Female Stud Names For Boys

If you’re looking for a feminine stud name for a boy, there are a lot of options out there. But which one is right for you? Here are two great options: Odette and Cleo. Odette is regal, while Cleo is saintly. Whatever you decide, these names are sure to be a hit.


Odette is a Dutch dressage mare that was imported from Holland in 2000. She won her Ster in Holland and went on to attend a central merriekeuring in Groningen, finishing third in her large class. She later completed her IBOP at Iron Spring Farm Keuring in the USA and was awarded the Keur predicate. She is known for her beautiful gaits and uphill movements and will pass this talent on to her foals.


The name Cleo has been popular in the US since the 1880s, but has also seen an increase in popularity in France, England, Wales, Sweden, and the Netherlands. While the name began as a unisex baby name, its gender has shifted over time, and it is now largely a girl’s name in the US.

Cleo has several meanings, including ‘glory of God.’ The name was also the name of a Greek philosopher who lived in the sixth century BC. It is similar to Theodore, which is another popular male name with an o-ending. The name is a great choice for a girl’s first name.

Another option for a girl’s name is Cliodhna (pronounced clee oh nah). Cliodhna is a goddess who was once in love with a mortal and became a fairy queen. Because of its strong C, L, and O sounds, Cliodhna makes a nice nickname for a girl.

Odette is regal

This multi-colour necklace by Odette is regal in every sense of the word. It features oval-shaped petals of organza and flows around the wearer with fluid movement. The necklace can be worn as a top over a bodice or at the waist to create a classic overskirt look.

Odette is the granddaughter of the Swan Princess and Grandma Swan. She has pale skin and dark hair, which is decorated with a black and white swan pin. Her eyes are brown with light purple eyeshadow. She wears a swan costume and a black and white swan brooch. Her black webbed feet and feathered wings make her look like a regal swan.

Odette is saintly

Odette was a girl who loved Jesus and spoke with him often. When she was sick, Odette would clasp a little crucifix around her neck and pray to God for strength. She would also kiss the holy wounds of Jesus. This devotion to Jesus led to her conversion to the Catholic faith and her transformation into a saint.

She embraced the poor and had a tender heart. Her strong will was tempered by her willingness to use it for good and avoid doing what was wrong. She was born in a poor neighborhood in France to a hardworking couple. Her mother was a busy woman who had to take care of five children. Her parents were poor and her upbringing was not easy.

Odette was also handy around the house. She even became a babysitter for other children when her mother was not home. She was a good student and went to Catholic school. She was thoughtful in all her classes and had an excellent memory. Her mother was proud of her. She grew up loving Jesus and became a saint.

Odette Prevost was born in 1932 in France. She later joined the Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Her missionary work took her to Morocco and France, where she taught in a mission school. Odette’s work helped to bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims. Unfortunately, she was murdered on her way to a mass.


What are the chances of a female stud name coming from a boy’s name? First, you need to consider the ‘good’ qualities of a name. If the ‘good’ qualities are all positive, then the name would most likely be chosen. However, if the ‘good’ qualities are negative, the name would probably not be selected.

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