Short Tomboy Haircuts For Girls

Short tomboy haircuts for girls come in a variety of styles. They can be layered, pixie-styled, or feature long sides and fringe. You’ll find the proper cut for your little girl no matter what type of hairstyle you choose. These styles also include the high-top fade and spikey tomboy hairstyles.

High-top fade

Short tomboy haircuts for girls can be chic. They can be styled with long fringe or long sides. These short styles can be cut short or left long on the sides and faded. Girls who have thick, wavy hair will love this style.

This feminine hairstyle is excellent for girls with fine or thin hair. This style has the advantage of giving the illusion of more volume, but the cutting technique is crucial in creating the proper structure and volume. A bowl cut is not for you if you have a round face.

This type of short tomboy haircut can be styled with various hair colors. Add aubergine or dark blue highlights to your hair for a more feminine touch. Moreover, this style will look perfect on fair skin and dark eyes. Another great choice is the moon bangs, which is an exciting take on the classic style. A girl with a square face can wear this hairstyle with a high-top fade or an undercut.

This tomboy haircut is also an excellent choice for girls with curly hair. It is simple to maintain and will give your girl a rocker-chic look. The full bangs are also very flattering, making this an excellent option for themed events. Moreover, short haircuts for girls are easier to manage as they don’t need to be tied back and won’t interfere with athletic pursuits.

Spiky tomboy haircut

Spiky tomboy haircuts for a girl can be casual, chic, or carefree. They are great for girls who want to show their rebellious spirit. This hairstyle can also accent an elegant dress. It has a lot of personalities and adds a touch of spice to any look.

Spiky tomboy haircuts for a girl can have a short or long length. The sides should be short, while the top should be longer. A pixie bang on the front will make the look more striking. Adding a textured cut will also add emphasis to the face. This can be done with a texturizing product or clippers.

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with naturally wavy or thick hair. It features a short, shaved back, long sides, and a long fringe. This hairstyle is simple yet sexy and can easily match various outfits.

One of the most popular tomboy haircuts for girls has plenty of volume on top. Jamie Lee is a very charismatic and energetic actress who plays with her hair length. Having long and short hair, she showed that she could sport an androgynous style at any age.

Pompadour tomboy haircut

This short tomboy haircut is a classic choice for girls with thick, wavy hair. It features a short back and longer sides, with a long fringe. This short hairstyle can be made spiky and messy for an easy-to-style look.

A messy tomboy haircut is perfect for girls who do not want to spend much time styling their hair. To maintain this style, girls should air-dry their hair and then rake it back with their fingers. Girls who want their hair short may also opt for an undercut, which involves shaving the sides short and the top longer. The resulting look is versatile and looks good in formal and casual settings.

The Pompadour tomboy haircut is a classic that has been updated with a modern twist. The back and sides are asymmetrical, with softer layers on top. The hair in the front is longer than the rest, and it can be curled to match a girl’s style.

A tomboy haircut is ideal for girls with narrow faces and slim figures. The short sides, long tops, and fringes make this style versatile enough for both girls and women. The long edge keeps the forehead open, making makeup more visible. A tomboy can look great with any dress, and it can complement any outfit perfectly.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut for girls is one of the hottest short haircuts on the market today. While this cut is an excellent choice for women with fine or limp hair, it can also be great for girls with thick or curly hair. These short haircuts can be styled to suit a variety of face shapes and fashion trends.

A pixie cut is a perfect choice for warm weather. This short, spikey hairstyle looks great with a leather jacket. The pixie cut can be quick, super fast, or colored. A super short pixie looks astonishing when paired with a metallic coat.

The pixie cut can be a great transition from long hair to short hair. This cut is slightly faster than a bob but looks just as fantastic. This style can be customized with long side bangs for length retention. Long side bangs can also add an edgy effect.

A short tomboy cut can be very fashionable and versatile. It can make girls look sexy while still being feminine. It does require some styling and occasional touch-ups, but it will add a bit of sex appeal to their look. This cut is perfect for girls with slim and feminine figures.

Pixie cut with bangs

Short tomboy haircuts for girls can look cute when cut with bangs. A long pixie with asymmetrical bangs is an excellent choice for girls with large foreheads. This cut can be layered to create a lively look and add movement. A wavy pixie cut is another great option.

This short crop has a lot of flexibility. You can wear it up, down, or side parted. It can also have spikes at the front. This style isn’t prevalent in women but works well on girls with flat hair and big foreheads.

The pixie style can be dressed up with a wavy top. This hairstyle is also ideal for round faces with thin hair. It will make the hair look fuller. Moreover, the messy curls create a dramatic silhouette that draws attention away from the round face.

Another tomboy hairstyle is the high-top fade. This hairstyle is simple and low maintenance but has an edgy look. Add a splash of complementary colors to make the haircut look more appealing to a girl. The short round version of the bowl cut looks great on round or oval faces. It can also make a girl look younger. However, it is essential to understand that making a pixie cut look messy takes a good seven or eight hours of sleep.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a cute, short, or wavy pixie, try Michelle Williams. Her hairstyle is incredibly versatile and suits her personality perfectly. It also complements her slim face and emphasizes her womanly traits.

Crew cut

A crew cut is a short girl’s haircut that is easy to maintain. This cut can be styled in many ways, including sweeping the hair to one side or asymmetrically parting the top. For a relaxed look, go for a platinum blonde shade, but if your girl has a cool undertone, a shorter grey hairstyle is also suitable.

Another option for short tomboy haircuts is a pixie style. This classic cut can work well for girls with thick, naturally curly, or wavy hair. It features a short back with a long fringe. This cut is also great for girls with oval or round faces.

Another great option is a funky tomboy haircut. These short haircuts are versatile and can go with any outfit. These short styles can be styled with a wide range of colors. Reddish highlights and caramel undertones look great in this style. You can also add a bit of spiky flair to the look by dyeing silver-grey hair.

Tomboy haircuts are a classic style that will fit various types and personalities. They are easy to maintain and can be worn anywhere from a casual gathering to a formal event. These girls’ haircuts can be done with a shine serum or gel to add a little gloss and shine to the hair.

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