Easy Tomboy Hairstyles

High-top fade

A high-top fade is a great hairstyle for a tomboy because it creates a hipster look. This short style is also easy to maintain. Instead of having to comb your hair back or fuss with curling your hair, you can just let it fall naturally. It also won’t get in your way when you’re doing athletic activities.

While this haircut is known as a tomboy, it’s not for every woman. In fact, this type of cut can be a good choice for many different reasons. It’s versatile and can be easily styled to suit your face shape. It’s easy to maintain and requires little time and effort to do.

For women with fine hair, this haircut can create the illusion of more volume without sacrificing length. However, proper cutting techniques are important to achieve the right look and structure.

Strawberry blonde cropped hairdo

Strawberry blonde cropped tomboy hairddo is a great choice for girls who want to wear their hair short but still have a touch of femininity. This short cut creates a delicate feminine charm and can be easily maintained. A side part and choppy layers add texture and height to the cut.

To get the same look, you can add a touch of pink to your strawberry blonde hair. This shade is especially flattering if you have high cheekbones. You can also opt for a reverse ombre which blends the chosen tones from top to bottom. The pink and blonde look best together with a natural tan.

The strawberry blonde colour is one of the most popular hair colours at the moment. It is a beautiful blend of blonde and reddish tones, and looks especially pretty on fair skin tones. The hairstyle looks very feminine when worn with waves.

Asymmetrical bob

If you’re a tomboy who enjoys being outgoing and having fun with your hair, you’ll love the asymmetrical bob hairstyle. This short hairstyle allows you to play with color and texture while giving you the freedom to choose a layered or blunt cut. Asymmetrical bobs can be styled with fringe and color to emphasize facial features. This style works well with long or thin hair, and is easy to maintain.

Aside from being low-maintenance, an asymmetrical bob is also flattering to those with naturally curly hair. This short haircut can also feature a side part. This style is especially flattering on those with naturally curly or wavy hair.

If you’re a redhead, an asymmetrical bob is a great choice for you. It has caramel highlights that will highlight your natural curls. A large-barrel curling iron and mousse are excellent tools to style the bob.


The pixie is a classic cut with feminine undertones. This look is easily paired with minimal make up. A pixie with soft side swept bangs can be a timeless classic. The pixie also looks great with an undercut.

This sleek style is a great choice for thick hair. Its feathered layers on one side create extra volume while covering the face. It’s also ideal for tomboys or butches with curly hair. This style is easy to manage and requires little maintenance.

This style is an excellent choice for fine-textured hair because it creates the illusion of more volume. You can add curls with a curling iron to achieve the desired volume. This style looks best with brown hair. It’s simple, chic, and sexy.

The pixie is a classic haircut that can work for many hair types. It can flatter a variety of face shapes and can be worn with little styling. Long pixies can have a messy texture while a shorter version can have a more polished side part. The very short pixie is a variation on the classic pixie. It can be shorter than the classic pixie, but can still look great if you have thick or angular hair.


Easy tomboy hairstyles are great for a wide range of occasions and go well with a variety of outfits. Slicked back long hair can be styled in any number of ways and will complement your wardrobe in any season. Layers and distressed denim are also great additions to any tomboy look.

Asymmetrical bobs can be styled to suit any face shape and hair type. They’re a great option for the beach or the office. They can be enhanced with a colorful top to create a funky and edgy look. You can even make your hair look spiky with a dark blue or icy blonde hair color.

An asymmetrical bob or side parting can add volume to your hair. This easy tomboy hairstyle is a fantastic choice for thick or coarse hair. The style can be slicked back for a more angular look.

Long fringe

Long fringe is a stylish way to style short hair. It accentuates the face while also balancing the length. In addition, it gives the face a more masculine look. The fringe should be brushed forward, forming a false Mohawk style. To soften the harsh lines and the fringe, add loose strands and side-points. This style looks fabulous on men with coarse or thick hair. Long fringe also helps keep the forehead open and helps make makeup more visible.

There are many variations on this tomboy style. These styles can be worn by both boys and girls. For instance, a girl can go for a simple cut with long fringe or a more elaborate look with long hair. Either way, the layered look is both classic and modern.

The long sides and long fringe of a tomboy haircut can be styled with different hair colors. Aubergine hair with darker undertones will look amazing with dark eye color and tanned skin. Alternatively, a woman can go for an icy blue color, which adds a cool note to her look.

Shaved sides

If you’re tired of your current hairstyle, consider a clean tomboy cut. This easy to maintain hairstyle brings your feminine and masculine sides closer together. It’s simple to style, but still has an edgy, playful look.

A tomboy hairstyle can be incredibly stylish. This style is versatile enough to be used for both formal and casual occasions. This type of hairstyle requires minimal styling and uses zero hair products. It is also a great choice for men who want a casual look that can be dressed up or down. It can be worn long or short, and a long fringe can keep the forehead open so makeup can show through.

Shaved sides add a sexy, edgy style to long hair. These sides are easy to style and can look great with long braids or with straight hair. You can even experiment with clippers to get a fresh look!

Shaved back

For girls, a shaved back easy tomboy hairstyle is a versatile style. It can add a fun, casual flair to any look. These cuts are often side-parted and swept to one side. The classic bob style is also a staple of medium tomboy hairstyles. To add structure and definition to your style, consider adding stacked layers to your hair.

Another popular look is the Teeny Weeny Afro, a sleeker version of the traditional afro. This style requires less than two inches of hair, and it has a voluminous fringe that creates an illusion of volume. To achieve this look, you’ll want to use the right technique.

Another easy tomboy hairstyle is the pixie. This style looks great with a variety of outfits, and can go with any event. For example, you could wear a pixie-length slicked back with a cropped shirt and denim jeans.

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