How to Style a Short Tomboy Hairstyle

If your face shape is round, a voluminous bowl cut is probably not for you. Instead, opt for a short pixie cut with an ashy blond color to modernize a 90s short cut. Alternatively, you can opt for a layered outfit and add a short bang to your tresses.

Long fringe

A short tomboy with long fringe is a versatile haircut that will suit many different styles. It will look great on thick wavy or curly hair and can fit any face shape. If you want a cut that will stand out and be different from others, short tomboy with long fringe is a great choice.

A short tomboy with long fringe looks great on a woman who is not interested in having hair covering her face. This style is sexy and easy to maintain. If you want to add a messy touch, you can dye your hair half-platinum and keep the sides longer.

The cut is ideal for women who want to show off their playful side. The fringe adds extra interest to the short tomboy haircut and accentuates your face. It also accentuates your neck and neckline. If you have red highlights in your hair, you can add red highlights to make your tomboy haircut look more fun.

Short tomboy with long fringe is an excellent choice for girls with a slim face. It can look both formal and casual, and is easy to maintain. This cut also works well for women with a side-swept fringe, which gives them a sophisticated and mature look.

Undercut short pixie cut

A short tomboy pixie cut is a great choice for the busy lady who wants to look feminine without sacrificing style. It can be styled with a layered bang or swept to one side. To maintain its shape, it should be blown dry to avoid split ends.

This cut has a lot of personality and can look great for a casual day out. Its rough texture and spiky finish makes it an ideal choice for a tomboy look. If you have thick, curly hair, it will be perfect for this type of cut. It will look great paired with a layered look and distressed denim.

To add an edge to this cut, it’s advisable to shave your nape. This is one of the hottest trends these days and will bring out your bad girl side while maintaining your ladylike side. To add some edginess to the shaggy pixie, you can create a V-cut nape. This style will also emphasize your neck line and shoulders.

A side-swept undercut is another variation of the tomboy cut. This cut involves having the sides and back shaved, but leaving extra length on the front. This creates an asymmetrical look, and it works well for those with a round face.

Layered outfits

Layering your outfits will not only look neat, but they will also be unique. For example, you can pair a warm sweater with a cool leather jacket or a denim jacket. For added flair, layer your outfit with distressed denim. Tomboy characteristics include dressing like a boy and being a bit tough, and they often enjoy sports and physical activities.

The key to tomboy fashion is layering, so look for pieces that can be worn separately or together. In colder months, layer with a sweater or leather jacket. In warmer months, a button-up shirt is a good choice. In the summer, you can add a tank top and skinny jeans.

Printed t-shirts are another way to spruce up your look. They’re a great way to show off your unique personality. Plus, printed shirts are perfect for tomboys because they can be paired with a variety of bottoms.

Choosing the right pants can also make you look taller. If your legs are short, choose pants with a longer inseam to make them look longer. These pants will make you look taller, and will be more flattering. You can also layer them with a sweater or blouse to give them a longer appearance.

To dress up your short tomboys, use contrasting colors in the clothes you choose. You can wear darker shades on your legs, and use light or pastel colors on your upper body.

Moon bangs

If you want to add a romantic flair to your short tomboy hairstyle, try moon bangs. The style is incredibly versatile, and looks great with almost any face shape. This style is ideal for people with round faces, but can also work well on oval and rectangular faces. You can also add platinum or light gold highlights to create a playful, fun look.

This style is particularly flattering to a tomboy with short hair, since the fringe accentuates the shape of the face. Moreover, it is the perfect length around the neck. The cut can be made even more fun with red highlights. This short tomboy style is a funky style that shows off your carefree personality.

If your hair is naturally curly, this style is the best for you. However, you will need to make sure that you have lots of volume to make it look great. If you don’t have that, you can use a curling iron to create the curls. This style also works best with brown hair. A tomboy hairstyle is chic and easy to maintain.

Choosing the right length for your hair is essential to making the style look its best. Short hairstyles can also add a touch of glam to your look. You can experiment with different lengths and textures to find the perfect look for you.

Long sides

A short tomboy haircut is a fun cut that will complement a woman’s soft feminine features. It’s a great alternative to the typical boy-cut, and it requires minimal maintenance. A talented stylist can do a lot with short hair. You can experiment with length, texture, angles, and colors to create a unique style. This short tomboy style can be worn with a boyish outfit or paired with soft feminine clothing.

Short tomboy haircuts are often styled with a long fringe or side fringe. This look is extremely versatile and can work for different occasions and personalities. A curly tomboy haircut is easy to style and is also versatile enough to work with all types of hair. Those with round or oval faces can also rock this look.

When choosing a tomboy hairstyle, you can try various hair colors. You can experiment with aubergine highlights and darker undertones for a unique look. This color looks fantastic with tanned skin and dark eye color, and is particularly striking with a bowl-style haircut. An icy blue color adds icy notes to any look.

Another option for a short tomboy haircut is to combine it with a pixie. The sides and nape should be short, while the front of the head should feature a pixie bang. To add emphasis to the side part, try styling the hair with a textured finish or texturizing product.

Curly bob

Short tomboy haircuts are a modern take on a classic style. They are great for enhancing soft feminine features. A short tomboy haircut has many styling possibilities and can be worn by both men and women. This short haircut can be a great way to experiment with different textures, colors, and lengths. For a modern twist on this style, try adding some volume to the ends.

This style works well for curly hair, and you can add a fringe to frame your face. This short tomboy haircut can be very easy to maintain. It will not be a hassle to comb it or keep it pinned back, and it will not impede you during physical activities.

This hairstyle is the perfect style for a tomboy who does not want a long hairstyle on her face. This short haircut has a very sharp side shape and drama, and it can be dyed icy blonde or dark brown. It is also great for people with receding hairlines because it creates extra volume at the forehead.

Another short tomboy haircut is a curly bob. The curly bob haircut is often divided into two parts, and this is a great way to switch up your look without cutting the hair. It also works well with a middle fade. Make sure to avoid piecey fringe, as it can be very irritating.

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