Feminine Tomboy Outfits

Forget about those awkward corsets and long uncomfortable skirts – you can look great in comfy knits and tomboy-inspired trousers. These outfits are perfect for the active, fearless woman in your life. Amelia Earhart was an excellent example of a woman who did not let her gender define her style.

oversized shirt

Using an oversized shirt in a feminine tomboy outfit can be a great way to update a casual look. You can mix and match pieces from different clothing lines to create a unique look that reflects your style and personality. One example of this is an oversized sweater that looks great over a t-shirt. You can also use an oversized sweater to create a casual look that’s a bit more girly.

When it comes to pairing oversized shirts with a feminine outfit, you can opt for a solid-colored one with a striped one. Another option is to pair an oversized shirt with a cute pair of jeans. Printed t-shirts are another great option.

Oversized t-shirts can also be worn as a dress. You should pair them with tight jeans or high heels if you’d like to look more feminine. Using feminine pieces with tomboy outfits can make a difference in how you feel about yourself. Using looser tops or skirts will help you feel more comfortable while tighter tops will help you look more feminine. Choosing neutral colors will make matching your pieces much easier.

Using layers with tomboy outfits is another great way to add a feminine edge to your outfit. You can pair an oversized hoodie or overcoat with jeans or shorts to create a versatile look. You can also mix and match your tomboy outfits with other pieces from your closet. These tomboy outfits are easy to create and are inexpensive.

Tomboy style is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the work of many female fashion bloggers. Women who are comfortable wearing menswear clothes are wearing them more often as well. A oversized shirt can be worn under a blazer, a skirt, or even a sweater. A matching cap or hat can also help accentuate a tomboy look.

Another way to incorporate a feminine tomboy look is to wear a classic button-up shirt in a contrasting plaid. You can also wear a chunky tie with your button-down shirt to add some masculinity. This type of oversized shirt can be combined with a skinny jeans or a tank top for a more feminine look. A baseball cap and baggy jeans are also great additions to this look.


The tomboy look is a style that is bold, rugged, and unfussy, but still has a feminine touch. Examples of clothing with this look include boyfriend jeans, distressed denim, oversized sweaters, and sneakers. Other items that look great with this look include overalls, flannels, and oversized blazers.

A tomboy look is an easy one to pull off, especially in the teenage years when you can wear cute, feminine outfits. You can start off by pairing a halter top with ripped denim jeans for a tomboy look. Another great option is a camouflage hoodie with leggings. This outfit is easy to put together, and will give you a cool look that no one else will notice.

Layering is a great way to make your outfit look more streamlined and unique. Try wearing a sweater under a denim jacket, or a leather jacket. These tomboy outfits can have lots of different layers, and can be a fun way to mix and match clothing items.

A shirt dress is another popular tomboy outfit. This long oversized shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn under a blazer or over a t-shirt. This outfit works well with a jean jacket, a puffer jacket, and boots. A pair of boots, sneakers, and a cross-body bag can complete the look.

Boyfriend jeans are also a great option for tomboy outfits. They are classic and stylish and look great on both men and women. They are also very practical because they won’t go out of style and can be worn for many years. They can be paired with almost any top or shoe.

A graphic t-shirt and a beaded bracelet are two other accessories that help to add a feminine touch to your tomboy look. If you’re looking for a more feminine style, you can also choose to cut your hair shorter. This will make it easier to pull off more feminine outfits, such as skirts and flowing collared tops.

For the most feminine tomboy outfits, make sure to keep the headwear simple and comfortable. A blazer is an important part of this look, and can make the outfit look sexy and feminine. Make sure that it matches the outfit’s color and skin tone. Also, choose a pair of sneakers that complement the outfit.


A feminine tomboy outfit with sneakers is a great way to express yourself in a fun and unique way. You can wear boy shorts, a hoodie, and sneakers for a funky look that is still feminine. A tomboy style is about feeling empowered and free to wear whatever you want.

Skinny jeans, sneakers, and chunky watches are all essential pieces of tomboy clothing. You should also add a pair of sunglasses to pull your entire ensemble together. Skinny leather pants look great with a sleeveless tank top and a white logo. You can also wear a flannel shirt and a beanie to provide extra warmth. Finally, you should pair white sneakers with your outfit to create contrast.

Oversized items also play a major role in creating a tomboy look. Oversized cardigans can be worn with jeans and sneakers or with a button-down dress shirt and sneakers. You can also wear oversized cardigans over pants and sneakers to create an even more relaxed look.

You can also wear skirts in a feminine tomboy style. The key to this look is attitude. You can only pull off this look if you’re in touch with your feminine side. You can even wear a skirt if you want to be flirty and feminine at the same time.

A feminine tomboy outfit with sneakers should be comfortable and loose fitting. Cotton t-shirts with boyish designs go well with almost any outfit. Stylized t-shirts with band logos, skater themes, skulls, and sarcastic phrases are also perfect to pair with skirts and leggings. Converse shoes should be worn with this outfit to complete your look.

For a feminine tomboy outfit with sneakers, you can wear a plaid pleated skirt with a basic top. Adding a black heeled boot will finish off the look. Light colors are best for this type of outfit because they give the wearer a feminine look.

Another great way to make a feminine tomboy outfit with sneakers is to mix menswear and sneakers. You can mix and match pieces, and you’ll still look effortlessly cute.


A beanie can be a great addition to feminine tomboy outfits. Traditionally, this hat is a male staple. A stylish hat can completely change the look of your outfit. It should also be comfortable and accentuate your outfit’s details and color. Choose an environmentally friendly hat to complete the look.

Another important element of tomboy fashion is confidence. Try experimenting with different styles and see what fits you best. A looser top with a tight skirt can make you feel more feminine, while a fitted jacket is more masculine. Also, neutral colors can make tomboy outfits easier to put together.

Adding accessories to a tomboy outfit can make it even more feminine. A beaded bracelet, a hat, or a fedora are great ways to balance the look. A pixie cut makes it easy to wear a more feminine outfit, while a long hairstyle makes it difficult.

Another key piece to tomboy fashion is a long coat. This type of jacket is a great choice because it can be worn with a variety of bottoms. The ideal length is between the hips and knees. This style also provides a masculine silhouette to the female figure.

Despite its masculine appearance, this jacket has a feminine flavor, so it’s a great addition to feminine tomboy outfits. You can also accessorize it with a polka dot button-down shirt, a pair of jeans, and some heavy construction boots. For extra femininity, you can wear a hat, glasses, and hair in a ponytail or braid on one side.

A boyfriend cardigan is another essential piece of tomboy clothing. It can be worn as an outer layer over a fitted white tank top or a gray crew neck t-shirt. This versatile piece of clothing is very practical and goes with just about any outfit. A white boyfriend cardigan is also essential for warmth.

Layers are key to a feminine tomboy look. A sweater is a perfect choice in the winter months and a leather jacket during summer. For added warmth, a button-up shirt can be worn over skinny jeans. A button-up shirt can also be worn over a plaid shirt.

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