Shoulder Length Tomboy Hairstyles

If you’ve been looking for a shoulder-length tomboy hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will discover the various styles that are perfect for women with thick hair. This article will also give you information on Pixie cuts, Undercuts and Mullets.

Short tomboy hairstyles

Short tomboy hairstyles for shoulder-length hair are easy to style and versatile. A short shaved back with longer sides and a fringe is a perfect choice for tomboys with thick or wavy hair. Its simple look and versatile styling make it ideal for both formal and casual occasions.

A short tomboy haircut has a slightly androgynous feel. For a more masculine look, leave your hair longer in the front. You can use hair gel or pomade to style the front part of your hair. Or, if you have short hair, experiment with a messy fringe for a more masculine look.

A tomboy haircut has lots of personality and is a great option for casual settings. It complements different styles of clothing and can show your playful spirit. To get the most out of this haircut, choose reddish highlights with caramel undertones. A fringe along with uneven edges look great with this hairstyle. A tomboy hairstyle is a perfect fit for women with a square face shape.

Another option for a short tomboy hairstyle is a combination of pixie and short tomboy haircuts. A short tomboy haircut should be buzzed at the nape and temples. The front side should have a pixie bang. A textured cut is also a good choice to add a bit of emphasis to the look. If you have a textured cut, you can use a texturizing spray to enhance the look.

Short tomboy hairstyles for shoulder-length hair have pros and cons. They’re versatile and flexible, and require minimal maintenance. However, they’re not for everyone. They’re practical and can be styled to fit any ambiance. It also requires little time and effort.


If you have long, shoulder-length hair and want to give it a modern twist, opt for an undercut. This type of hairstyle will keep the hair looking fresh while adding a feminine touch. It’s ideal for women with naturally thick, wavy hair. The cut features a short shaved back with a longer fringe at the sides.

Undercuts for shoulder-length tomboy hairstyles have many pros and cons. For one thing, this type of haircut gives you virtually unlimited styling options. It can be adjusted to suit any ambiance and requires very little time and effort. It’s also very practical and requires minimal maintenance and care.

Asymmetrical cuts are another option for shoulder-length tomboy hairstyles. This type of haircut can work well with light hair colors. Light blonde highlights will look amazing with this style. You can use a hair product to prevent frizz while styling. You can also use hair serum to create a glossy effect.

Another short undercut option is the taper. This type of haircut is low-maintenance and blends the short and long hair together. It’s a little less dramatic than a fade but looks very smart. This type of hairstyle will look great on both men and women and is also great for naturally curly hair.

Asymmetrical cuts are also popular and flatter most head shapes. The mullet is the most popular tomboy haircut, but the modern version is often paired with a shag or a side-swept pixie. Other names for this type of cut are shaglet or muller shag.


Mullets are a short style with an asymmetrical side part. They can be a great option for people who want a short cut with a lot of personality. These are great for casual occasions and will show your playful side. They are also very easy to style. They look great with thick hair and can be straightened or curled to create different styles.

A side-part mullet is a very practical, versatile style that suits a wide variety of face shapes and textures. It can also be easily upgraded to a faded mullet for a more fashionable interpretation. Whether you wear your hair down or swept up, a side part mullet is one of the most versatile and practical styles for shoulder length tomboy hairstyles.

Mullets are great for men and women alike. However, a mullet requires meticulous grooming. If your hair is very fine, you can make it look even more dramatic with a short mullet. Another variation is a purple mullet. A purple mullet adds a cool, rocker vibe to a tomboy’s look, and is also flattering for round faces.

A shoulder-length mullet can add a cool touch to any tomboy’s style. This cut has a side fringe and is ideal for tomboys with thick hair. It is also very versatile and suitable for any occasion. This style also requires a lot of volume, but can be easily achieved with a curling iron.

Mullets for shoulder-length tomboy hairstyles can be worn with natural hair and are great for summer. However, the side-part is important to make it look trendy and cool. To make it look more appealing, you can trim the sides and back of the hair.

The side-parted mullet is a popular choice for those with curly hair. It can be made even more versatile by adding a spider net design to it. Another option is to leave the fringe long, which will frame the face in a flattering way.

A wavy back and a shoulder-length mullet are two great options for shoulder-length tomboy hairstyles. While straight hair can handle the look, it may require some work to create volume and height. To add more texture to your mullet, try adding some sea salt spray or curling iron.


Pixie hairstyles have always been on the gender-bending edge, and shoulder length versions are no exception. The pixie style is both cute and feminine, but can also be extremely masculine if you’re going for a more rugged look. Pixies are also great if you want to add volume to your hair or accentuate facial features.

The pixie cut is great for people with fine hair, but it’s not recommended for round faces. The shape can be too tight and voluminous. Using a curling iron to add curls to your pixie hairstyle can give it the perfect shape and volume.

If you want a pixie style for shoulder length tomboy hair, consider choosing a darker color than your natural tone. Dark roots will help create a more visible thickness in your hair. Alternatively, a blond hair color is a great choice if you’d like to create an even more voluminous look.

Pixie cuts with light brown highlights look good on light-skinned women with light skin tones, but darker skin can look great too. For black women, a short pixie with lots of crescent layers will flatter your skin tone and complement hoop earrings. Another great short hairstyle for a black woman is a short pixie with a brown undercut and bleached long layers. The contrast of light and dark will create a wow look for this short hairstyle.

Shoulder-length pixie cuts are versatile and will work well with a bob or a medium length style. They are easy to style and will keep your hair looking fresh. Stacking layers can add structure and definition to your pixie cut. You can also use a curling iron to add a little more personality.

Shoulder-length tomboy hairstyles can be a great alternative to a boyish haircut. They can be very girly or masculine, and you can choose from many different styles. You can experiment with different lengths, textures, angles, and colors to make your hair look even better. The perfect hairstyle for you will depend on your face shape, your hair texture, and your personal taste.

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