a long bob called a lob. This cut is perfect for those who don’t want to fuss with their hair. It’s easy to style and will look great even on people with thick hair.

This timeless cut also works well on mature women. It has retro-style inspiration, which has stuck around for a reason. With layered layers, this hairstyle can add texture to your tresses. Platinum blond locks can also make your face look even more beautiful.

Curly bobs work well on long faces. They add length and width where needed. However, you should add only a few layers to create a flattering shape. The longer layers will also weigh down your curls. You can easily style the bob by using curl amplifiers or air drying. Alternatively, you can apply a styling mousse to enhance your blonde curls.

A side-swept undercut is another option for curly tomboy hair. With the sides and back trimmed short, you can add extra length. This style is ideal for those who want an asymmetrical look. You can also opt for an afro if you have fine, wavy hair.

Layered afro tomboy hairstyles

The layered afro tomboy hairstyle is one of the most versatile cuts available. It creates an effortless rocker-chic look that is perfect for various events. The long fringe of this haircut is incredibly flattering and makes a tremendous face-framing effect. It is also easier to manage than other long hairstyles. You won’t have to worry about it getting in the way of athletic pursuits, as it will be easy to pull back.

This style is ideal for thick hair. The extended layered cut frames the face and adds extra volume. The layered afro tomboy hairstyle can be updated with a light gold or platinum highlights. It is an excellent choice for those who want to show off their feminine side without sacrificing their masculinity.

A cropped afro tomboy hairstyle keeps the tomboy aesthetic while allowing for creative styling. A side parting adds a modern asymmetric vibe to the look. Choppy layers are also a great way to add texture. The mushroom cut looks stunning with micro bangs that sweep the forehead. The amount also looks fabulous when worn with glasses.

This is an excellent haircut for naturally wavy or thick women. The layered afro tomboy hairstyle is easy to maintain and works best for women who want to make a bold fashion statement. The layered afro hairstyle can be made more feminine with a curling iron. Whether you have thick or wavy hair, this style is a classic look that is simple, sexy, and perfect for any occasion.

You can also choose different hair colors for this style. For example, add aubergine highlights with dark undertones to give your hair a contrasting note. Another fabulous color for this style is icy blue. This color is great with tanned skin and dark eye color.

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