How to Look Like a Tomboy

Looking like a tomboy is more than just about your clothes. Tomboys are known for their personality and their love for sports and games. They also like to climb trees and stand up for themselves. You can also look like a tomboy if you follow these simple tips.

Simple outfits

Tomboy girls are characterized by their baggy, comfortable clothes and accessories. These can include distressed jeans, boyfriend or mom jeans, oversized sweaters, sneakers, combat boots, and flannels. They also wear hats, including a baseball hat. A flannel shirt and beanie are also good choices for this look.

Tomboys can dress up in dresses and skirts as well. However, it is important to choose outfits that express their power. A plaid and pleated skirt can look good with a plain top and a pair of black sneakers. In addition, t-shirts are important pieces of clothing for a tomboy. Light-colored shirts look good with tomboy clothes, so go for desaturated colors.

The tomboy trend first emerged in 2012 and was a boon for ladies who wanted a new look. This style combines comfort and style to create a new look. It also makes you feel good. Even if you are in the office, you can still dress up in your favorite tomboy style.

Alternatively, you can choose a t-shirt that has a fun pattern and a button-down shirt. You can also wear a solid-colored t-shirt under the button-down shirt. A cute pair of jeans or joggers would also work. Lastly, make sure your shoes match the look.

Tomboy shirts are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn with any bottom. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, and a skirt. They are an essential part of a tomboy’s wardrobe. They will help you create fabulous outfits that show off your creativity and unique style.


If you want to look like a tomboy without having to spend a fortune on new outfits, layering is the way to go. Using different types of layers, such as blazers, gilets, puffers, vests, and liners, you can create a more sophisticated look instantly. A long, well-fitting jacket is the perfect way to give an outfit a more masculine feel. Pairing a denim jacket with jeans is also a great way to look a lot more masculine.

For an even more masculine look, a plaid shirt is an excellent choice. When paired with a pair of skinny jeans, it can give the outfit an edgier look. You can also add a denim jacket or leather jacket to give the outfit a sexier look. The key to layering is to mix and match different fabrics and textures. Using all one type of fabric will make the outfit look too bulky. Also, avoid patterns – they might compete with the colors in your outfit.

Another essential piece of tomboy clothing is the boyfriend jean. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with almost any outfit. Its boyfriend cut and loose fit make it a comfortable choice for a breezy and easy to wear outfit. A white V-neck t-shirt, canvas tennis shoes, and baseball cap are other great choices. A boyfriend cardigan is another essential piece for a tomboy wardrobe. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn over a gray crew-neck t-shirt or fitted white tank.

To look like a tomboy, you must know how to layer well. You need to find a base colour that anchors the look. When you find a comfortable base colour, you can mix colours and textures with abandon. However, it is important to remember that wearing the same material or texture in all of your layers can make you look bulky. By mixing colours and textures, you will add a touch of surprise and interest to your outfits.

Baseball caps

The right baseball cap can be a great way to add a casual yet sophisticated touch to your look. The classic hat looks great with anything from a button-down blouse to a silk tank. You can even add a Mickey sweatshirt to complete the look. If you’re working in the office, throwing a baseball cap on top of your pencil skirt and blouse uniform is a genius move.

A baseball cap can also look great paired with a preppy look. A striped boyfriend t-shirt is a great way to make the cap pop. You can also wear a cute, low-key sneaker to complete the look. This outfit gives your body a trim look while giving you the freedom to move around.

Baseball caps were originally worn by baseball players but have evolved into a versatile and fashionable accessory for all types of people. You can find them on everyone from scandalous celebrities to all-star outfielders. While they are widely known as a baseball-inspired fashion statement, they have a long history dating back to the 19th century. The first baseball cap on record was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team. It featured a short brim, a floppy structure, and a button top.

You can wear baseball caps with dresses for a more feminine and active look. A denim pinafore or a midi dress looks great with a baseball-style cap. In addition to these two versatile options, baseball caps are also great for outdoor activities. The colors of your dress and baseball cap should blend well together to create a chic ensemble.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a staple in any tomboy wardrobe. They are a timeless style that both men and women wear to emulate a boyish look. Buying a few classic pieces is a great way to save money and improve your style. Investing in these timeless pieces will ensure your wardrobe stays fresh for years to come.

When choosing boyfriend jeans, be sure to look for a tapered leg and a high waist. This way, you can accentuate your figure without revealing too much skin. Another key to a great pair of boyfriend jeans is to buy different colors. While a super straight leg can look great on a skinny person, it will look odd on curvy people.

For a more refined look, pair your boyfriend jeans with a shirt or blazer. A pair of simple heels or loafers can also go well with this style. A statement belt is a great way to balance the look. Adding some bold jewelry to your look can take the look from daytime to night.

If you don’t have long legs, you can still pull off a cool look with your boyfriend jeans. You can wear a blazer over the top of the jeans or layer it over a t-shirt. Blazers can be worn as a standalone piece and can provide a professional look. You can also add sneakers to your look to make it even more fun.

As with most other styles, boyfriend jeans should be worn with a sense of style. You should also know the proper occasion to wear them. Generally, boyfriend jeans should not be worn to a formal event. However, they are suitable for a more casual look.


If you want to look like a tomboy, you should start by wearing the right clothing. A plaid or pleated shirt with a pair of black high-heeled boots is a classic tomboy look. Don’t forget your accessories, such as a blazer and sunglasses. Also, choose clothes with classic colors and styles. For a more masculine look, go for long jackets. You can pair your jacket with a pair of jeans.

Another way to look like a tomboy is by wearing a baseball cap. These caps look great and are functional. They will keep the sun, dirt and hair out of your face. Baseball caps are also fun to wear backward. You can also wear other kinds of hats to create a tomboy look.

A tie can add a touch of masculinity to your outfit. You can also wear a colorful tie to break up a plain button-up shirt. The key is to find the right balance between formal and goofy. If you can’t find the right balance, consider wearing something with a more traditional pattern. But if you want to be more adventurous, try wearing a tie that is slightly more feminine.

A waistcoat is another piece of clothing you should look for. This classic menswear item will look great with a pair of cropped boyfriends jeans. Add a pair of ankle boots to give the look a modern edge. Side stripes are also having a moment, and they look tomboyish. You can even wear a trench coat to complete the look.

Another way to create a tomboyish look is by wearing sneakers. Tomboys typically wear sneakers. This is an easy and stylish way to create a manly, cool vibe. Shoes should match the outfit’s colors and complement the skin tone.

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