How to Style a Tomboy Buzz Cut

A side-swept fringe adds fun and movement to a tomboy buzz cut. Long fringe, shaved sides, and a layered bob are all possibilities. Use TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Gel to add definition to your fringe. You can also add shine with silver shades.

Long fringe

If you want to add some extra volume to your short hair, try a side-swept fringe. This cut is easy to maintain and can be worn in different ways. You can opt for a smooth fringe, or you can also go for a wavy fringe. Side-swept fringe can be enhanced by using a hair gel, like TRESemme Extra Hold.

This cut also makes you look carefree. If you want to add a funky touch to your hairstyle, you can add some red highlights. The long fringe looks great when paired with a cropped cut, but you should avoid wearing your fringe too short. A side-parting is also an excellent idea.

Another great look for men is the tomboy haircut. While it looks boyish and edgy, it is very easy to manage and has a sexy, messy touch. This cut is ideal for anyone with thick or curly hair. You can also experiment with caramel highlights for more visual appeal.

This style has been around for quite some time and is extremely versatile. It’s often a pixie cut with side swept bangs, but you can add layers and go for a side-swept cut. It gives you more volume, while framing your face.

Shaved sides

A tomboy buzz cut can be cut long with fringe, and can be styled in various ways. Some styles include shaving off the sides to make them look more like bear skin. Shaved sides of a tomboy hairstyle are low-maintenance. You can style your hair in a bun or a messy ponytail. Depending on the texture of your hair, you can even try a side part with asymmetry.

A tomboy buzz cut is an edgy and stylish hairstyle. It comes in different lengths, and you can blend it with the pixie style if you want. This style is best suited for people with thick, wavy hair. The hair on the sides should be softer than the top portion, and you can use styling products to emphasize the top position. You can also experiment with clippers to give a tomboy buzz cut a unique look.

Shaved sides are a great option if you have thick, curly, or wavy hair. This style is also versatile and looks good on any face shape. This style can be styled with a messy ponytail or a high ponytail, and it flatters most head shapes. Shaved sides also make the hairstyle more feminine when worn up.

Layered bobs

A layered bob is a good choice for a tomboy with thin or wavy hair. The layers will help give your hair more volume. You can also add highlights for added gloss and shine. This type of hairstyle is great for a day at the beach or a day at school when you want your hair to grow longer.

This short hairstyle will give you an angular look, and it will also keep your curls in place. It is best for square-shaped faces, but round-faced women can also try it if they’re comfortable with their style. This type of haircut complements many face shapes and requires little maintenance.

The best part about a tomboy haircut is that it can flatter any hair type. This cut is a great choice for women who want to attract girls. It can be short or medium in length, and the stylist can play up the length and texture with intricate details to make you look more feminine. If you’re going for a more traditional look, you can always wear a bob or a short pixie cut with side-swept fringes. A tomboy haircut can also look feminine with light highlights and multi-colored strands.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a pixie cut, try a layered bob. This style is also great for women who are worried about cutting their hair. If you’re unsure about whether a layered bob will suit you, bring an image to the stylist. A layered bob is considered a trendy option by the pros.

Shaved back

A tomboy buzz cut is one of the hottest trends this season. This short hairstyle is often worn with a high top fade, creating a classic, fresh look. For a tomboy style, make sure to keep the hair at the temples shorter and softer.

This short hairstyle is perfect for a casual event but requires some styling. You can add some texturizing spray or hair products to enhance the look. It is easy to maintain. The layered style looks more pronounced with a texturizing spray. However, this type of hairstyle isn’t appropriate for every occasion.

If you’re considering a tomboy buzz cut but have a round face, this style might be a bit too much. But, with the right styling, you can turn your pixie into a classic. By adding a few creative elements, you can create a look that is perfect for summer. For instance, adding an ashy blond color to your short hairstyle will give it a cool, modern look.

A tomboy buzz cut can have a long top and short sides. To make it modern, try separating a chunk of hair and adding a contrast color to the rest of the mane. You can also cut the hair shorter and add some texture to it with texturizing products. You can combine a tomboy buzz cut with a pixie bang or a bowl cut.


If you love the look of a boyish haircut but want to try something different, you should consider getting a tomboy hairstyle. This style is simple and striking, and the best part about it is that it is very easy to maintain. You can use a curling iron to create curls, which will make your hair look even more stunning!

The tomboy look is a classic and versatile haircut that will compliment any face shape. It’s a great option for people with round or oval faces as it helps hide the width of the face while slimming the face. You can also create this look by adding a layer to your hair to make it look thicker.

A tomboy style is the ideal haircut for women with fine hair. It creates the illusion of volume, and is the perfect style for summer. The technique used in cutting this style is crucial for creating the correct structure and volume. If you have a round face, a tomboy cut won’t be the right choice for you.

The tomboy look works well with light or medium blonde hair. You can add light gold highlights to add extra flair to your hairstyle. Similarly, a tomboy style is flattering for people with glasses. A mushroom cut with micro bangs on the forehead is another good option. Adding a little holding spray will keep the cut in place.


A Tomboy buzz cut is a classic style with a few key differences. The back is short, the sides are longer, and the fringe is voluminous. This is an ideal cut for people with thick, wavy, or voluminous hair. However, this cut may not be suitable for people with round faces.

The short sides and back give the haircut a masculine appeal. The pomp on top of the head is gorgeous, and dark roots and fringe make the cut an excellent combination. To add a little more flair, consider adding some side styling to the fringe. This style also doesn’t require much maintenance.

A short pixie is another popular option for tomboy hairstyles. While this cut looks great on long hair, it can also look cute with a long bang. Add a shine serum to your hair for extra shine. You can also go for a textured look by adding some texturizing products.

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