How to Dress Like a Tomboy in a Dress

A Tomboy in a dress is a feminine and masculine character who wants to look feminine on special occasions. This character type also occurs in the tropes of Femininity Failure, Dragged into Drag, and Girly Streak. A tomboy embarrassed by his dresslike appearance can also be characterized as suffering from Tomboy Angst.

Work boots

Work clothes for a tomboy can range from casual to formal. A pair of work boots or sneakers is a must-have, and the look is completed with a chunky watch and sunglasses. A sleeveless tank top with a white logo is perfect for a feminine touch. A pair of boyfriend jeans and a flannel shirt are also appropriate. Finally, a couple of white sneakers will finish off the look.

Work boots can be worn with a dress if you choose the proper cut and color. If you’re wearing a dress, try to avoid revealing cleavage or showing off too much flesh. If your tomboy wears a slender figure, try wearing looser clothing like a skirt and leggings. The slouchy fit will make your upper body appear more powerful. Converse shoes are an excellent choice for a tomgirl in a dress.

Work boots are comfortable and stylish and are a significant investment. They also add a distinctly masculine look to your outfit. You can also pair them with sneakers or oversized hoodies. Even tomboy outfits can be made chic with the right shoes and accessories.

Shirt dresses are another famous tomboy outfit. They can be made from many materials and layered with combat boots or flannel pants. Plaid shirts are versatile and look great when paired with leather pants.


Previously associated with sexual orientation or a disregard for fashion, the tomboy look has come a long way. Today, it’s all about experimenting with pieces and masculine silhouettes. Think loose-fitted jeans and oversized clothing. Here are some ways to create the look.

A tomboy style is one of the easiest ways to look cool. It’s simple but still reflects a unique personality. It also gives you a unique sense of independence and confidence. Because tomboy clothing is a style that’s both casual and stylish, it’s perfect for just about any occasion. It’s also simple to pull together, making it ideal for any modern woman.

Tomboy-style fashion dates back to the sixteenth century. The 1930s Jazz Age brought new life to the style. Women such as Coco Chanel, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich began adopting the “trim and boyish” look. Now, more women are wearing the watch.

One of the most popular ways to wear tomboy clothing is wearing oversized sweaters with boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend cut lends itself to a casual look and can be paired with a white V-neck T-shirt and canvas tennis shoes. A tomboy-inspired look is also easy to pull off when you pair a pair of boyfriend jeans with a crop top.

Another great way to dress like a tomboy is to layer your outfits. A simple sweater can be layered with a leather or denim jacket to add a rugged edge to the company. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pair your tomboy-chic ensemble with a pair of black heels for the ultimate look.

Boat neck tops

Boat neck tops can make a great transition from everyday to formal wear. They have an appealing silhouette that suits all body types, particularly medium and short women. These styles also add a touch of masculinity to a woman’s figure. Boat neck tops go well with skinny jeans and chunky boots. They are versatile enough to pair with various bottoms, including skirts. You can also wear one over a button-up shirt and still look sophisticated.

Another option is a boat-neck knit dress. These styles are comfortable and come in various types, including bibs and waistbands. They also have different styling options, including a high-low hemline and a wide boat neck.

A dress shirt with a boat neck is another option for a tomboy-inspired look. A boat neck top with drawstring trousers is also an option. Lace-up boots in a monochromatic color go well with a monochrome outfit. A snakeskin-printed lace-up boot can add a playful touch.


A tomboy in a dress can look just as stylish in denim overalls. These jeans are comfortable and modern and offer an easy way to get a boyish look without spending much money. Overalls are also very versatile; you can dress them up or down depending on what you wear them with.

Adding layers to a tomboy look can make any outfit instantly feminine and modern. Layering with a button-down shirt and jeans can create a relaxed look that is perfect for the spring and summer months. Overalls can also be worn as shorts or long pants, depending on your preference.

A tomboy outfit is only complete with good boots and sneakers. Adding sunglasses is a great finishing touch. Choosing a t-shirt with a logo in white will add a fun and modern feel to the outfit. You can also add a flannel shirt to cover your shoulders if the weather is cool. Light-wash jeans are also a great alternative to dark-wash jeans.

Another tomboy outfit idea is to wear oversize tops. These tops have become a staple in the fashion world and are now available in almost every store. Gender-specific cuts of clothes are a thing of the past, and clothes for all walks of life are lining the shelves.

Shirt dresses

If you’re looking for a tomboy outfit with a little more flair, look no further than shirt dresses. These versatile pieces can transform your tomboy look, whether you’re looking for a more feminine or masculine one. You can pair your shirt dress with anything from oversized denim jeans to a stylish leather jacket. To add an extra touch of femininity, consider accessorizing with a chunky watch and beanie hat.

Tomboys are often seen wearing versatile long coats, which can be worn with almost any bottom. The perfect length for these coats is between the knees and the hips. They have a very masculine silhouette and can add a certain amount of femininity to a woman’s figure.

When choosing a tomboy outfit, you should keep a few essential pieces in mind. Shirt dresses, for instance, look best with a chunky leather jacket, denim jacket, and a pair of boots. You can also try layering a sweater with a denim jacket or leather jacket to make it more unique. Other ways to show your tomboy side include using masculine accessories like aviators or a leather jacket. It would help if you also tried to avoid wearing loud or bright colors.

To make your outfit even more masculine, try a t-shirt or a shirt dress. They’re versatile and work well with jeans, a t-shirt, or a dress. The key is to use layers to break up the monotony of business wear. You can also try adding a chunky tie to a button-up shirt. The hairstyle is also essential. Long hair with wavy strands looks great with this look. However, if you want to keep it casual, you can wear a bob or a short bob with waves. Many tomboys also choose to wear a cap to complete the look.


A tomboy’s wardrobe can be a simple matter of adding funky accessories. For example, the tomboy can wear a pair of funky shoelaces to complete his look. He can also wear a baseball cap to show off his favorite team while keeping dirt and hair out of his eyes. While baseball caps are the most common tomboy accessories, he can also wear other hats.

A simple black or white polka dot button-down shirt and jeans can be combined to create a casual outfit perfect for a tomboy. He can also wear a baseball cap or snapbacks to complete his look. He can also opt for a side braid or glasses to accentuate his look. A tomboy can also wear a pair of sunglasses and a denim jacket.

Layers are another great way to create a stylish tomboy look. You can pair a schoolboy cardigan with boyfriend jeans or low-slung jeans. Another option is a sports team sweatshirt. Whatever you wear, make sure it fits properly. A tomboy’s wardrobe should be comfortable so he will not feel unkempt and uncomfortable.

When selecting accessories, choose something that fits her style. A well-knit pom beanie is an excellent option for wintertime. Little girls also enjoy a boater hat typically made of felt. Straw hats are also a fun option for summertime.

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