Target and Tomboy X Offer Gender Neutral Attire

Target and Tomboy X Offer Gender Neutral Attire brands

Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you should consider a few things before you buy. For instance, what types of clothes should you look for? This article will discuss several different types of clothing, including undergarments, binders, compression tops, and swimwear.


During Pride month, Target will be selling new, gender-affirming clothing. This is a welcome development for the LGBTQ+ community, which often has difficulty finding affordable, affirming clothes.

Target has partnered with two brands, TomboyX and Humankind, which will release new, accessible products during June. Queer and female-identified individuals found both companies.

TomboyX is a gender-neutral clothing brand that began as a Kickstarter campaign a decade ago. The company offers various styles of bras, boyshorts, briefs, and boxers. It also uses eco-friendly fabrics to reduce the number of harmful chemicals in its clothing. The company is also B Corp certified.

TomboyX uses eco-friendly fabrics in its clothing, and the company is a member of the international Oeko-Tex organization. This certification means that the materials used to make its undergarments are safe for human use.

Humankind, on the other hand, is a queer-owned swimwear line. The company’s swimsuits and tops are made from a soft polyester and spandex fabric blend. It also sells board shorts and uni suits.


Besides the usual suspects, Target has upped the ante regarding non-gendered swimming attire. Among other ets-on goodies, Target also boasts a new high-tech flagship store in Manhattan’s West Village. Unlike the big box stores, the new store is a destination in its own right. The store is a must-visit for those who want to shop in style without breaking the bank. Aside from a slew of designer tees, the store has a sizable children’s department and a plethora of adult beverages. One could easily spend an afternoon perusing the store’s wares. While at the store, I was impressed by the quality of service, from check-out clerks to customer service staff. The store has also run frequent sales specials on certain items. The company has a longstanding history of customer satisfaction. The store is an excellent place to shop for a good time, and a shopper’s heart will rate the store highly in the long run.


Getting your paws on some of the latest and greatest in gender-neutral attire is no small feat. As such, the Tomboy x line of business has taken it upon itself to produce many products to keep the boys in their cribs sex free and the ladies on their best behavior. Whether it be a binder, a bikini, or a pair of pants, TomboyX has covered you. You can get your paws on some of the hottest footwear in town.

Tomboy x isn’t the only fan in the hunt, though, and there are plenty of other groovy widgets. One of the more recent additions to the Tomboy X line of business is the Tomboy x binder. You can get your hands on some of the hottest and sexiest clothing in town for a nominal fee. The Tomboy x binder has many lingerie products, from binder tops to the sexiest bikini briefs.

Compression tops

During Pride Month, Target is launching a variety of gender-affirming clothing and accessories. The retailer is also collaborating with TomboyX, an underwear company known for its gender-neutral line of activewear. The new lines include bras, briefs, and boxers.

TomboyX is proud of its decade-long association with GLSEN, which creates affirming spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. In honor of Pride Month, TomboyX is also releasing a half-binder, or as Target calls it, the “smart” binder, which is touted as the “mirror of a chest binder.” The new binder is more like a compression top in beige and black. The “smart” binder has the following features: Flatlock seams to help keep the chaffing at bay, a “secret” lining that conceals the lining, and a “smart” lining that has a built-in zipper.

TomboyX’s “smart” binder isn’t Target’s only new gender-affirming line of clothing and accessories this summer. The retailer has also released a series of pro-trans merchandise, including a lavishly branded prosthetic bulge, a pair of nifty socks, and a line of gender-neutral swimsuits.

Target’s foray into the gender-affirming apparel business will surely draw attention, both for good and evil. It will also serve as a valuable lesson to other retailers. The retailer needs to improve the lives of its LGBTQIA+ shoppers if it hopes to be an inclusive and progressive retail destination. Hopefully, Target’s new ventures will catalyze an improved LGBTQ+ life instead of simply a fad. Despite its good intentions, the retailer’s track record with AIDS, teen suicide, and other issues is dubious. However, with its new partnerships, Target hopes to prove that it can still bring a little magic to a struggling economy.

Pride collab

Earlier this month, Target announced they would launch two new Pride clothing collaborations in June. One is a collaboration with queer-owned intimate apparel brand TomboyX, while the other is a swimwear collaboration with Humankind. These two collaborations will be the first for a major retailer.

The Target Pride collection will feature items crafted by LGBTQIA+ artists. One of the creators is Jay Miller, who designed the clothes. Other designers include Jermel “Blu” Moody, who created minimalist pieces that will resonate with the LGBTQ+ community. The collection will also include items by Bird & Marc, who made nature-inspired Pride clothing.

TomboyX also has an intimate apparel collection that is gender-inclusive. It focuses on making bras, packable underwear, and half binders that are affordable and accessible. In addition, TomboyX uses eco-friendly fabrics to create a variety of clothing. The company also works with women-owned factories and factories that are owned by the LGBTQ+ community.

This year, the Target Pride collection will include items for both men and women. The group will consist of swim trunks, uni suits, sports bras, and other things. It will also have a variety of binders and compression tops.

This year, Target is also offering a variety of other gender-affirming clothing and underwear items. The company will sell binders and compression tops available in stores. The brand will also sell clothing for men and women, including hoodies, track pants, sneakers, and more.

The brand will also be selling a variety of swimsuits for all genders. The brand also designed swimwear and bathing gear that are gender-inclusive and comfortable for all body types.

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