How to Be a Tomboy Quiz

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re more of a girly girl or tomboy, this epic quiz will help you identify your gender. You’ll learn about your Personality, Body hair, Prenatal hormonal influences, and Styles. Once you know your answer, you can start embracing your inner tomboy.


When choosing clothes for a tomboy style, you should opt for pieces that show a tough and confident side. A plaid button-down shirt, jeans with a wrinkled look, and heavy construction boots are great options. In addition, tomboys can add accessories such as sunglasses and a baseball cap. Opt for a high ponytail or a braid on one side for your hair. You should also choose classic colors and avoid wearing any makeup.

The most popular trends for tomboy fashion these days include boyfriend dressing and tomboy-inspired styles. These styles work well together because they play to the strength of each of them. Those who wish to create a preppy or dapper look can wear button-up shirts, varsity jackets, and oxfords. Conversely, women who want to look more urban can wear slouchy jeans and sneakers.

Using layering in your outfits is also a good idea. This will make your look more stylish and unique. A cool leather jacket can add a cool touch to an otherwise bland outfit. Or a denim jacket can look great with a pair of dark jeans. Other tomboy attributes include dressing like a boy, being tough, and having an interest in sports and physical activities.

While a traditional feminine silhouette never goes out of style, a tomboy look is an excellent choice for street style. Embracing a more functional and versatile aesthetic, tomboys can quickly wear feminine garments and accessories.

Prenatal hormonal influences

Prenatal hormones play an essential role in determining a child’s character. The higher the testosterone, the more masculine the child will become. It’s no surprise that males are typically encouraged to behave in sex-typical ways and discouraged from cross-gender behavior. On the other hand, females are often encouraged to act like girls, leading to a more feminine personality.

There are several possible explanations for this phenomenon. One theory involves the effect of maternal testosterone on children’s gender roles. A recent study found that higher maternal testosterone was associated with a higher likelihood of boys and girls adopting gender roles more closely resembling their male counterparts.

Another possibility is that female tomboy are more likely to be lesbians. The term “lesbian” carries a stigma among adolescents. There is no clear link between tomboyism and homosexuality, but those who choose to be lesbians are likely to have experienced a period of gender nonconformity during their childhood. In addition to this, lesbians are much more likely to recall their experiences as a tomboy.

In 1982, Hines, M. and Koopman, P. published a Psychological Bulletin study describing prenatal hormones’ effects on gender identity. In the following year, Money, J., and Ehrhardt, A. A. published research on gender identity from conception to maturity in chromosomally female mice. In addition, Quadagno, D. M., reviewed the nonhuman literature on hormone effects and gender identity during pregnancy.

Body hair

The word tomboy can be a contradiction. The word refers to a girl with a boy-like appearance who acts and plays like a boy. It is also the name of a type of haircut. This kind of haircut is a variation of androgynous haircuts.

If you want to be a tomboy, get a haircut combining fairy and tomboy styles. For example, a pixie cut can be paired with a pixie bang. Using a texturizing product, you can add a textured look to your hair. Stacking layers in your hair can also make it look textured and help to minimize the bulk.

For a tomboy with body hair, it is essential to wear something that doesn’t break easily. For example, you don’t want to wear expensive jewelry because it will likely be broken while playing rough. You can also avoid wearing delicate hats or jewelry. If you’re not a fan of jewelry, you can opt for baseball hats or beanies. Atoms are great shoes for tomboys because they support your feet and are designed for your lifestyle. Also, wash your face twice daily, using a cleanser formulated for tomboys.


Consider the classic tomboy look when you’re unsure what to wear with your sneakers. Rich suede sneakers are sexier than canvas ones, and a fringe crystal back adds glam. A low-rise style is also best for showing off your leg while keeping it from looking clunky. Another classic look is an all-white tennis shoe.

A tomboy’s wardrobe should include jeans, sneakers, and boots. You can also accessorize with a chunky watch or sunglasses. A white tank top looks great with skin-tight leather pants, and a flannel shirt in the colder months will add a splash of color. Black boots and white sneakers make an excellent contrast. Converse and canvas sneakers are versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

The tomboy look is a style that comes naturally to some people. It is a look that’s edgy and rugged at the same time. Tomboy outfits should be loose-fitting and not too baggy. Converse and camo shoes are a great way to incorporate a tomboy look into your wardrobe.

A t-shirt with a band logo can be worn with a skirt or leggings to complete the look. A hoodie in a boyish color is an excellent choice for cold weather, as they go with almost everything.

Embracing the inner tomboy

Embracing the inner tomboy is an excellent way for a female to break free of the typical norms and take control of her life. While society often expects women to be gentle and feminine, tomboys have a fierce competitive streak and can achieve much more than most girls. This competitiveness can be genetic or learned from their parents, who may have taught them that second best is not good enough. They also enjoy risk-taking behavior and seek success in many areas.

Embracing the inner tomboy can also be a great way to gain confidence. For some tomboys, being a sports star or a dancer will help boost their self-esteem. However, they may feel pressured to conform to the expectations of girls in school. In addition, wearing girly clothes can be impractical, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. They may also feel uncomfortable in public and feel self-conscious. Embracing the inner tomboy will boost self-esteem, especially if you play sports or participate in any physical activity.

A tomboy girl is often athletic and enjoys playing sports and spending time with boys. This type of girl will not care for makeup, sarees, and other “girly” things. She will also have more male friends than her female counterparts.

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