Japanese Tomboy Names

If you’re looking for a girl’s name, consider one of the many Japanese tomboy names. Some examples include Maiko, Ume, Yasu, Hotaru Tomoe, and Toshiko. These names are all Japanese, and they all have similar pronunciations.


“Toshiko” is a Japanese baby girl name that means “tomboy.” This name was originally used to describe a girl who is a tomboy. The Japanese name is derived from a word meaning “strong foundation”. It also means “agility”. This name has many meanings.

This name was first used in 1880, but has now gone through a change in popularity. Despite its popularity, it’s a unique choice for a tomboy. The name can be fingerspelled in American Sign Language, and it can be written in Egyptian hieroglyphics. It can also be written with nautical flags.

In Japan, a woman named Toshiko, or “tomboy,” spoke out against the inequality of women. She had previously worked in the imperial court as a tutor but felt that it was far removed from reality. Furthermore, she felt that the court represented the concubine system. So, she became full-time involved with the reform movement. She even gave a speech in support of this cause, titled “Daughters in Boxes,” which was banned in the country because she had no political permit.


Ume is a Japanese girl name, meaning “youthful.” The name derives from the Japanese word ume, which means “ume blossom.” The ume blossom is a symbol of spring in Japan, and is also used as a ward against evil. The Japanese name has multiple variations, each one incorporating a different kanji.

It is a common Japanese girl’s name, and is sometimes a nickname for a tomboy. Other possible nicknames for the name include Mei You (which means “love”), Mei (meaning “flax”), and Momoka (meaning “flower”). A tomboy Japanese name combines the meaning of “flower,” as well as “forest,” which makes Ume a great choice for girls.

Japanese girls can also have a feminine version of this name, like Fuyuko. Fuyuko means “winter child.” A Japanese girl’s name can also be Hana, which is a variant of the English name Hannah. In fact, Atsuko was a member of the punk rock band Shonen Knife. Kurt Cobain once invited the band to tour the United States and even invited Dave Grohl and his drum set!

Ume can also mean “big duck” or “protected beauty” in Chinese. Her Japanese counterpart, Ume, can be a tomboy or a girl with a delicate side. It is also possible to choose a girl name like HANA, which means flower or KANA, which means “girl flower.”

Ayame is a feminine Japanese name that translates to “flower.” Ayame is a flower with purple flowers. It is also an alternative name for Shira, a character in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. Ayame also means “child of a thousand oceans or summers.”


Japanese babies named Yasu are often described as tomboys, but their meanings are not always clear. The Japanese use Kanji, which originated in China, to represent their names. Choosing the right Kanji will change the meaning of the name. More popular names are those with more kanji variations. Names with few variations are considered unusual or uncommon.

The meaning of Yasu is peaceful. It is not an uncommon choice for parents seeking a more “respectable” name for their baby. In Japanese, the name means “peaceful, quiet.” This name has a deep connection to the culture and is often given to girls who are sensitive.

The Chinese version of the name Yasu means “flax.” The Chinese name translates to “flax.” It has two meanings: real and true. It is sometimes used in combination with other names. A Chinese version of the name Yasu is Mei Jie, which means “flax” and “strewn with flowers.” Other variants of Yasu include “Chuko Die Zi,” meaning “to become,” “to scatter flowers.”

Yasu is a common name for a Japanese girl. It is similar to Yoko, although it has a slightly different pronunciation. The Japanese version of Yasu means “beautiful.” The first syllable means “light,” while the second syllable means “sunshine.”

Hikaru’s sister Fuuka has a similar name. Both of them are soft and sweet. Hikaru notices the difference in the way the girls dress, and asks Fuuka to stop hugging him. Fuuka, however, continues to hug him despite the cold attitude. Then, she tells her classmate, Rin, that she forgot her bra. In the process, Rin finds a phallic mushroom and fondles her breasts. She then returns the mushroom to Hikaru.

Sailor Moon character Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is a Japanese girl who is a member of the Sailor Senshi. She was rescued by the Outer Senshi when she was an infant and was raised as their own. During her childhood, she displayed intelligence far beyond her years and occasionally manifested strange powers. However, she never developed romantic feelings for any of the Sailor Senshi, including Sailor Moon herself.

Hotaru Tomoe is the only Sailor Senshi whose Japanese name was not altered for the English dub. Her Japanese name means “firefly sprouting from the Earth.” The original English dub also incorrectly pronounced her last name as “toe-moe.”

Her identity was revealed in the revision. When she awakens on stage, she is seen as Saturn. Later, she appears transformed into a young girl named Hotaru. Although she was ostracized from her classmates, she was shy, sweet, and independent. She was lonely when she was a child and was surrounded by outcasts. However, she was rescued by other Sailor Soldiers, and she eventually came back to life.

Hotaru lived with her parents in the Sankakusu District of Tokyo. Initially, she was destined to die but was spared by her father’s actions. However, she was later made a host to the Daimon Mistress 9, which caused her body to experience seizures. The Tairon Crystal is a magic crystal that reduces the severity of Hotaru’s seizures, but she only used it in the thirteen-episode third season of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime.

Hotaru Tomoe is one of the strongest Sailor Soldiers. Her kanji is “tomoe,” which means “sprouting.” In the Japanese culture, each planet is associated with an element. Saturn is associated with soil, which is why the Japanese name for Saturn is “tomoe.” As the name suggests, “tomoe” is a common name for the planet Saturn.

Hotaru Tomoe is one of the most popular characters in the Sailor Moon anime. She is an intelligent and talented child. She enjoys reading and can memorize whole books. However, she can sometimes switch to a cold personality. Hotaru is also a devoted friend to Chibiusa, although she lacks street smarts.

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