How to Wear a Tomboy Style Haircut

Usually shorter than a lob, the Tomboy style is for women with angular features and firm lips. They will also have heart-shaped faces and intense eyes. This style is less about the length and more about attitude. You can also try wearing bangs to add a touch of edginess.

Short sides

A short side part in a tomboy-style haircut is one of the most striking features of this style. It is easy to maintain and has a slightly messy feel. It can be an excellent choice for women who like to look feminine and daring. It is also a perfect choice for women who wear glasses.

Another side-swept tomboy hairstyle is a wavy side part. It creates the illusion of wet hair and can give the illusion of more volume. The proper technique is essential for achieving the desired structure and volume. This cut will look great on women with naturally curly hair.

The tomboy haircut is often considered a youth style and is not just for the younger crowd. There are also versions of the style that are tailored to older women. For example, a wavy cut can be done on a woman with thicker hair. The long sides of this style will add volume and frame the face.

This style of hair is perfect for round or oval faces. It is close to a buzzcut, which is ideal for hot climates. In addition to being breezy, this style will make you look younger. To make the hairstyle look as messy as possible, the girl should have a good seven to eight hours of sleep the night before.

A short tomboy-style haircut will make you look younger and more rebellious. It will balance out the messy crown and balance the face shape. It will add a little rebellious edge to your image and make you look more attractive.

Blunt back

This haircut combines short sides and a long fringe for an edgy look. This style is suitable for all hair types and is extremely easy to maintain. This style is particularly flattering for square-faced women as it accentuates facial features. It has a lot of potential for experimenting with different types.

A tomboy style has plenty of volume in the front and back. The stacked layering at the back gives it body and volume. It goes well with a bob style and a messy style. You can use a straightening iron to achieve this look if your hair is naturally straight or curly.

This style is also an excellent fit for round faces as it visually lengthens them. It can be cut in a messy man bun, a loose undercut man bun, or a half-up man bun. If you want to give it a little more pizazz, you can curl it with a curling iron.

This style also looks great with a side parting. It is easy to maintain, and it complements curly hair. The side-parting also adds volume and definition. It is a perfect look for tomboys and butches. You can also wear a high-top fade if your hair is naturally curly.

Feathered texture

A feathered texture in a tomboy-style haircut is an excellent look for a woman with fine hair. It creates the illusion of more volume and structure without needing a thick or greasy cut. A short side part and asymmetrical layers are an excellent choice for this hairstyle.

The feathered texture adds a cool touch to a short tomboy haircut. It also works well for a themed event and can be a great way to add a rocker-chic style. Another good idea is a feathered sky-blue pixie with full bangs. This type of haircut has a flattering face-framing effect. Another benefit of a short tomboy-style haircut is its ease of maintenance. It does not have to be pulled back or tied and will not interfere with athletic endeavors.

Another option for a tomboy-style haircut is a crop. It is a simple and striking style that compliments feminine features well. It looks great with brown or blond hair and can maintain easily. You can even experiment with different textures and colors in a tomboy-style haircut. The sexy look of this style is sure to make heads turn.

Feathered texture in a tomboy-style haircut is a great way to create volume without overdoing the cut. Feathered layers are an excellent way to add a little bit of edge to your hair without worrying about maintaining them. This style is the perfect choice for a busy, modern woman.

Feathered textures in a tomboy-style haircut can create an elegant and funky look for women of all ages. This hairstyle works well with thick hair because it’s easier to manage and style. Adding a hair serum to your hair will give it a glossy look.

Adding bangs

Adding bangs to a Tommy-style haircut is a great way to make a significant style change without cutting all of your hair. This short hairstyle can be slicked back and is perfect for any occasion. You can pair this haircut with any tomboy-style outfit, such as distressed denim jeans or layers.

One of the main advantages of this style is its ease of maintenance. Long hair is often difficult to maintain, but short haircuts don’t require constant attention. Short hair also loses shape during sleep and can quickly wave in unwanted styles. The downside of short hair is that it’s challenging to change the class when it’s tangled, so it is essential to keep it tangle-free.

Adding bangs to a Tommy-style haircut is easy if you follow some basic rules. First, you must consider your face type. Some faces do not look well with a full chop, but a side-swept bang can look great. It would help if you also considered your lifestyle to determine the style of charges that will suit your face shape.

A Tommy-style haircut is an excellent style for everyday use, as it is simple to maintain. It doesn’t require excessive styling and is perfect for a day at the office or the beach. It also complements many types of hairstyles, whether short or long. The style is ideal for round faces, requiring little to no hair products.

Adding bangs to a Tommy-style haircut is a great way to give the illusion of more volume and structure. This type of cut is also a good choice for thick hair. It helps to keep the face open and makes makeup look more visible. Adding bangs to a tomboy-style haircut also adds a stylish edge to a tomboy style.


Not so long ago, there was a taboo against girls who sported a tomboy-style haircut. That’s because many people thought that women should wear long hair. Long hair takes time, effort, and money to maintain. You also have to buy a lot of expensive products to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Even daily upkeep takes time.

The shorter hairstyle requires less maintenance than the longer one. However, short haircuts can lose shape and wave in the wrong direction. It can also be more difficult to switch up your style. To avoid this, you can brush your hair every morning and use a round brush to dry it.

The tomboy-style haircut has several advantages. It is simple to maintain and is very versatile. It’s ideal for women with both straight and wavy hair. This cut is also low maintenance and requires little hair product. However, it’s essential to consult a stylist with experience with tomboy styles.

To keep the tomboy-style haircut looking fresh, you can use a curling iron to add curls to your hair. It can be imperfect, but it does require significant volume to give it that unique look. You can also use a curling iron to create wavy hair.

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