How to Create a Tomboy Long Hair Style


Dreadlocks are a great way to create a style statement. They also don’t need frequent touch ups and are extremely durable. However, they do require a slightly different kind of care than regular hair. It’s not a good idea to use your ordinary shampoo on dreadlocks. Instead, you should use a dreadlock shampoo that doesn’t leave any residue.

Short, loose dreadlocks can be a classy and neat look. This dreadlocks style can be worn asymmetrically and with little braiding or pinning. You can achieve this look by sweeping your dreads to one side and applying a brownish red shade to them.

Another great option for tomboys with long hair is a pixie cut. This style will help accentuate your best features. Long hair can also be styled into dreads, which can be worn loose or tightly controlled. You can even opt for a dreads bun if you want to sex up your look.

If you don’t want to dye your hair, you can use a dreadlock braid. It will give your locks more body and look uniform without much effort. However, you should know that the dreadlock hairstyle does have its disadvantages. It doesn’t last forever and the colors can’t be changed without removing the braids or applying chalk to them. Furthermore, the glue used in the braids will decay after 3 months and smell bad.

Side-parted crop

A side-parted crop can be a cute and versatile style for tomboys. Moreover, the style needs very minimal maintenance. This cut also looks good on tomboys with petite faces. You can go for a high-top fade if you want to achieve volume and structure.

For a polished look, a tomboy pixie can be styled with platinum or light gold highlights. It will help to highlight the layers and add a more dramatic look. Alternatively, you can try a mullet with moon bangs. This new style gives a feminine touch to the face, and you can easily style it using hairspray or gel. Lastly, a high-top fade is a perfect choice for a tomboy because it makes your hair look young and fresh.

If you have thick, warm, or wavy hair, the pixie looks great with this style. This cut is easy to maintain and will look great with any outfit. It’s also a great option for tomboys who want to experiment with their hair textures. You can pair this hairstyle with a fade to add more structure, or a bold color like bleached blonde or platinum to enhance your style.

A tomboy haircut is a great choice for men and women with long hair. These styles are a great mix between classic feminine styles and a hipster twist. The versatility of this style means that anyone can pull off a tomboy look. It can be simple or complex, and can include fringe, tapered edges, a slick back, or a pompadour. You can even add multi-colored chunky highlights to your tresses for a more colorful look.

Side-parted crop with moon bangs

If you’re trying to find a cool hairstyle for tomboys, consider the side-parted crop with moon bangs. This style is perfect for women with fine hair and creates the illusion of extra volume. The key to this style is the cutting technique.

Aside from being a great hairstyle for tomboys, this hairstyle is also very versatile and flattering to almost any type of face. The asymmetrical sides add dimension and texture to this short haircut, and it will go well with a variety of face shapes.

Side-parted crop with shaved sides

The tomboy haircut is short and has a striking beauty. It’s also extremely easy to maintain. It has a casual, messy touch to it, which makes it both sexy and chic. The tomboy haircut is perfect for women who have very curly hair.

Tomboy haircuts don’t have to be short. They can also be worn by women who have long tresses. This perfect combination of boyish and feminine styles can make anyone look amazing. A tomboy haircut can also be simple, or it can have elaborate styling and accessories. The cut can include a fringe, tapered edges, a pompadour, and multi-colored chunky highlights.

A side-parted crop with shaved edges is another tomboy short hairstyle. This haircut has a short front part and long sides, which creates a funky look. It works best on dense, wavy hair with a great deal of volume. It’s also ideal for women with brown hair.

A side-parted crop with shaved edges is a versatile cut. It’s easy to style and adds texture and volume. This cut works well with glasses, and a side part strand of teal blue stands out against the black.

Side-parted crop with long fringe

If you have thick hair, you can pull off a side-parted crop with long fringe to achieve a tomboy look. These haircuts promote a slick back style, and you can experiment with the amount of shaving. Another great style for tomboys is a feminine pompadour. To achieve this look, you need to comb forward a portion of your top hair, and then secure your ponytail. A touch of hairspray or gel will help create this look.

The classic tomboy haircut is complemented by straight bangs that coincide with the parietal area. The temporal region is also shaved or very short. This style is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair. It adds volume without the hassle of styling and is perfect for festive events.

This style is gaining popularity in Asian countries like Korea, where the style is gaining ground. It features a short fringe on the front and side and is popular among teenage girls. It is easy to maintain and looks great with most outfits. It can also be dyed a variety of colors. Compared to other types of long hairstyles, tomboys have more versatility when it comes to coloring their hair. They can also dye their hair any color, including blonde, while still remaining natural.

This cut is a popular choice for girls who want a more feminine look, but also want to look stylish. It has a feminine appeal thanks to the angular sideburns, which give it an appealing feminine look.

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