Examples of Tomboy Female Characters

When it comes to popular TV shows and movies, tomboy female characters are a favorite. While the media usually takes the sympathetic view, it is still possible to see these female characters as immature and troubled. Here are some examples of Tomboy female characters. They will make you smile and make you think.


Many anime series and manga have embraced tomboy female characters, but not all of them are as bad as you might think. This series shows that tomgirls are not always bad, and their behavior isn’t necessarily harmful. One character, in particular, Asako, has an attitude of justice and is quick to target pranksters and bullies. She also has a nurturing side and looks up to her mother, Hikifune. Her nurturing nature shows when her team is in trouble.

In the series, Asako is a childhood friend of Mayuko and Ushio. She wears clothing that barely shows any skin and practices kendo in her free time. This is typical tomboy behavior, and it does not mean that Asako is a bad character. She is the kind of character you want on your team. But if you want a female character who isn’t too sexy, try reading a manga or anime about tomboy female characters.

The manga Asako Inouchi shows that tomboy female characters are not necessarily portrayed as evil. Hiyori is a tomboy, but she does have her girly qualities. She can take down members of the soul society with little effort, but she often gets picked on for her appearance. But she packs a punch if you push her. She also looks up to her mother, Hikifune, and has a nurturing side.

Another anime tomboy, Nikumi, is one of the most prominent and affluent characters. Her sense of justice makes her the target of pranksters. In one episode, she even gets to be part of the gag by catching the prankster. However, she often crosses the line between being a tomboy and a girl, and she is a powerful and fierce competitor on the battlefield.

Haruka Tenou

The anime and manga series “Haruka Tenou” features a character named Haruka, a tomboy who isn’t afraid to show her femininity. Her feminine attire and school uniforms are not just a matter of style but a part of her identity. In her conversations with others, she refers to herself as a girl.

Haruka’s appearance and personality are complex enough that gender binaries aren’t necessary. She’s drawn as a male when she first meets Michiru/Neptune, but she gradually fills in the details that make her a woman. As a result, she can be described as a mix of the two.

While she’s a butch but feminine character, she also has moments of innocence. She’s a fan of cute girls and likes to flirt with them. In the manga, she calls Usagi “Odango” and “Kitten.” The anime version refers to her as “Odango,” and the manga version refers to her as a “female butch.”

Haruka is a strong anime character. Although she looks male in manga and anime, she embraces her feminine side and challenges gender stereotypes. She wears feminine clothes, including a typically female school uniform. In the manga, she even refers to herself as a “woman” whenever she isn’t wearing her male cloak.

Despite her tomboyish personality, the manga’s other female tomboys are still highly sophisticated. The most outspoken of the four Outer Senshi, Haruka tends to be more feminine than her male counterparts. The manga’s female tomboy characters are often portrayed as bi-curious and bi-sexual. Her bisexuality is also apparent in her character’s relationships, which include relationships with men.


Misty is a classic example of a tomboy female character. She has the potential to be a beauty queen, but she hides her femininity by wearing boyish clothes and tying her hair. However, she wears more feminine clothes when she transforms into a mermaid, and her hair flows freely. Unlike her sister and the other female characters, Misty is ruled by men.

In the original series, Misty was only ten years old. Her sisters were more senior and presented themselves in a more ladylike fashion. The show’s female characters, including Misty, were initially meant to be eye candy for male viewers. This made it disappointing for female viewers.

Misty is the youngest of four sisters. She is also the smartest and most mature. Her sisters can be mean to her, but they also love her. She trains Water Pokemon and aspires to become a world-class trainer. She often puts Brock on his guard when he tries to flirt with pretty girls.

Misty has a deep-rooted fear of Bug-type Pokemon, but this fear becomes lessened throughout the series, and she begins to exhibit kindness and respect toward other girls.

Seishirou Tsugumi

Seishirou Tsugumi is known for being a tomboy in some ways, but there are also some instances where she shows her feminine side. In the series, Tsugumi has big, chin-length navy-blue hair with a light blue-white bow on her left side. She also has a mole on her right eye. Despite being a tomboy, she is still quite petite and has an E-cup breast size. Her typical outfit is a pair of khaki pants and a white shirt. She has a red necktie with white chevrons and sometimes wears a short red dress.

The character’s look is reminiscent of Rukia Kuchiki, another female tomboy. She is a Chinese-American with tanned skin and a ponytail. Her personality is a blend of feminine and masculine traits, and she is an excellent fighter.

Another tomboy female character in the series is Chizuru, a short and tall girl who dresses like a tomboy. She is also very athletic and beats most men in arm wrestling. She even holds the school record for winning 99 men. While she is not academically brilliant, her tomboy character makes her famous. She loves attention, studies acting and is very popular among boys. Despite her bold personality, she has an intense crush on her childhood friend Ryu.

She is a tomboy in appearance, but she uses masculine expressions and language when she feels threatened or is in danger. Her red hair also shows her tomboyism, and she uses a muscular vocabulary in combat.


Mikasa is one of the few female characters in anime that is not overly feminine. Although she wears various men’s clothes, she also drives cool sports cars. Before she became a Sailor Senshi, she had dreamed of being a racer. She has a passion for sports and loves to analyze films and TV. During her time at university, she also began studying cinematography.

Another tomboy anime featuring a female tomboy character is Naru. This short-haired girl is a great team player and has a crush on a boy named Miki. In this anime, she battles monsters and saves the world, but she is also a tomboy so that she can play with her friend Miki. Mikasa has a complicated past that has impacted her sexuality. Despite this, she is happy to show her sexuality and does not hesitate to admit it.

Another anime with a tomboy female character is Naru. She is a class two-G student and a member of the drama club. She has a lovely singing voice and doesn’t care what others think. She’s a big ball of energy, and she has no filter. She’s also a martial artist, but she doesn’t let that sway her. She is a mix of masculine and feminine traits and has a stoic attitude.

Mikasa’s relationship with Louise is primarily the result of their friendship. Louise is a young girl from Trost, the daughter of a Garrison officer. She and her mother were trapped in Trost when the Titans invaded the city. Luckily, her father is willing to fight the Titans for their safety, so Mikasa’s mother reassures her that he’ll kill them all. Mikasa also kills a Titan in the process. The two are eventually separated, and Louise is disappointed not to be in the same cell as Mikasa.

Minene Uryu

The Minene Uryu series features a female character with a tomboyish personality who can be very empathetic and caring. She wears cargo pants and tank tops and loves the Elric brothers. She is also jealous of Julie and has a crush on Dan. She also has a giant blade hidden in her belly. But despite her tomboyish attitude, she is also quite strong.

Minene is also considered a survivor, and she keeps an Escape Diary. The diary she keeps before Future Diary is a diary of possible escape routes. Her intelligent and tactical nature comes from her experiences growing up alone in a small town.

She doesn’t have a highly complex personality, but her motivations are clear. Her methods are questionable, but her motives are. Initially, she appears aggressive and psychotic, but later, she develops into a likable character. Her relationship with the police officer Masumi Nishijima is also interesting, though she rejects all attempts to date her.

In the anime series Full Metal Panic!, Minene is a former marine with a knack for electronic warfare. Her muscular physique and tomboyish personality make her a strong character. Another anime series with a female tomboy character is Ranma. Ranma was a top-rated show in the United States during the 1990s. In this anime series, a girl was cursed to turn into a boy and turn back into a girl when splashed by hot water. She is also a certified tomboy, Akane Saotome.

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