Popular Medium Haircuts For Men

If you have long hair and don’t mind a medium length cut, you’ll look fabulous with a tomboy haircut. This mannish cut features strong layers that brush the hair forward to create a false-Mohawk look. A fringe over the forehead adds a fun touch to the style. Loose strands and side-points soften the sharp lines and make this look perfect for thick or coarse hair. To complete the look, pair this hairstyle with a gray jacket for a fab tomboy look.

Taper cut hairstyles

If you want to get a stylish haircut with low maintenance, try a taper cut. It blends the hair from the shortest point to the longest point. It is less dramatic than a fade, but looks smarter, too. It’s great for tomboys and butches, and it is especially flattering to naturally curly hair.

These styles are also great for achieving that hipster look. This type of hairstyle is great for the younger set, and can be styled to suit anyone’s face shape. It adds volume and makes hair look thicker. The undercut is also a great option, and it makes the hair look thicker.

Another great option is a side swept undercut. This cut is a variation of the traditional undercut, and involves cutting the sides and back very short, and leaving the front part longer. This type of hairstyle gives a very asymmetrical look and is easy to maintain. This type of hairstyle is great for women with a round face. The height and perfectly lined edges of this hairstyle help to narrow the face.

The Teeny Weeny Afro is a stylish way to change up the traditional afro. This hairstyle is perfect for women with fine hair because it gives the illusion of more volume. The key to creating the desired volume and structure is to use the right cutting technique.


A tomboy hairstyle is simple, short, and striking. It does not require much styling or hair products and can look great even with minimal care. A tomboy haircut is versatile for a variety of occasions, and the cut emphasizes the shape of the face. This type of haircut is also very easy to keep clean.

A medium tomboy haircut can be styled into a top knot or a ponytail. However, thick hair will not hold up well to this type of hairstyle. However, if your hair is thin, it can stand up well to this type of cut. If you choose this cut, be sure to get a product that will hold the curls in place.

A tomboy haircut is very versatile, and can be worn on both young girls and older women. It looks best on thin, athletic women. However, curvy women can also wear it. It is also perfect for creative, purposeful women. It does not take a lot of time to style, and you can experiment with the cut often. It will make you stand out from the crowd.

A tomboy bob is a versatile style that suits almost any season. It can be worn with a skirt or a formal dress. It also works well with glasses. Another new variation is the mushroom cut, which features tiny bangs across the forehead. This style also features choppy layers that add texture and definition.

Razored shag

A medium shag haircut is a great way to create a more masculine look without wearing a shirt. This hairstyle is usually straight, and a razor cut creates the illusion of wavy edges and shaggy layers. Razored shag haircuts are versatile and look great on guys of any age. The look is particularly stylish when paired with long, feathery peek-a-boo bangs, which balance the shattered shape of an overgrown pixie and create an urban feel.

A razored shag is also a great style for a girl with a short height and sharp features. She can also wear a muffler to keep her head from looking too short. A crown-layered shag is another style that looks great with short hair.

This hairstyle is also incredibly versatile and easy to style. You can fuse it with a side buzz or a trendy mullet to create a unique and fashionable look. It is never a bad idea to add some color to your shag. Razored shag haircuts are easy to maintain and can be worn for a casual day out.

The Razored shag for tomgirl medium haircut is an easy and convenient haircut. It doesn’t require combing and looks fashionable. It also looks great with blonde highlights.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut is one of the most versatile haircut styles, as it can be both feminine and androgynous. It’s easy to style, and it works well for a variety of hair types and face shapes. A shorter pixie cut doesn’t require much upkeep, but a longer cut offers more flexibility in styling.

A pixie cut is perfect for both thin and thick hair types. If you have naturally curly hair, a pixie cut can enhance your curl pattern. It is also easy to manage and creates an edgy look. This cut can be styled with bangs or swept-back fringes to draw attention to your face.

A pixie cut can be a great daily hairstyle. This short style follows the shape of the head and is an excellent choice for those with fine hair. For added impact, you can choose a hair colour with contrasting highlights, such as coppery-gold. The pixie with bangs is a great style for women with thin or medium-thick hair. The short bangs frame the model’s eyes and accent her delicate features.

A pixie with side bangs can be a great option for tomboys with thin hair. These haircuts can be extremely short or even undercut, depending on the face shape and bone structure of the wearer. While shorter haircuts are easier to style, they can be difficult to maintain and can lose shape if you sleep on them. Also, short hair tends to wave in unflattering directions.

Layered hairstyles

If you’re looking for a medium-length haircut that is both versatile and easy to maintain, consider a layered haircut. This haircut can add definition, volume, and interest to your hair, and it can also be worn as a transitional cut from short to medium hair. It’s a great choice if you have naturally straight tresses and don’t mind a bit of upkeep.

If you’re not looking to commit to a long-term commitment, you can always keep the sides long and shaved off to create an edgy look. Then, you can style the sides with bangs, a fringe, and a bun. This style can be worn by both men and women. It can also be worn with a shaved neck and goes well with any type of dress.

This cut can also be worn with a grey jacket. It can give you a stylish, reserved look, and it requires minimal maintenance. The hair on top of the head is longer than the hair on the sides, which creates a loose look. This cut works well with straight hair and can also be styled with a curling iron.

The classic tomboy haircut looks great with different hair colors. For example, a deep aubergine color with a darker undertone is a beautiful touch that looks great with a tomboy haircut. If you have fair skin or dark eyes, this hair color will look amazing. A tomboy hairstyle can be worn to work or a casual party. This style also makes a good choice for women with round faces.

Adding layers

Adding layers to tomboy medium haircut styles can give a more mature look to your look. This is the best hairstyle for thick and stubbornly curly hair. This style can be enhanced with a curling iron for a slightly wavy look. This style is easy to maintain and looks great with dark hair.

The tomboy style has a short top with a longer cut on the sides. This style looks great with glasses. It can also be enhanced by adding an extended bang. For added pizazz, you can also try a mushroom cut, which features choppy layers and micro bangs on the forehead. Adding layers to this hairstyle will help get rid of the bulk from the strands and give it definition.

To add extravagance to this tomboy haircut, use light gold or platinum highlights. Highlights will emphasize the layers and make them more prominent. However, be aware that this style can become outgrown very quickly and requires frequent maintenance. Another benefit of a layered haircut is that it can work well on thick and coarse hair. If you have a rounded face, a voluminous bowl cut is probably not the best option.

A tomboy haircut with a layered style can work well for a variety of occasions. You can wear this style with a T-shirt and jeans. You can also try a plaid print and a hat.

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