Cute Hairstyles For Tomboys With Long Hair

Many cute hairstyles for tomboys are fun and easy to maintain. They can have their hair cut short or have long sides and fringe. They can try French braids or space buns if they have long hair. The options are endless.

Short tomboy haircut

If your little boy likes to look unkempt and sassy, there are a few cute hairstyles for tomboys with longer hair. A layered pixie haircut is ideal for a tomboy’s long hair. It can be styled to suit any occasion and goes well with jeans.

A classic tomboy cut can be updated with an undercut. The feathered texture of this cut gives it an edgy look and requires minimal styling time. It looks great on both straight and wavy hair. A curling iron helps create a bit of texture.

A tomboy haircut can be short or long and can be paired with a pixie or a bob. The pixie cut has a short front and a longer back, making it playful and airy. Adding a textured amount to the sides will add emphasis and style. To add texture, the stylist can also use a texturizing product for the pixie cut.

A tomboy hairstyle can be a casual, modern, or even formal look, depending on the type of cut. Tomboy haircuts can feature fringe or short tops. This haircut style is perfect for girls with narrow faces and slim figures. Long tresses can look great on girls with round faces, but they can be very time-consuming to maintain.

Space buns

Space buns are a fun, simple way to style long hair. If you don’t have time to do your hair in the morning, space buns are easy to make and take just five minutes to put in. This style can be worn up or down. You’ll need dry shampoo, elastics, and bobby pins to complete your style.

First, you’ll need two hair ties. Then, you’ll need a comb and some hairspray. Make sure your hair is clean and tangle-free, and part it down the middle. Ensure your hair is tight enough, and avoid twisting it too close to prevent falling out.

Another fun way to style a space bun is to braid it. Braids are a great way to add texture to a small bun, and the thicker the braids, the more texture you’ll see. You can add a bandana, beads, or a hair bow to access this look. You can also experiment with different styles for this hairstyle.

Space buns are also a fun way to add color to your hair. You can experiment with a light purple shade for an elegant, feminine look if you have naturally blonde hair. Similarly, you can experiment with bright blue and green color combinations if you have long hair.

French braids

French braids are cute hairstyles for long hair that go with various outfits. They are great for church, formal events, and casual occasions. French braids can also be done in the evenings with a ponytail or bun.

This classic and universally flattering hairstyle is easy to master. For your child’s short hair, medium-length hair, or long hair, French braids never go out of style. The popularity of this hairstyle has skyrocketed, and girls from all over the world are sporting it.

French braids are great for little girls with long hair, as they create a fabulous frame around the head. To achieve the look, you can make the braids smaller at the sides and the back. Another smart option is to create a high ponytail with three braids on either side. This style will highlight the voluminous shape of your child’s hair.

Double French braids are another attractive option. They are a variation of the classic French braid and have a unique charm. These braids are made with two sections, one on each side and then braided together loosely in the center. The strands on either side merge into one large braid in the center, adding volume and dimension to the style.

Another popular option is a fishtail braid. This braid style is easy to create and keeps long hair in place without pulling it too tight. It also creates a relaxed look that’s perfect for school mornings.

Rolling hair in a bun

Pulling it up into a bun for long hair is two ways. One option is to twist the hair on one side and bring it together. Another method is to use bobby pins to secure the hair in place. This option can be elegant and modern regardless of hair length and texture.

First, you must ensure that your hair is long enough to create a bun. It is also essential to ensure that the braid is twisted in the same direction and that the hair tie is not caught in the middle of the bun. To prevent the bun from falling out, use bobby pins to secure it. Once the bun is secure, brush the hair to remove any knots.

Shaved sides

A tomboy hairstyle that’s popular among the younger crowd is shaved sides. This short, sharp cut is versatile, easy to maintain, and flatters almost any head shape. It frames the face while enhancing the jawline. This hairstyle is also quite conservative, as it’s edgy and feminine when worn down.

A shaved side bob is a feminine and aggressive style worn with any outfit. This shortcut is best paired with a headband to draw attention upward. It is also a fun way to highlight facial features. Combined with a short, messy curly bob, a contrasting undercut, or a mohawk, the style is a great way to show off your face shape and personality.

Shaved sides are also a popular tomboy hairstyle for women with fine hair. It can help add volume, but it’s essential to get the proper technique to give the hair the right book. A tomboy hairstyle is effortless to maintain, and it can also make women appear more feminine.

A short tomboy haircut is a good option if the hair is too long. It can create a rocker-chic effect, making it perfect for themed events. The succinct style is also easy to maintain and won’t interfere with athletic pursuits.

Shaved back

Shaved-back hairstyles for Tommy boys are an edgy yet stylish option. The shape of this cut is easy to maintain and has many styling options. This haircut is great for thick or coarse hair and is very versatile. You can change its style to suit any occasion or ambiance.

Shaved-back hairstyles for Tommy boys can be both short and long. Mix a pixie cut with a short tomboy cut to make it look cool. The nape and temples should be buzzed, and the front should have a pixie bang. Try using a texturizing product on your locks to emphasize the pixie bang. Another option is a bowl cut combined with clippers.

You can try a short pixie cut like Carey Mulligan’s if you have fine hair. This style lacks volume on top but is full of movement and fringe. The blunt ends give it a masculine look and show off her gorgeous blue eyes.

Shaved-back hairstyles for Tommy boys with long hair can be made more stylish by using a light-colored underlayer and a darker one on the top. If you want to add a little length, you can dye the top layers in various colors. You can also stain the underlayers differently, creating a beautiful contrast.

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