Cute Anime Girl With Long Hair

The tomboy look is a classic look for many anime characters, especially those with long hair. Many tomboy anime characters have long, curly locks, which can make them stand out from the crowd. This look is especially attractive for girls who want to be different from the rest of the girl crowd.


Miyuki is a cute anime girl with long hair and brown eyes. She is a nerd and is a bit shy. However, she has enormous powers and loves sports. She is also a big fan of superhero anime. She is best friends with Minami, a tomboy anime girl. Minami is quiet but has a big heart.

Another anime girl with long brown hair is Yuuko. She has brown hair and green eyes and is a very popular character. There are many other tomgirl anime girls with brown hair, such as Akeno Shirane, Minami Iwasaki, and Ritsuko.

Miyuki is often mistaken for a boy, especially when she is not in her uniform. Her friendship with her older sister Kanako is a romantic two-girl relationship, but she isn’t interested in romantic love. She also has a crush on a genki goth loli, but it’s more of a friendship than a relationship.

Aside from Miyuki, there are several other characters with long hair. Chika is the student council secretary. She has a bright smile and black bow on her bangs. She has a lot of naughty attitude, but despite her bubbly personality, she’s very down to earth and has a heart of gold. Her wacky personality and knack for causing third-degree burns make her stand out as a memorable anime character.


Yuuko is the most popular character in the anime series K-ON!, and she is the ultimate tomboy. She has long hair, piercings, and an adorable but scary demeanor. She is one of the most popular girls in the world, and has been viewed by fans as the perfect role model for young girls everywhere.

This tomboy anime girl has a great IQ of 300 and a sweet personality. Her powers are ice and water, and she aims to become a doctor. She also has a special skill in communicating with spirits inside discarded objects, which makes her very unique. She has a strong connection to her heritage and is Finnish, which shows her connection to her family’s Finnish culture. She is also in love with Cody, which makes her a perfect match for him.

Yuuko has long brown hair, but she prefers to wear shorter hairstyles. She is popular with young men because of her sexy figure and the fact that she doesn’t put on weight despite being part of a group of teenagers. She has a bright personality, but tends to doze off in class. She is not very focused on schoolwork, which is why she falls asleep during class.

Another character that sports a short hairstyle is Mako. She is a girl who loves to experiment with her hairstyles. She once had long hair that reached her waist, but recently cut it short after talking to her friend Kyon. She has a pale skin tone, brown hair, and pretty eyes. She enjoys the limelight and does things that are out of the norm.


Ritsuko is a tomgirl with long blonde hair and green eyes. She is a member of a duo with two other characters, the Tsundere Apache and the girly Milla Rose. However, she isn’t quite as tomboy as she is in the original series. She is more girly-girl than the others. She likes dresses and sports.

While her hair is long and blonde, she is not naturally blonde. Her hair is actually a yellow bleach-blond. She dyes her hair so that the roots are hidden. This helps to keep her look more adult than a teenage girl, though she still maintains the appearance of a girl. She is also very smart and is a fan of stuffed animals.

While some anime girls are stereotypically feminine and others are tomboyish, some are both. Haruhi Suzumiya and Sakura are good examples of this, with Haruhi being the tomboy and the girly girl Mikuru Asahina. The anime series Lelouch of the Rebellion features a pair of tomboyish and girly characters, as well as a girly character named Ojou. While Yuki Nagato is a punk rocker, Nana Osaki is a romantic young woman who wears cute dresses. While in the manga series Sakura and Ino were childhood friends, Sakura tended to be the girly girl to Ino.

Asuka has been a tomboy all her life, but when she becomes a pilot, she changes her hairstyle to a more feminine look. Her hairstyle is similar to a childish pigtail, and she spends a lot of time trying to emulate a womanly appearance.

Minami Iwasaki

Minami Iwasaki is a tokunai girl who wears a school uniform. Her short, green hair has a fringe and creates the appearance of twin tails. She is the protagonist of an anime series and suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Minami has an adorable look with short, green hair and slightly upward-slanted eyes.

Her cat-ear style pigtails make her seem cheerful and innocent, but she has a sex-complex. She is strong-willed and has dark secrets. She loves anime and yaoi. Her cat-ear-style hair and green eyes make her look youthful and innocent.

Like Minami, Hiyori is a first-year student who is shy and likes to read manga and anime. She often imagines Yutaka and Minami having romantic moments but can’t write them down. Her friendship with Minami often turns into a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.

Minami Iwasaki is an anime character who is 15 years old. She is underdeveloped, with a childlike body. She has green hair with a fringe that hangs over her forehead, nearly touching her blue eyes. Although she is not cold-hearted, Minami is often misinterpreted as a cold person.

In anime, she wears a boy’s uniform. She has a low voice and is frequently asked about her “him”. She is only lightly addressed in the series. Ennis is another character with a hybrid gender. In her period, Ennis would have dressed as a boy. In addition, Ricard Russo, a real Bifauxnen, often dresses like a boy.


Lisbeth is a pink-haired girl who has been an important part of SAO since the beginning. She contributes greatly to the humor of the story. Although her hair is never long, it is always pretty and cheerful. Her demeanor is reminiscent of Rukia Kuchiki.

The longest hair of any anime tomboy character is usually reserved for male characters. However, female tomboys can be short-haired too. For example, in the Nisekoi anime series, Tsugumi has the shortest hair. She also never changes her hairstyle throughout the two seasons. Another example of a short-haired anime character is Saber. Saber is the female version of King Arthur, but unlike her male counterpart, she doesn’t let her hair hang down.

Another popular anime character is Ichigo. This fun short-haired girl is in love with Masaya and takes good care of her friends. She is brave and kind. As a child, she lived with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps. Her hair is short and her eyes are big.

Najenda is another great anime character that fits into the tomboy category. She is observant and curious, and is very passionate about ninja. She is also very talented with ninja tools. Shirayuki is a short-haired anime girl. She is a self-reliant character who is confident, but not arrogant.

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