How to Style Tomboy Short Hair for Women

The tomboy cut is an excellent choice for women who want to look masculine yet still have a feminine touch. Miley Cyrus, for example, is rocking a short tomboy style that draws attention to her gorgeous face and contrasts with her delicate feminine features. This short style is versatile, as it can be styled into a beautiful blonde fringe.

Shaggy short bob

A sassy fringe adds a definition to the tomboy woman’s face. The haircut has the perfect length around the neck, allowing for plenty of volumes. Red highlights add a playful touch. The spiky look suits thick, dense hair with lots of books.

A layered pixie with long bangs is the perfect choice for a woman with a square face shape. This ‘do is low-maintenance and requires minimal styling. The top layer is voluminous, but the bottom is a little thin. An inverted bob is both edgy and feminine.

A sassy tomboy haircut is an excellent option for those who want a look that conveys their rebellious spirit. This hairstyle is also ideal for evening events because of its short length. If you wear this haircut with a cocktail dress, it will add a touch of spice to your overall look.

A pixie is an excellent option among the many options for a short tomboy haircut. The spirit is very versatile and can be worn in many ways. A sassy pixie cut with bangs is an excellent choice for young tomboys. This haircut conceals the width of the face and gives a very readable silhouette. However, it is essential to remember that short hairstyles are difficult to maintain, so you’ll need to brush your hair regularly with a round brush.

Shaggy bob hairstyles are versatile styles that will complement many different face shapes and hair colors. Whether you want a textured bob with bangs or a chin-length bob with bangs, there’s a hairy style for you. It’s a stylish and fun choice that can transform your look.

Shaggy bobs are ideal for women who don’t want their hair to be too long or too short. The hairstyle is very feminine and modern, making women look younger and more feminine. Its choppy ends make this cut perfect for young women, and it is also easy to maintain. The choppy ends add texture and dimension to this cut. For a more dramatic effect, add some texturizing spray.

Side-swept undercut

A side-swept undercut gives tomboy short hair a feminine touch. This style can be tied in a top knot or ponytail and looks great with almost any outfit. It can work with dresses, skirts, distressed denim, layered blouses, and more. It is ideal for girls with round or oval faces, requiring minimal maintenance. This cut allows girls to experiment with different hairstyles without worrying about the upkeep of their hair.

A side-swept undercut is a modern variation of the traditional undercut. It involves the sides and back is shaved short, but the front hair can be left as long as they want. This creates a distinctive asymmetrical look. It’s the perfect hairstyle for naturally curly girls who want a more feminine aesthetic.

A side-swept undercut for short tomboy women gives a chic look that is easy to manage. The feathered texture of the haircut gives it a wavy appearance that looks perfect on both wavy and straight hair. This cut can be worn in casual and formal settings and doesn’t require much maintenance.

This side-swept undercut is a popular style for young women. This short hairstyle complements soft feminine features and adds a cool touch to any look. It is also easy to fashion and can work with almost any outfit. You can easily pair it with any top and skirt, including a dress or skirt.

This side-swept undercut is a versatile style worn for work or play. It can be styled with various colors, textures, and angles. Its universal nature allows the hairstyle to work well with multiple hair colors.

Side-swept undercuts for short tomboy hair are an excellent choice for women with thin, fine hair. This style frames the face and emphasizes cheekbones and eyes. This style requires minimal maintenance and is easy to style with pomade.

A pixie undercut is a timeless style that can be styled in many ways. It can be styled as a side-swept style or with feathered curls for a more feminine look. This cut is ideal for women over sixty and can be styled in minutes.

Side-parted crop

For women with tomboy-short hair, a side-parted crop can help you create an edgy, feminine look. This style has a messy, sexy look and is easy to maintain. It’s short, but not too short.

This style is one of the most classic and popular short hairstyles. It exposes your ears and is tapered at the back. It can also be enhanced with long fringes and textured bangs. The versatility of this style allows you to try different hairstyles and combinations to find your ideal style.

For extravagance, add highlights in light gold or platinum to add more dimension and depth to your cut. The subtle highlights will bring out the layers and give your hair a feminine look. The mullet is an excellent choice for a teen or tween girl because it can be accentuated with fun colors.

A tomboy haircut is not just for young girls anymore. A stylish alternative to the classic tomboy style is the alt tomboy. It’s perfect for thick hair and frames the face. If your hair is thin, add feathery layers to the side to add volume and thickness.

A tomboy cut works well on women with thin or fine hair. It creates the illusion of more volume, but it’s essential to choose an amount that works with the shape of your face. For this, a hair length of fewer than two inches is recommended.

Side-parted crop with acid-blonde highlights

An ashy blond shade can add modernity to a 90s-inspired short haircut. If your hair is thick and coarse, this hairstyle will not stand up to this style. Thin hair can hold up to this cut, though.

This tomboy hairstyle is low-maintenance and very versatile. It is ideal for people with a rectangular or oval face shape. People with a cold undertone should consider a short grey hairstyle. This style also works well on women with naturally curly hair.

A short tomboy hairstyle is a great way to achieve a wavy look that flatters all face shapes. You can use various colors and highlights to create the look you desire. Aubergine and soft blue shades are particularly flattering when paired with dark eyes and fair skin.

Girls or boys can wear a tomboy haircut, and it emphasizes feminine features. It can be cut with various textures and styled with side-swept bangs. It is low-maintenance and versatile, which makes it a perfect hairstyle for many occasions. Texturizing spray can add an extra boost to this style.

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