Medium Long Tomboy Haircuts

For a medium length of hair, you can opt for a tomboy haircut. This type of cut features long, thick layers on one side that frame the face and add extra volume. Alternatively, you can also opt for a side swept bob or an inverted bob.


Medium long tomboy haircuts are a versatile choice. They can be worn short or long, and create either a masculine or feminine look. Miley Cyrus wears her tomboy cut short, which draws attention to her face and contrasts her soft feminine features. The cut is very versatile and can be styled to create beautiful blonde fringe.

This style is also known as the Montana Crease. It is similar to a bob haircut, but has more of a pinch in the front. It’s a great option for winter or spring, and will give you a sweet look. It’s also easy to maintain and looks very elegant. It is also suitable for round faces.

Tomboy haircuts are extremely versatile and can be worn by both young girls and older women. While this style works best on skinny and athletic women, it’s not out of place on curvy or heavy-boned women. It’s a style that suits purposeful and creative women, and doesn’t require a lot of time to maintain. You can make a change to your look as often as you want, and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

There are plenty of styles for tomboys, so there’s something for every type of person. From long, thick locks to short locks, to layered cuts with bangs, there’s a tomboy haircut out there for you. The key is to find one that suits you best!

Among the most popular tomboy hairstyles is the pixie cut. This short style features side-swept bangs and a tousled crown section that accentuates a girl’s face. The pixie is a charming, chic, and versatile option for most face shapes.

Side-swept undercut

This side-swept undercut for medium-length hair is one of the hottest trends for this season. This style accentuates your face, and the fringe is just the right length to frame your neck. It is also ideal for women with fine hair, since the cut will create the illusion of more volume. However, it is important to choose the right technique to achieve the proper structure and volume.

This style is a great choice for balancing your rebellious and feminine side. Longer hair offers more flexibility and options for color. You can wear dark roots or light pastel shades to create a sultry look, or opt for a freehand floral pattern.

This haircut is an excellent choice for women with thin or fine hair. Oftentimes, tomboy haircuts are more practical than long-haired counterparts. They are easier to manage, and require little to no styling. Additionally, they won’t get in the way of your active lifestyle.

Another versatile style is the side-swept undercut for medium-length hair. It can be worn down, up, or in a ponytail. This style is great for versatility and looks great with many different hairstyles. The cut looks best with a hair design.

Asymmetrical styles are perfect for a balancing effect. This style is also great for women with thin hair, because the contrast between short and long hair creates the illusion of fullness. You can use hairspray or a blow-dryer to add texture to a side-swept undercut.

This side-swept undercut looks great on women with round or oval faces. The textured top adds volume and accentuates the face. It can be styled easily in a matter of seconds.

Side-swept bob

If you have medium length hair, the Side-swept bob is an ideal choice for a tomboy haircut. This style is a modern variation of the classic undercut, with the sides and back shaved short and extra length at the top. The hair in front is left long, resulting in an asymmetrical look. This hairstyle is perfect for women who want a shorter look with the breezy feel of a short cut.

This tomboy haircut is versatile, and it goes with any outfit. It is also suitable for older women, but make sure the length is at least two inches below the chin for the best fit. Adding layers around the face and crown can enhance the look and make it look more feminine.

Another popular tomboy hairstyle for women is the shag, which is the shorter version of the mullet. This style is sometimes combined with a shag to create a new look that’s even more modern. It’s also called the muller shag, or shaglet, for short.

Another version of the tomboy haircut is the blunt cut. It is short and simple, yet still manageable and dramatic. This cut is great for tomgirls with wavy or frizzy hair. The fringe adds a touch of sophistication and maturity to the hairstyle.

If you have long hair, a side-swept bob with a side-swept part will give you a sophisticated, polished look. If you don’t have any natural waves, you can create them with a flat iron. You can also try a pixie bob with a neat side part to add even more polish and sophistication to your style. Ange Haruhi also has a Pinterest table called “short hair tomboy” to show you some of the different hairstyles available.

Inverted bob

Often referred to as a graduated A-line bob, inverted bob, or stacked bob, the medium-length version of this haircut features a dramatic volumetric silhouette. This haircut is so popular that there are many variations available, allowing for endless experimentation and customization.

The medium-length version of an inverted bob allows for more styling options than a short bob, although it is more time consuming to keep in good condition than short hair. Inverted bobs are a great choice for full-faced men and women looking to add lift and texture to their hair.

This haircut gives a flirty, carefree vibe to the wearer. This haircut looks great for any occasion, whether at work or out. To keep the waves soft and easy to manage, use volume-boosting mousse and finger-combing. To finish off the look, apply medium-hold hair spray.

A modern-day tomboy haircut, the inverted bob has short layers on the back and long ones in the front. The inverted silhouette lends the haircut a relaxed vibe. If you have fine hair, a layered bob is the perfect choice. Highlights can add a modern and sophisticated touch to this hairstyle.

The inverted bob is a versatile medium-length haircut with a short front and long back. The inverted bob looks great with side swept fringe. This hairstyle also leaves room for volume and framing touches. It’s also easy to maintain and a great way to show off your personality.

A short haircut with layers can make a bold statement. This is particularly great for women with long face shapes. For a more feminine appearance, try keeping the length two inches below the chin. A short haircut with layers around the crown and face adds definition and is easy to style.

Side-swept crop

If you want a tomboy style with a feminine touch, side-swept crop is the perfect haircut. This slick, short style is easy to maintain and gives you the look of effortless carefree living. In addition, this cut gives your hair a funky touch with red highlights.

This cut is a great choice for oblong faces and will add symmetry to the face. If your face is round or oblong, a side-swept crop is perfect for you. To create the look, you can use a side part, a side-swept crop, or even a messy bun.

A side-swept crop can be worn long or short depending on your hairstyle. This style is versatile, easy to maintain, and creates a fun, asymmetrical look. This hairstyle is ideal for tomboys and butches who prefer a shorter aesthetic.

If you have fine or thin hair, a tomboy style can help create the illusion of more volume. Proper cutting technique is key to creating the proper volume and structure. Make sure to get plenty of sleep before the cut. You’ll want to give yourself at least seven to eight hours of sleep the night before.

Tomboy hairstyles are very versatile. They can range from short to long and can even be layered or textured. A tomboy haircut can add sass and sex appeal to your look without making you look manly. There are many tomboy styles, so there is something out there for everyone.

While tomboy hairstyles are most popular on women, they are also suitable for men. For women, they can provide a sexy look while complementing their soft feminine features. With a good stylist, a short tomboy haircut can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It can also be combined with fringe, tapered edges, or a pompadour. For a funky look, try adding multi-colored chunky highlights to the hairstyle.

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