Short Hair Styles For Tomboys

There are many different short hairstyles for tomboys. There are pixie cuts, side-parted cropped hair, and a mullet, to name a few. Each style has its pros and cons, so choose carefully. Choose a style that best suits your face shape to get the best look.

Side-parted crop

The side-parted crop is a classic short haircut with a boyish vibe. The asymmetrical sides add texture, while the short length is perfect for most face shapes. The side-parted crop is versatile and can be styled in several different ways.

There are many celebrity examples if you need to know if a side-parted crop is for you. Evan Rachel Wood has become known for her dramatic hair and style changes. From punk to elegant, she’s changed her look a few times. Her new short layered cut is her best-selling look ever. Jenna Elfman, meanwhile, has been a fan of layers throughout her career. Her recent short-layered style features thin front layers that give her more freedom in framing and enhancing the side parting.

Long fringe

The long fringe in a tomboy haircut is a great way to accentuate a face. The frame is also the perfect length to wear around the neck area. A funky look is also possible with the fringe, as red highlights can be added to add the fun factor. This style works best on dense, wavy hair with good volume.

A tomboy haircut can also be short on the sides and longer on top. The best way to pull off this hairstyle is to get significant volume, so you may want to use a curling iron to achieve the perfect curls. This hairstyle looks best on brown hair and is sexy and elegant at the same time.

Another option for short hair is a buzzcut, a style that comes close to shaving but without the risk of shaving entirely off. This cut is perfect for hot and humid climates because it is breezy and fun. You can also use an ornate hair tattoo on the forehead for a fun look.

Another short fringe style that works well with a pixie cut is a side-swept fringe. This style works well on fine or thin hair, and the sweeping side fringe looks excellent. If you have natural curls, you can also wear baby bangs with this look to frame your natural curls.

Side-parted crop with shaved sides

A side-parted crop is an excellent choice for tomboys looking for a short, low-maintenance cut. This style is also very flattering for people with curly hair, as the wavy texture blends in with the bear skin shaved sides.

This short style will complement the natural roundness of a tomboy’s face and is ideal for casual affairs. To keep this look simple and chic, you can use hair products to emphasize the texture and add shine. For example, a texturizing spray can give your short style a textural finish.


A short mullet is a sultry, asymmetrical look that can work for both men and women. Its structure and style are essential, so the cut should be done carefully. This style is best suited for those with short, fine hair. Those with thick hair should avoid this style because it will leave them looking too thick.

If you want to add color and a rocker vibe, you can opt for a purple mullet. This is particularly flattering for those with round faces. This hairstyle is also perfect for tomboys with long, curly, or wavy hair.

A mullet is a fun look that can look rebellious and cute simultaneously. However, this type of cut is best suited for young girls still getting ready for a defiant look. It’s also suitable for young girls who want a calm and relaxed look. Ideally, the mullet should be light enough.

Mullets are also ideal for women with short or medium-length hair. The style is versatile and easy to maintain. They can help to hide dry or thin hair and can help to hide many blemishes. The mullet can be DIYed but should be brief, as it can make the hair look unmanageable.


A short pixie hairstyle is a versatile choice for short hair. Pixies look good in all colors and are easy to maintain. They can be worn long or short and look great with bangs. In addition to being versatile, pixies are much easier to style than longer hairstyles. However, they may require more frequent visits to the salon.

Pixie cuts are also suitable for thick, wavy hair. They can be styled with texturizing spray to create a bounce to the front section. You can also try adding babylights for a chic look. This style is a versatile choice for young boys and girls alike.

If you need clarification on whether a pixie is right for you, try adding bangs to give it a girly edge. This short hairstyle keeps your face open and adds volume. You can also add subtle highlights for added texture and volume. And don’t forget to wear red lipstick to complete your look!

Pixie short hairstyles for tomboys can be fun and flirty. They can be a great way to showcase a unique personality. For example, a short pixie with colorful bangs can be a fun way to attract attention. The brighter the color, the more attention it will get.

pixie-like bob

A pixie-like bob is a short haircut that is side-parted and cut perfectly at the edges. The styled sides and top keep the hair interesting even after the hair grows out. A stylist can quickly reshape the top and sides of the fairy to make it lie in the desired direction.

A pixie is an excellent choice for experimenting with different hairstyles. A spirit is so versatile that it works with any hair type. Shorter hair can also give you more confidence when choosing a color and shape. The style is also ideal for enhancing voluminous crowns.

You can cut your hair into a pixie-like bob if it is naturally curly. This looks elegant and adds a layer of texture. It can be styled with a round brush or blow dryer. The textured pixie bob looks great with all kinds of accessories and clothing. It also works well with everyday wear. This style is one of the easiest to maintain.

A fairy-like bob is great for curly hair, but curly girls may have trouble controlling their hairstyle. Adding layers can help achieve a stylish shape, and a long fringe can give it a cool touch. A pixie bob can be worn up or down depending on the occasion.

Layered bob

A layered bob for a tomboy is a versatile cut that can be worn with different styles. It is easy to style and looks sleek. This hairstyle is also great for girls with thin hair as it adds volume and texturizes it. It can also make thick short hair look less dramatic. It is an excellent choice for any girl who wants an updated look without much hassle.

A shoulder-length layered bob is easy to style hairstyle that can be worn straight or curly. If you’re going for a more edgy look, you can opt for a messy layered bob. It can also be styled in a choppy way to add texture.

A layered bob with bangs can give your look some extra flair. You can use highlights to emphasize layers and add more dimension. A salt and pepper hair color is currently on trend, and you can opt for a burgundy or chestnut color to show off your sweet, sassy side.

A layered bob for a tomboy is easy to style and requires little maintenance. It looks great with any style and color. A layered cut can also be styled with long or short fringes. You can also use a curling iron to add curls to the layered cut.

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