The Best Tom Boy Dresses of 2019

Teniola Apata, better known as Teni Makanaki, a Nigerian singer, was nominated for Best New International Act at the BET awards in 2019. Teniola wore a Tom Boy dress to the awards ceremony, along with a shirt and trousers and durag. In a photo, she posed with Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong.

Teni Makanaki

It’s no secret that Teni Makanaki is one of Nigeria’s most famous female Tom Boy musicians. The 28-year-old singer recently shared several wedding-themed photos and videos on her social media. Her bridal look includes a giant wedding ring, a sheer white kimono jacket, and a tiny necklace. The pictures sparked marriage rumors, but Teni hasn’t confirmed or denied them.

The young singer, better known by her stage name Teni Makanaki, was in attendance at the 2019 BET Awards. She was nominated for Best New International Act. She looked sleek and slim in the outfit paired with a pink durag. She was joined by her sisters Niniola and Debby for the photo.

Cara Delavigne

Cara Delavigne made a splash this spring with her quirky print Tom Boy dress. It’s a versatile piece that looks fabulous on the red carpet and off-duty. The mini skirt looks elegant paired with black pumps and a long sleeve.

She’s also known for her wild sense of style. While she’s most often spotted wearing dresses, the former tomboy also loves to wear hats. She wore a red wide-brim hat, a baby blue shorts ensemble, and white sneakers. Her hair was tied back in a messy bun.


The Shiloh tomboy dress has been the subject of many debates, with some arguing that it signifies a girly child. Others, however, say that the tomboy look expresses the child’s independence and confidence. In addition, many have wondered if it is possible to turn a tomboy into a fashion vagabond.

Shiloh favored tomboy looks as a child and often wore casual outfits with her mom. One instance of this was when she wore Versace shorts that reached her knees. The company was completed with a black shirt and a brown vest. She also paired the outfit with black sneakers.

As she gets older, Shiloh has embraced fashion and has been seen in many beautiful dresses on the red carpet. The actress’ unconventional style has made her a celebrity icon. She has also been described as hysterical, playful, and like her mom. Although it’s clear that she is more like her mom than she is like, there are several reasons why Shiloh has adopted this look.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have two children, Shiloh and Zahara. Although the girls were born identical, Shiloh has a distinct personality. She’s the eldest biological daughter of the couple and is photographed more often than the others. She also dresses as a tomboy. Her parents have said trying to persuade Shiloh to change her gender identity is unnecessary. Angelina Jolie has defended the decision and has encouraged her daughter to imitate her brothers.

Juliet Naluggya aka Juliet Mutesasira

After divorcing her Ugandan husband, gospel singer Juliet Naluggya aka Natalie, married Canadian actress Lynette in Canada. The singer moved to Canada following the divorce from her former husband, Steven Mutesasira. However, many Ugandans have criticized her for her tomboy dress, which she wore on a recent trip to Canada. In response, she told a concerned scribe that she was baffled.

The Canadian gospel singer Juliet Naluggya aka Julia Mutesasira, recently revealed that she no longer lived in her native country because of her lifestyle. She was once deemed unfit for traditional marriage in Uganda but has since left the country to live a successful life in Canada. Despite the controversy over her lifestyle, Juliet Mutesasira has remained open about her sexual orientation.


The classic snapback of the late 80s and early 90s is back in style, but this time in a contemporary twirl. It can be worn with braided or straight hair and a low bun for a messy, sexy look. However, the snapback can also be worn with a ponytail of any length.

A snapback is a great way to pull off a tomboy look, as they look casual but are very stylish. Whether you’re a girl who loves to wear minimal makeup or one who is a bit shy, snapbacks can help you achieve the look without compromising on style.

The original Tom Boy dress snapbacks are available in various colors. You can get them in white or black. They are 100% authentic and come with a raised white logo. In addition to that, they also feature contrast kelly green under the brim. Moreover, they come with a flat bill. These caps also have four eyelets and a twill sweatband.

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