Indian Tomboy Names

Indian tomboy names can be used to designate a boy or a girl. These names are generally unisex and evoke a tomboy image. Some names have more Indian heritage than others. A tomboy girl can have a name like Finley or Piper. Piper is a bright-eyed college tomboy. Another cool name for a boy is Waverly, which is a place name that is on the rise.

Top indian tomboy names for girls

A name suitable for a tomboy might be a rare find for girls everywhere. However, the name Beeja has a special meaning in Hindu culture: “perfect origin of the soul.” It is also an easily pronounced name that brings the Hindu culture to your baby. As a result, beeja is a favorite choice among parents. And, because it is a popular boy name, it can be a great choice for a girl, too.

This mischievous-sounding Indian name has a rich history. It was used primarily for boys, but it was also used as a nickname for girls for a long time. In fact, the name was given to a disproportionate number of boys during the nineties than it did girls, making it an excellent choice for a tomboy.

Another name originating from India is Shravya, which is a popular choice for girls. It’s most common in India and Kuwait and has a strong connection to the goddess Shyla. Despite being rare in the US, the name is still popular in India. It’s an informal choice for a child who likes to play hard and get dirty.

Other names in the Indian community include Tamia, which has an Indian meaning of “thunder”. This name has a more tomboy feel, and is currently the number 1 Indian tomboy name for girls. In addition to Tamia, there’s the more exotic Tanaia, which is a variant of Tanya and Tania. Despite being rare in the US, Tanaia has a very regal and elegant feel.

Another interesting Indian girl name is Pihu, which has a sweet sound and an Asian feel, crossing over into the cool category. The name is also a favorite among child actors and actresses in the United States. The film Pihu recently won two awards at the Trans-Saharan International Film Festival.

Top Indian tomboy names for girls may seem unusual, but they’re a popular choice in India. Unlike many of the other names, this one is also relatively uncommon in other regions of the world. Lekha Washington is an actress, artist, and product designer in Tamil movies.


A tomboy name is one that is both boyish and girlish. It’s generally the name of a female who tries to break the conventional girlish roles. Using a name that’s neutral is a good idea if you don’t know if your child will be a tomboy or a girl. A neutral name is still unique, cool, and memorable.

A traditional name with a tomboy vibe, Gus is an unusual Anglicized form of Augusta. Another tomboy name is Evan, an Anglicized form of John. Evan comes from the Welsh ‘Lefan,’ which means ‘God is good.’ Evan has been in the top 100 for decades. Another cool name for a tomboy is Anais, which sounds hip and goes well with a boy’s name. Its pronunciation is both feminine and masculine, and it has connections with the female erotica writer Anais Nin.

Waverly is an up-and-coming place name

Waverly is an up-and-comer with a new reputation as the new ‘It’ town for Indian tomboys. Founder Molly Wills was an avid golfer, and as a teenager, began dreaming up golf outfits. She later studied art history and studio art at college and entered the fashion industry.

Waverly Glen will become a shelter for wild game over the next ten years, placing the area under the State Conservation Committee. The Glen is famous for its scenic beauty, making it a perfect location for harboring wild game of all kinds.

Lindo has a crooked nose, but it’s not genetic. The crooked nose is a symptom of an accident, and it makes him look Chinese. But Waverly is happy to share it.

In Waverly, the DAR Carantouan Chapter has been working to make the area a national monument. And local DAR chapter member Richard Marko has been looking into ways to develop access roads to the springs. The DAR has done great work on this project. But the future is uncertain. The town’s residents must make a decision.

There’s a carantouan spring located near the Iron Kettle Inn in Waverly that has been around since before the arrival of the white man. The spring is fed by a pipe that is dug into the ground, then taken up by a hillside and led to an outlet west of Waverly. This source of water is free for the public to drink.

Waverly Glen Park is located at the intersection of West Pine street and Moore street. It is a great place for the family to hang out. The park’s water reservoir is a great spot for a swimming pool. It also has an archeological and anthropological aspect. The community hopes to receive funding to restore the spring.

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