Good Names For Tomboys

If you are looking for a name for a tomboy, then look no further. This list contains several names that can be great options. These include Ember, Blaze, and Beatrice. All of these names are suitable for a tomboy, but there are a few other choices that are also good choices.


There are a variety of names that are good for tomboys. Some examples of names for boys are Ben, Robert, and Charlie. These names also sound cool, and are perfect for tomboys because they make you feel proud. These names are great for boys because of their masculine nature, but a little girl can also love them just as much.

Bertie is a popular nickname for Bertram and Albert, but has recently become popular as a first name. The name is also associated with Irish politician Bertie Ahern, who served as Taoiseach for 10 years. Bertie is also a good choice for girls because it can be a nickname for many other names.

Rupert is another trendy name that is a bit unusual and not very common. This name has been reborn over the last few years, and it has a modern, hipster appeal. Another uncommon choice is Ellis, a medieval form of Elijah. Bertie, which used to be a popular Victorian name, has become more popular as a stand-alone name. An even less common choice is Bernie.


Ember is a girl’s name that is just beginning to enter the American baby-naming scene. The name is a variant of Amber, which is primarily used in the United States, but it is also found in Canada. Parents looking for a unique girl’s name for their little girl are encouraged to try Ember.

Ember is a unique name that combines the meanings of fire and ember. The name is thought to originate from Old English and is a metaphor for passion and energy. It can also mean warmth. As a result, Ember is a good choice for a girl.

If you’re looking for a girl’s name that is also appealing to tomboys, Ember is a great option. The name is a shortened form of Amber and is a good choice for a girl with an active and passionate personality. Ember is also an alternate spelling of Amber, so if you’re looking for something different, you can add it to your My Favorites list.


Blaze is a boy’s name that first appeared on the American boy’s naming charts in 2000. While it hasn’t done much since then, it is still a strong choice for a tomboy. The name has a powerful sound that echoes names like Ace, Lance, and Slade.

Born in Indonesia, Blaze means “sun.” Although considered a male name in the country, it is considered gender neutral outside of its country. It’s also a modern version of the Latin name Blaise. The name has numerous celebrity bearers, including heavy metal singer Blaze Bayley. Another famous bearer of the name is actor Marlon Brando.

This name is also considered a vocabulary word. It is a respell of Blaise, which is derived from Olde English “blaese” which means “torch”. It is also a variant of the Latin name Blaise, which means “lisping.” Saint Blaise of Sebastea was a famous physician and bishop in the early Modern Era. His name is associated with healing and is a patron saint of throat ailments.


A girl with an outgoing personality and a penchant for adventure might like the name Beatrice. This name has a number of historical associations, including Saint Beatrice of Silva, a thirteenth century suffragette who was imprisoned by a jealous queen. She was also visited by the Virgin Mary. Beatrice is an excellent choice for a tomboy whose personality is playful and witty. With the right nickname, she can make it her own.

The name Beatrice is of Italian and French origins, with numerous variants across the globe. It was a popular baby name in the early twentieth century, with around 5000 uses per year. Then, it dropped to the low hundreds in the 1970s, but has begun to rise again in the last few years.

Princess Beatrice has a long list of royal connections. She shares the same middle name with the Queen, which makes her a natural choice for a child’s name. The name Beatrice was also the name of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter. A baby named Beatrice could pay homage to the queen, as the Princess Beatrice of Greece was named after the Queen.


Noa is a rare and beautiful name with deep Jewish and Christian roots. It also has Scandinavian roots, meaning lion or eagle. The name is both confident and feminine, and is a good fit for both girls and boys. Noa is a name that’s perfect for a tomboy or a girl.

Noa is one of the most unusual baby girl names. Although it’s feminine, it’s still a little borrowed from boys. The name is a good choice for boys with warrior tendencies. Former University of Arizona wide receiver Malosi Leonard has a family business in stunt performers, and has appeared in several movies, including Fast & Furious and Due Date. Noa derives from the Samoan word noa, which means “just.” It’s a variation of Noah, which means rest and repose.

Another good name for a tomboy is Harlan, which means rocky land. Another good tomboy name is Iris, which is from Greek mythology. The name is considered a messenger of Hera and Zeus. Other names that are great for a tomboy are Owen, which means “young warrior” and can be shortened to a cute nickname. Another good tomboy name is Alex, which means “protector of mankind”. These names can also be shorten to Al or Lexi.


Parker is an age-old boy name, which has also gained a resurgence as a name for girls. The name comes from the Middle English word “park keeper,” a form of “parkkeeper”. Gamekeepers in England were known by the name, which was first used as a surname, but today is more commonly used as a first name.

The name Parker has masculine as well as feminine qualities, and is a great choice for girls and boys. A girl named Parker will be popular at school and have lots of friends. She can make everyone laugh, and she will probably be able to attract any guy she desires. Parker also enjoys the small things in life, and surrounds herself with positive people. This makes her one of a kind.

Another reason why Parker is a good name for a boy is because it is unisex. It has been in common use for boys for over 150 years, but its popularity for girls has only recently begun to grow. It is now the 93rd most popular boy’s name in the U.S., and it has risen steadily.


Piper is a common unisex baby girl name, and although it’s less common for boys, it is a great choice for a tomboy. It has a meaning of “rules the home” and is a fun nickname for Geraldine. The name is also a unisex alternative to Riley.

The name Piper has a rich, historical connection and is a potentially musical name. It is reminiscent of the famous fable of the Pied Piper. It also evokes the small, agile bird, the sandpiper. In addition to this, Piper is the protagonist of the Netflix show Orange is the New Black.

Piper is a female name, originally from Middle English. The meaning varies slightly from one language to another. In Middle English, it means “pipe player.” It was originally given to children who played the bagpipes and flute. In the last two decades, it has become a popular girl’s name and consistently ranks among the top 100 girl’s names.

Piper is a popular choice for girls and boys alike. It is a classic nickname for tomboys, and has strong religious associations. It is an excellent choice for a little girl, as it is gender neutral.

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