Empower Your Girly Side With Tomboyish Hairstyles and Hairstyles

Whether you’re a shy girl who loves to explore her tomboyish side or wants to embrace her girly side, it’s possible to assume your tomboyish side. Here are some examples of ways you can do this. For example, you can shag your sides or wear your hair on your crown. Despite conventional feminine standards, you can still be a successful model by embracing your tomboyish side.

Shaved sides

A tomboy haircut can be a fun, carefree way to express yourself and highlights your stylish wardrobe. A tomboy haircut is often short but can also come with long layers and fringe for an even more masculine look. Shaved sides and long locks are excellent choices, and a side part is an easy way to add extra volume.

Shaved tomboyish sides can be made more feminine using a side part and styling product. A side part with asymmetrical strands can add a sexy edge to your hairstyle if you have naturally curly hair. Using styling gel or hairspray helps keep your strands in place for the day.

Hair on the crown

Tomboyish sides are hair on the crown and sides cut in a mannish style with solid layers. These layers are brushed forward and create a false mohawk effect. To make this cut look even more unique, you can add loose strands of hair on the sides to soften the line. This haircut works well for thick or coarse hair. It is clean and easy to take care of. Just blow dry your hair upwards and use gel to keep it in place.

Girly interests

Despite being tomboyish, girls often have girly interests as well. Some girls are more feminine than others, but they aren’t afraid to show it. Some girls like to read and watch romance novels, and some enjoy romantic television. Others want to share their crushes with their friends. Some girls even like to read bridal magazines to show off their feminine side and stay current with fashion.

While most tomboys don’t like pink, frilly dresses or cute things, some girls like them, and some are immaculate. Some want to play gritty instruments and might even be good cooks. Some tomboys may even love monster trucks.

It’s not surprising that girls with tomboyish sides might initially feel slightly confused. However, it’s normal for a child to grow out of her tomboyish side. Movies and books often depict the transition as a natural and expected part of growing up. In the film My Girl, Vada gets her period and begins to wear dresses and hang out with girls she once shunned. On the other hand, Annabelle doesn’t like anything feminine in Freaky Friday until she switches bodies with her mother.

Despite being more feminine than her sisters, Lola has a tomboyish streak. Although she is the cleanest Loud, she also has a dirty bar. The other Loud sisters, Lindsey and Leni, are also tomboyish. While they are both cute and feminine, Lola takes those qualities to extremes.

Resisting conventional feminine standards

The term “tomboy” has long been associated with lesbianism and a rejection of traditional feminine standards and has been criticized in progressive circles as a relic of a pre-feminine age. However, a recent article argues that the author’s trans-gender daughter was a “tomboy,” sparking a debate about gender-nonconforming children.

Today, feminine perfection is perceived as a narrow and limiting construct, becoming toxic for women. It seeks to divide women by enshrining patriarchal ideals of the perfect woman. This narrowing of womanhood further isolates women as ‘other’ and “boyish.”

Nevertheless, the idea of tomboys as female children who are different from other girls has a queer appeal for straight boys. The stereotype of a tomboy as a girl who aligns herself with masculine norms is beautiful to straight boys. For example, in the 1980 summer camp comedy “Little Darlings,” Kristy McNichol plays a tomboy. Her character resembles her love interest, Matt Dillon. Although their romantic relationship is far from the fairytale version, it does feature their common traits.

Physical appearance

While blue clothes often characterize tomboys, they love to participate in boyish activities and are often very curious and adventurous. They may also want to explore their girly side. Many options are available for girls who want to become more boyish. Here are some tips for expressing your tomboyish side in a girly way.

A tomboy is a girl who dresses masculinely, preferring jeans over dresses, wearing hats and engaging in physical activities considered unfeminine by most cultures. Many women and girls experience a tomboy phase as they explore their gender identities. Some girls express their tomboyish side in appearance, such as wearing short hair or sporting a t-shirt.

Tomboys have been historically associated with queerness, and their peers often assume them to be lesbians. This unease results from a tendency in society to associate gender expression with sexuality, and homophobia is a contributing factor. Although tomboys present more masculinely to the male gaze, they deny the male gaze the right to sexualize them. As such, they are a symbol of historical unease.

Tomboys are often gay, lesbian, or LGBTQ+. They are often referred to as tomboys because they reject traditional gender roles. However, tomboys can be straight as well. Despite the stigmas, tomboys can positively express identity and self-discovery.

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