How to Style a Tom Boy Cut

A pixie tom boy cut lasts around six to nine months before a regular trim is needed. Regular trimming and styling will make the pixie tom boy cut thicker over time. You can even add some texture to the cut by giving it a textured look. This style is a great choice for those who have naturally thin hair, but do not want to go bald.

pixie bang

A Tom Boy pixie bang is a cut that adds a feminine finish to a short hairstyle. The bangs are asymmetrical, with pieces of hair falling across the face. This low-maintenance cut works for many hair types. It is particularly versatile, as it can be cut at different lengths.

A Tom Boy pixie bang creates a lot of volume and is often preferred by both straight and curly girls. It is a versatile cut that’s easy to maintain and won’t get in the way when playing sports. In addition, a Tom Boy cut can be updated with an undercut. This style looks great with minimal effort and maintains its shape for days.

Choppy pixie bangs are a great option for thick or thin hair. They enhance the face and best features. This punk-inspired cut can be achieved with hair wax or hair spray. A gray color complements blue eyes and cool-toned skin. However, choppy pixie cuts are not suitable for every person.

Another way to upgrade this cut is to dye it in a different color. You can also add silver highlights to make it look more androgynous.

Short hair length

Whether you’re going for a tom boy cut or a shorter bob, the style is still trendy. It’s easy to maintain and allows you to experiment with different styles. However, you should know that a tom boy cut is not a good choice for all types of hair.


A female tomboy haircut is a fast, easy, and fun way to experiment with your look. This style does not require any special styling or maintenance and is great for everyday wear. You can easily add more volume to your tresses and experiment with different color combinations. You’ll also find that it’s easy to take care of.

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