Hairstyles For Tomboys

There are many different hairstyles for tomboys. You can opt for a pixie, a shaggy short bob, or a medium shoulder-length bob. No matter what your preferences are, there is a hairstyle for tomboys that will make you look gorgeous!

Pixie haircuts

Pixie cuts are significant for girls who want to look cute but don’t want to commit to a long hairstyle. These shorter cuts offer an easy way to add volume to your girl’s look and can complement bold hair colors. Dying short hair is much easier and less expensive than dying of long hair.

With different hair designs, Pixie cuts for tomboys can be made even more fun. For example, you can give your fairy a messy look with a braid or some hair jewelry. You can also incorporate bold colors into your pixie cut for more impact. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you go for a pixie cut.

A pixie cut is also great for thin hair. It creates a rocker-chic look and is an excellent choice for parties and themed events. A pixie with full bangs has a face-framing effect, and it’s easier to maintain than a long style. Besides, it won’t hinder your athletic activities.

Pixie cuts are ideal for women who want stylish yet straightforward haircuts. Even thicker hair can look great with a pixie cut, so consult a stylist to get the perfect amount for your hair type. If you have thick, coarse, or curly hair, you can add layers to your fairy to make it look lighter and easier to manage.

Shaggy short bob

Shag haircuts are not only for men. It is a trendy haircut for women too. The style looks very feminine with the spiky top. It is an excellent choice if you want to look classy. Shag hairstyles are often short and can be layered for height.

This hairstyle is ideal for girls with round or oval faces. It helps hide the face’s width and makes it look slimmer. The shaggy bob also makes the hair appear thicker because of the volume. However, you can opt for an extended, straight pixie cut if you have fine or thin hair.

A shaggy short bob for a tomboy has many styling options. The hairstyle is perfect for thick hair because it can add extra volume. This type of bob can have different layers on one side to cover the face. It can also be trimmed short on the top and left long in the front.

This short haircut is also great for tomboys who want to add a flare. It can make you look a little younger and add rebellious flair to your image. This hairstyle can also be the perfect complement to a cocktail dress. It is versatile and has a lot of personalities.

Medium shoulder-length bob

Medium shoulder-length bob hairstyles are great for balancing out the shape of the face. They can make you look a bit younger and add a rebellious touch. This style is versatile and works well for both girls and boys. It has a sleek look but is still easy to manage.

This haircut is ideal for tomboys with fine hair because it gives the illusion of more volume. However, the proper cutting technique is critical in creating the right book and structure. This cut is not recommended for thick hair, but it can be a great option if you have thin hair.

Shoulder-length bob hairstyles are very versatile, and they work well on a variety of facial shapes. A shoulder-length bob with side bangs will elongate a round face. Stacked bob with face-framing bangs will emphasize the cheekbones, chin, and eyes.

A shoulder-length bob with an inverted balayage will look flattering on round faces. Long, wavy or curly hair looks best with a balayage bob. An ash-blonde shoulder-length bob with layers is an excellent choice for a relaxed look.

A mullet can be simple and classic but can be very sexy. Highlights in light gold or platinum will add a touch of glam. Another popular take on the classic mullet is the mullet with moon bangs, which features curved micro cracks. These styles are a popular and versatile hairstyle for tomboys.

Grown out pixie

A grown-out pixie hairstyle for a tomboy can be a stylish and versatile look. This look can be worn as an undercut or a long, voluminous style. It is important to remember that this look is suitable for something other than round faces.

Grown-out pixie hairstyles can be paired with an undercut, which gives the pixie more structure. The contrast creates the illusion of a fuller look and volume. The undercut can be achieved by shaving the hair on the sides and back and deliberately leaving the top long. Depending on the style, the undercut can be edgy or girly.

A grown-out pixie hairstyle can be paired with a side cut or luscious bangs. This pixie cut is easy to maintain and adorable, making it an excellent choice for little girls. Grown-out pixie hairstyles are cute, and a wide range of hair colors can complement them.

The classic pixie style is one of the most versatile short hairstyles available. It’s easy to style and maintain, making it an ideal summertime choice. However, it’s important to remember that the cut doesn’t have to be traditional – some celebrities have given it a spiky, tomboy look. For example, Pink has a pixie-meets-faux-hawk style, and Zoe Kravitz sports a platinum pixie.

A tomboy pixie cut is an excellent choice for little girls. The amount is manageable and cute and can look sophisticated or childish. It can be paired with lengthy, sleek bangs or a chic fringe. The hairstyle also looks very stylish with a trendy choker.

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is an excellent choice for tomboys, but there are specific considerations that you should keep in mind. A pixie cut for tomboys should look cool and modern. This shortcut should be layered for a more feminine look. A layered pixie cut also has the benefit of framing the face. In addition, layering can make thin hair appear fuller and take the weight off thicker locks.

A pixie cut can also look fabulous with a voluminous top. However, it’s important to remember that a voluminous top needs to stay in place better with this cut. To remedy this issue, you should use a hair spray. However, this style may not be for you if you need more confidence with style.

A pixie cut is a versatile style that works well with most hair types. It can look feminine and androgynous, or it can look funky and edgy, depending on your style and hair type. A pixie cut is easy to fashion and is a great way to experiment with texture. You can pair the pixie cut with a fade to give it more structure or go bold and dye it platinum or bleached blonde to provide a modern look.

Women of all ages can wear a pixie cut. It is practical and easy to style, making even thin locks look fuller and adding to the illusion of volume. This style is also great for women who want to create an impression of youth and can help conceal wrinkles and dry hair. A pixie cut should be a manageable length, as this can make hair look messy.


Mullet hairstyles for tomboy girls can be edgy, rebellious, and unfashionable. Developed by top LA stylist Harry Josh, the mullet is perfect for ballsy girls tired of the beach. This hairstyle combines a spiky fringe and long tresses for an edgy, hip look.

Pixie mullets have a retro feel but can also be modernized for a more feminine look. A pixie mullet is a versatile cut that frames the face nicely and adds length. The style is reminiscent of Joan Jett, who rocked a mullet way back. The mullet is also copied by pop stars such as Dua Lipa, who wore a two-toned version.

For women looking for a sexy mullet, platinum or light gold highlights are perfect. Adding highlights to your mullet will accentuate its layers and make it more youthful-looking. Alternatively, a mullet with wispy bangs is ideal for everyday gatherings.

For women with fine hair, the tomboy hairstyle can create the illusion of more volume. However, knowing how to cut your hair is essential to give it structure and volume. For example, a side-swept mullet should be shorter than the mullet in the front.

If you have thin hair, a mullet is also an excellent option. This style is perfect for women who want to stand out and have a trendy look. If you’re uncomfortable with a mullet, you can try a mullet or a shag. These styles are both easy to fashion and suited to short and long hair.

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