How to Dress Tomboy

Printed t-shirts

Printed t-shirts are a must-have for a tomboy wardrobe. These versatile pieces will help you create fabulous outfits and show your unique style and creativity. Printed t-shirts look especially great when paired with tight bottoms or skirts. You can also pair them with high-heeled shoes.

The main secret to tomboy style is to wear layers. Adding layers to an outfit will instantly update it and make it more contemporary. Some pieces of outerwear you should invest in are blazers, gilets, vests, liners, and denim jackets. You can even buy funky shoelaces to complete the look at your local novelty store.

Oversized t-shirts in solid colors are another great way to sex up your tomboy outfit. You can also pair oversize t-shirts with long striped sleeves. If you have a little more cash to spend, you can try a t-shirt with a vintage feel.

Solid-colored T-shirts go well with tomboy outfits, but graphic ones give you a funky touch. Matching them with jeans, cargo shorts, and boyfriend jeans will help create a relaxed, manly look. Remember to complement your outfit with shoes – sneakers should match your skin tone and not compete with the shirt or pants.

Another classic tomboy look is to wear a flannel shirt. Not only are they pleasing to look at, but they can also be worn as a dress. Try pairing it with chunky jewelry and a wide-brimmed hat. A hat can add a feminine touch to the outfit and a pop of color.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are an essential part of any tomboy’s wardrobe. Both men and women wear loose bottoms to achieve the boyish look. They are classic clothing pieces that can be worn for many years. They are also versatile, saving money and improving your style.

When styling boyfriend jeans, a simple way to give off a feminine vibe is to wear them with a girly top and high-heeled pumps. Avoid distressed or overly tight jeans. Choose a pair that is soft, smooth, and flatters your figure.

Another great way to give your tomboy style a more polished look is to add layers. A jacket or coat can instantly make a casual outfit more polished and sophisticated. A long, well-fitting coat can be the perfect addition to jeans. The jacket should be the same color as the jeans and will help balance the colors.

A solid T-shirt also works well with the tomboy look. Printed t-shirts are also excellent choices. For example, a tee with your favorite sports team’s logo would be great. You could also pair a t-shirt with a denim skirt and straw fedora.


For a cool and edgy look, consider adding a beanie. The hat will be an excellent finishing touch. A tomboy is often made from a unique design created by a talented artist. It’s a unique way to blend masculine and feminine styles.

A tomboy that will look awesome with jeans, sneakers, and boots. Consider adding a rusty, rugged, or graphic accessory if daring. For instance, a graphic hoodie in whale print looks great with jeans. A pair of chunky leather boots is another good addition. And while you’re at it, a couple of glasses will complete the look.

Another essential piece of tomboy clothing is a t-shirt. A t-shirt can be worn with jeans, but it can also serve as a dressy piece when you want to dress up. A loose cotton shirt in a boyish color always looks good. It works with just about every outfit. You can also purchase a tomboy-style t-shirt with a band logo or a fun phrase.

To dress a tomboy, you should remember that a tomboy is a girl who dresses boyishly and doesn’t wear much makeup. However, a tomboy may wear more formal clothes, such as a custom dress or a relaxed pantsuit. A tomboy usually wears braided hair or a ponytail. These are easy to do and keep the hair out of the face.


Layering can make your outfits look neat and unique. Try wearing a sweater under a denim jacket or a cool leather jacket. Then pair that with dark jeans. The attributes of a tomboy include dressing like a boy, being tough, and having a love of gaming and physical activities.

In the fall, you can bring out the tomboy in you. Layering is a great way to keep your outfit attractive and comfortable. For the colder months, wear a sweater under a leather jacket. Wear a lightweight layer under a sweatshirt, like a tank top, for warmer months.

Layering can make a tomboy look more exciting and modern. Layers like puffer jackets, gilets, vests, liners, and overcoats can all be layered together to create a unique outfit. Long, tailored jackets are a great option to give your business a more masculine look. You can also pair a denim jacket with jeans to give your outfit a more masculine vibe.

Even though baggy pants are not gender-specific, they are an excellent choice for a tomboy. They are comfortable and look great on both men and women. Remember to get a pair that fits your shoe height and body type. You’ll want to avoid oversized baggy pants if you have a more petite body. Moreover, they will highlight your curves and figure. Linen baggy pants are an excellent option because they are affordable and sustainable.

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are perfect if you want to give your tomboy outfit a badass edge. These jeans come in different colors and styles, and you can wear them with almost anything. They also look great with blazers, button-ups, and flannels.

You can even layer different pieces to look unique and neatly put together. For example, you can wear a cool leather jacket or denim jacket over a sweater. You can combine a denim jacket with dark jeans for a relaxed look. Tomboy attributes include being tough, dressing like a boy, and having a penchant for physical activity and gaming.

A tomboy outfit can efficiently work during any season. You can pair distressed denim shorts with a lace-up top to make a sexy tomboy look. Another option is to pair ripped jeans with different kinds of shoes. You can wear boots or ankle boots with this look.

Tomboy fashion is all about layering. Wear a sweater or a leather jacket over your jeans during the cold months. During the summer, you should wear lightweight layers. You can also pair your ripped jeans with a plaid shirt. A tank top is another option for the summertime.

You can also wear different shades of blue to make your outfit look more stylish. These shades look good on both men and women. You can wear a hoodie over your tomboy outfit to create a more sophisticated look. But remember to stick to the rule of no skinny jeans.

Ripped jeans with a formal shirt

You can create a fantastic outdoor look with ripped black jeans and a casual white t-shirt. You can also wear an oversized striped t-shirt. You can also wear a simple white t-shirt with ripped jeans and pair it with a black two-piece hoodie. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can also wear aviators or black sunglasses.

This look can work for women and men alike. It is not a “girly” look, but it can make your outfit look neat and unique. You can also wear a sweater under a denim jacket or a leather jacket over a dark pair of jeans. Remember that the key to tomboy fashion is the balance between fitted and rugged pieces.

When selecting a shirt, make sure it has a short sleeve. This option is more casual, while a long-sleeved shirt is more formal. A button-front shirt can be paired with ripped boyfriend jeans to create a cute and comfy outfit. You can even wear joggers with this look. And remember that shoes should match the elements of your business.

If you’re looking for a way to make ripped jeans look more feminine, try an oversized graphic on your top. Large pictures are beautiful and will draw attention to your shoulders and waist. You can also add chunky sneakers and high-top sneakers to complete the look. Remember to add some subtle jewelry for the tomboy effect.

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