Shae Pressman in Wynonna Earp Season 2

Shae Pressman is a minor character in Wynonna Earp Season 2. She is Nicole Haught’s ex-wife. The two met while mountain climbing in Nevada and later got married. Eventually, things cooled and they separated. In Season 2, she meets Waverly Haught in a hospital, where she tells him about Nicole and Waverly’s relationship.

Waverly Earp

Nicole Haught, the ex-wife of Shae Pressman and a member of the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department, is engaged to Waverly Earp. Nicole is a straight-laced officer, but she’s sensitive around Earp and must deal with her own demons and the family’s drama.

In the episode, Waverly and Nicole’s relationship is put to the test when Nicole is put in danger. Nicole’s boyfriend, Jeremy, has the perfect solution. Waverly and Nicole talk, and she tells Jeremy that she had spoken to Waverly the night before. Nicole was worried about Waverly’s safety, and Jeremy wants to help her. He forgives her and they get married.

Nicole Haught

Nicole Haught is a young woman with aspirations of entering the Police Academy. When she removes her shirt, she flirts with a guy named Waverly. When she gets caught, she is accused of tampering with her body and insults her rank. She is subsequently shot and dies. After saving Wynonna, Nicole has a bad headache.

Shae Pressman is a minor character in Wynonna Earp Season 2. She is the ex-wife of Nicole Haught. The couple first met while mountain climbing in Nevada. They later married, but separated when things started to cool down. In Season 2, Shae meets Waverly Haught at a hospital where Nicole is staying. Shae reassures Waverly of Nicole and Waverly’s relationship, but they have a strained relationship.

Nicole is the mayor of her hometown and Waverly is a recent college graduate. Her client is very demanding, and she is faced with difficult choices. She is torn between a basketball career and a business venture. Meanwhile, Waverly tries to find the courage to be herself despite the circumstances surrounding her. Both characters are able to find happiness and love in the midst of their problems.

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