How to Style Short Hair Like a Tom Boy

If you have short hair, there are plenty of ways to style it. Some people choose the jet-black jagged cut, which is bold and has a slimming effect. While it can be an overpowering style for round faces, it also looks great on fuller ones, especially with bangs and more volume.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena is one of the most complex characters on the Hercules TV show. Originally a warlord, Xena had a dark past and eventually decided to turn good. She was first introduced in the HTLJ episode THE WARRIOR PRINCESS and appeared in many different timelines. Luckily for fans, each of the Xena characters has a distinctive hairstyle.

Xena’s hair plays a vital role in her character’s personality. In the episode “THE GREATER GOOD,” Gabrielle dyes her hair to resemble Xena, and in THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER?, she describes the character’s hair as “unruly and wild.” Her hair serves as a symbol of her disorientation.

In television shows, the hair of female characters often reflects their sexuality. For example, Xena pins her hair up while seducing Iolaus in the hot tub. In DESTINY, she tosses her long wet hair in an exaggerated slow-motion fashion. Similarly, Cecrops wears his hair long and dreadlocked.

Xena’s hairstyle is quite comical. In the alternate world, she wears a bob and is an influential gangster’s mate. She is a comic, but she uses her looks to further her interests.

The musical score for the series received critical acclaim. The theme song “Fallen Angel” was nominated for an Emmy Award. The music was also released on six soundtrack albums. Two of these albums contain the soundtrack for the musical episodes.

Anita King

Anita King is a short-haired tom girl from the Paper Sisters series. She is the youngest of the sisters and specializes in throwing paper offensively. She also has physical agility and likes frogs. She was thirteen years old when R.O.D first aired on television.

Zoey from Pokemon

Zoey has a short hairstyle, and she likes suits. She’s also a good friend and is always ready to stand up for her friends when needed. She’s not a typical tom boy but is an excellent example of what not to do.

Zoey has been seen helping Dawn to improve in the games. In an episode, she suggested that Ash enter Dawn in the Tag Battle Competition in Hearthome City. This came after Dawn failed at the Hearthome Contest, and Dawn and Zoey met at the Pokemon Center to discuss Dawn’s problems.

Zoey has a stern demeanor and a short hairstyle. She also wears stylized suits for Contests. She has a Japanese voice actor, and her main Pokemon is Glameow. In her first Contest, she defeated Ash’s Aipom, Dawn’s Buneary, and Jessie’s borrowed Carnivine. She’s used Glameow in almost every Contest she has participated in.

Zoey’s first Pokémon, Leafeon, was used in the second episode of Pokémon: The Movie. It later evolved into Mismagius. Dawn also used it during the semifinals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Its Bug Buzz attack weakened it, but it was able to hit back with the Aerial Ace-Psywave combo move. It was also seen in the Hearthome Contest.

Adding bangs

While tom-boy fashion is still trendy, it is also more common to see women wearing boy-like outfits. During the early 2000s, many women channeled this androgynous look and wore clothes reminiscent of boys. This style was trendy, and haircuts were a big part of it.

Texturizing spray

If you have short hair, a texturizing spray will add movement to your style and make it look more polished. Texturizing sprays are great for all hair types and can create a textured look. You can use one on dry or wet hair, but it is best to use it near the end of your styling routine.

This product is similar to hairspray but is applied to dry hair. It adds texture and lift and provides grip for updos. It also keeps accessories in place. Wood also offers styling tips for this spray. For instance, if you want to make your hair look more dramatic, you can use it on damp or dry hair.

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