The Best Anime Tomboys

Although anime tomboys are typically strong and masculine, they can also have a soft side. One of the most popular tomboys in anime is Haruhi Fujioka. This blue-haired character has green eyes and often gets picked on, but she can pack a punch when pushed. She also looks up to her mentor Hikifune and reveals a nurturing side when she’s in trouble.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is one of the most potent female wizards in the Fairy Tail mage guild. While she does not have a valid surname, the color of her hair makes her stand out on the battlefield. Her combat style is also impressive and incorporates many different armors and abilities.

A former lieutenant of the 12th Division who becomes a Visored, Erza has a robust appearance. She wears a white shirt under her red jogging suit and has a short and aggressive hairstyle. As a tomboy, she is unafraid to be different and express her individuality.

Erza also has an unusual obsession with fashion, jewelry, and food. She is incredibly fond of eating, and if her dinner time is interrupted, she flies into a rage. However, it is essential to remember that she was enslaved for most of her life and wore rags. This means that she has an unusual attitude toward modesty. However, her clothes are generally skimpy, and she finds erotic novels.

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi is a high school student in the anime series Dragon Ball Z. Her father mysteriously disappears in the first episode and is presumed dead, so her relationship with her father has been strained. After she starts school, she meets Mako Mankanshoku, a girl who sits next to her in class. Mako informs Ryuko that the school has a Student Council led by Satsuki Kiryuin. Satsuki sees her red Scissor Blade and is convinced that Ryuko knows something about her father. However, Ryuko is in for a rude awakening when her father’s death is revealed to be an accident. After a year and a half, her father was found beaten and bleeding to death with a red Scissor Blade.

Despite her fierce and fearless attitude, Ryuko has a charming side to her personality. She enjoys reading books and sitting outside in the sunshine. Although she can be a bit stubborn, she opens up when she speaks her mind. Her hair is typically red with a bit of navy blue.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most memorable characters from recent anime series. She started as a meek girl but grew up to be an incredibly fierce and powerful badass. Despite her desire to live a quiet life, Mikasa enrolled in the military and became one of the most capable soldiers in the 104th Training Corps. She also demonstrates all of the qualities that make a true anime tomboy.

Mikasa is the deuteragonist of the famous anime series Attack on Titan. She is the adopted sister of Armin and has an unbreakable bond with her adopted brother Eren. Her talent for fighting and physical strength enables her to protect her adopted brother and other people from harm. However, her gentle nature can quickly turn sour when Eren is in danger.

Hiroki Sarugaki

The title of this list is not an exaggeration; it is based on real-life characters, not anime. Hiroki Sarugaki, the show’s creator, is one of the most popular anime tomboys. She was one of the first anime characters to be considered a “tomboy,” and her character is a beloved figure to many fans. In Kiss Him, Not Me, she plays the role of Kae Serinuma, an otaku high school anime tomboy who fantasizes about falling in love with boys. The story revolves around her relationship with Shima Nishina, a girl who is also after her passion. The two girls compete for Kae’s affection and are both considered tomboys.

Hiroki Sarugaki is a short character who appears in Bleach. She is a former lieutenant of the 12th Division. She wears a red jogging suit with a v-neck t-shirt and has long fangs. She is often the target of pranks and is a part of the joke. Despite her short stature, she is a tomboy at heart.

Yuzuki Mito

If you’re looking for anime tomboys, you’ve come to the right place. From female fighters to transgender men to anime characters with a strong sense of justice, there’s a tomboy in anime for you. Look at some of the most popular tomboy anime characters and choose your favorite.

Yuri Mito has a unique personality. Combining a tank top with cargo trousers, she’s not your typical anime character. She’s funny and cool and loves her brothers. This character has a surprisingly mature mindset, even if she’s a tomboy.

She’s also a fierce police officer, and she’s obsessed with giant robots. She grew up watching Mecha Anime, and she’s always dreamed of becoming a Patlabor pilot. Despite her inexperience, she’s a half-competent pilot who tends to smash stuff up. Her love of arcade games explains her soft spot for these machines.

Ikumi Mito

Ikumi Mito is one of the most well-known anime tomboys. Although she has a boyish appearance, she is strong enough to ease down members of the soul society. She gets teased and picked on because of her looks, but she packs a powerful punch when pushed. In addition to her strength, she has a nurturing side, making her a great role model for young girls.

Despite her fierce appearance, Ikumi is a typical tsundere. She dates and breaks up with people for fun. She has an ego that is built on competition, but she also has a heart of gold. She is a good cook, and she is very competitive.

Kei Mito

Kei Mito, an anime tomboy, is a strong female character. She is an excellent leader and a headstrong tomboy. She was brought up in a dysfunctional family but had a powerful sense of self. She is loyal to her government and has psychic powers. Despite her strength, she has a compassionate side, which she shows when the team is in trouble.

Mikumi Mito, another anime tomboy, is a grade-A cook who enjoys cooking. Her mastery of meat earns her the nickname “meat girl.” Her family background strongly influences her attitude, and she has a fierce competitive streak that shines in her combat skills.

Hiroki Mito

If you’re looking for a good anime tomboy, then Hiroyi Mito is one of your best bets. She’s strong and confident and can take on members of the soul society with minimal effort. She gets picked on a lot for her appearance, but when she’s pushed, she packs a punch. She also looks up to Hikifune, her mother, and shows her nurturing side when the team is in trouble.

Another of the anime tomgirls is Ikumi Mito. She has a strong sense of justice and often finds herself in the company of boys. She is also known to be very competitive and is a master of cooking. Her solid female attributes include her penchant for cooking meat.

Noa Mito

The anime series ‘Mecha Anime’ has made Noa Mito one of the most popular and beloved tomboys in recent history. This passionate fan of giant robots and anime has spent most of her life watching the show. She is half-competent at piloting Patlabor and has a soft spot for arcade games. However, she loses when challenged to play a game of survival.

Noa Mito is also considered one of the most attractive tomboys in anime history. She has brown skin, blue eyes, and short blonde hair. In addition, she has a model-like figure. She also has a very competitive personality.

Yuuko Matoi

If you’re an anime fan, you’ve probably heard of Yuuko Matoi. This girl from Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime tomboys. Her unique and charming personality will capture the hearts of anime fans everywhere. She is a teen with a dark past. Her mother was presumed dead, and her relationship with her father was strained. During her childhood, she was bullied and was a member of a gang. However, just a few months before she began attending school, she received a mysterious message from her father. Six months later, her father was found bloodied and dead with a red Scissor Blade.

Ryuko’s character is tragic, undergoing an unfortunate fate when an unknown enemy kills her family. She then uses a giant scissors fragment to hunt down the killer. A red highlight highlights her full, dark blue hair, and her eyes have gear-like pupils with eight grooves around their edges. While some viewers may find her too young to be a tomboy, the character’s flamboyant personality and eccentric style make her one of the most attractive anime tomboys.

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