Love Live! – Cute Anime Girl With a Tomboy Image

Natsume is an anime tomboy who loves sumo wrestling. She is super brave, but she faces competition from Ren. Her personality is similar to Haruhi Fujioka, but she has a different stance on certain things. Natsume is super sweet and wants to make everyone happy, but she is also a fierce competitor!

Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka is not your typical anime heroine. She is a smart and independent girl who dreams of becoming a lawyer. She is also not afraid to express her opinion. Haruhi is very interested in academics and chose Ouran Academy because of that.

Haruhi wears a crop top, bandana and cargo trousers. While her outfit is not typically anime, she’s still fun to watch. She’s also funny and has a heart. She cares deeply for the Elric brothers.

Aside from being a tomboy, she also has a girly side. She has a short hairstyle and is often seen with yellow pins. She is the kind of girl you want to hang out with, but she’s not the girl you’d want to date.

Anime tomboys are usually strong and independent, but they can also be sweet and feminine. One of the most popular anime tomboys is Haruhi Fujioka. She has short blue hair and green eyes. She is often picked on for her looks, but she packs a punch when she’s pushed too far. She also looks up to her mentor, Hikifune, and she displays her nurturing side whenever she’s in trouble.

Haruhi also likes to eat sweets, but she also enjoys physical contact. She is also a very strong character who has a deep sense of justice. In one episode, she jumped three storeys to teach a delinquent girl a lesson.

Another tomboy anime girl is Saber, who is a powerful warrior. Before the Grail War, Saber has trouble seeing herself as a woman. However, after the Grail War, Saber is able to explore her femininity. She wears a prim and proper bun for the majority of the time, but wears a dress for battle. She also loves stuffed animals.

Touka Kirishima

The anime series Love Live! introduces nine main characters, including the airheaded heroine Rin Hoshizora. Rin is a student at Otonokizaka High School and a member of the lily-white sub-unit. Throughout the series, Rin often ends sentences with the ‘nya’ sound and has been known to accidentally touch Hanayo Koizumi’s breasts.

Touka Kirishima is sexy and slim, with blue eyes and short dark hair. She resembles the tomboy-esque Hikari Kirishima, but her haircut is more a classic tomboy look. Her style is a mix of high school and waitress uniforms, as well as tomboyish streetwear. She wears a white shirt pulled up to her elbows and a black skirt.

She is one of the most popular tom girls in anime. Her short hair is a popular style among young men. Her sexy figure makes her very popular among boys. Before attending Ouran Academy, she had silky long hair. However, the school gum stuck to her hair and she had to cut it short. She also struggles with her emotions and does not express her feelings very often. She also prefers to speak in third-person and uses short, terse sentences.

Touka is an interesting mix of the two genders. She is a tomboy, born into a lower class but raised by nobility. She has the ability to manipulate others and is sweet with Sonosuke. While she has strong character traits, she also has a dark side. She often tries to be nice, but ends up crossing the line between respect and kindness.

Touka is the opposite of a conventional girl. She is extremely attractive, and many of her fans are male. She lacks the confidence to interact with conventional people, but she is still attractive enough for most male fans. However, she is not interested in dating other girls.


Mikoto is a cute anime girl who has a tomboy image and is known for her headstrong personality. She has light brown hair and a hair clip. Her eyes are the same color as her hair. She is very insecure about her body, feeling inferior to girls with larger busts. She always wears shorts underneath her dresses.

She is a member of the drama club and goes to class two-G. Her singing voice is beautiful without filters. Her classmates and teachers call her the “Oblivious Death God of the Basketball Court”. The character Ukyo is a mix of feminine and masculine traits, and is often a tough martial artist who has an unpredictable personality.

Mikoto has feelings for both Natsuhiko. However, she is not able to tell her feelings to Natsuhiko, so he tries to win her over by giving her a robot that can detect land mines. The game also forces Mikoto and Natsuhiko to face their past, as Natsuhiko is unable to understand why she’s attracted to Natsuhiko.

Mikoto’s relationship with Sakuya starts slowly but is ultimately successful. While it is unlikely that Mikoto will get involved with Mikuya, she doesn’t want to fall in love with him. In fact, she is happy that he’s saving her, since she would be devastated if she died.

Another tomboy anime girl is Miwa. She is a short-haired second-year high-school student with brown eyes. She is a passionate musician and an aspiring poet. She is also a very loyal character, and she often sacrifices her own life for her friends. She is very popular with anime fans.


If there’s one anime character that will appeal to young boys and girls alike, it’s Misty, the OG tomboy. She’s energetic, fashionista, and has a competitive streak, but she has some very girly characteristics as well. She’s also afraid of bugs, a trait that is both hilarious in Kanto and annoying in Johto. She has a very strong sense of humor, and she’s a tough independent fighter.

Although tomboys are usually portrayed as angelic and mild, there are some exceptions to the rule. Although anime girls tend to have a more feminine side than their real-life counterparts, they can also be tomboys, especially if they’re part of a series. Luckily, Misty isn’t too dissimilar from her sisters when it comes to gender.

Misty is a great anime heroine. Though she grew up in a dysfunctional family, she learned to value herself and find her place in the world. She now works as a manager at the Lemon beach house. She also loves sports, and wears athletic clothing. Mikasa Ackerman is another popular anime tomboy. She was raised by Eren Yeager’s parents. She has the strength and ability to fight the Titans, and she also has a knack for battling them.

Misty’s emo side can be portrayed as a tomboy. Her character combines the best of both worlds, and we can’t forget to mention her love for bunny rabbits. She also has a strong sense of adventure, which makes her an attractive anime tomboy.

Ash Ketchum and Misty are friends. Misty is the most loyal of the three, and she’s the one who helps Ash with his quest to become the best Pokemon trainer. Misty was a tomboy in the beginning, but she’s mature and sensible. When she became the best Pokemon trainer, Misty became the ultimate cool girl.

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