The Best Tomboy Names For Girls

If you’re looking for a cool and unique name for your little girl, consider tomboy names. Tomboy names sound cool and boyish, and have an air of strength and power that can inspire your little girl to live up to her fullest potential. Here are some of the most popular tomboy names for girls.

Top 10 tomboy names

There are several names that will appeal to a tomboy girl. Harper is a traditional tomboy name that means “to listen.” Scout is also an option and is a classic literary name. Sailor and Sawyer are also good choices for a tomboy girl. Many celebrities have chosen these names for their daughters.

These names are both masculine and feminine, with many tomboys using the masculine form. Some tomboy names have a Scottish origin, while others have a Latin origin. Wesley, for instance, means “western meadow.” The name is often shortened to Wes, and can be spelled in many different ways. The name is also popular as a nickname for a tomboy girl.

Whether your little girl loves to play Minecraft or loves movies, you’ll find a tomboy name that appeals to her. A fan of comics and fantasy books will find a name that makes her happy and excited. If she loves anime, she can name her tomboy after the character from one of their favorite shows.

Sydney is a unisex name that can work for both boys and girls. Sydney is a French name for Saint-Denis, but it’s also the name of a beautiful city in Australia. Sydney is also one of the trendiest tomboy names for baby girls.

Another great tomboy name is Ally, a variant of Alice and Alison. Both names were popular in the mid-2010s and remain a popular choice today. Bobbie, meanwhile, is a short form of Barbara, a Roman Catholic saint who protects from lightning and fire. Both names are popular in Europe.

Origins of tomboy names

The origins of tomboy names are quite varied. They can be of English, Scottish, or Latin origin. Some names are derived from their historical associations, while others have been given to children for their character traits. Some examples include Blakely, which means “dark meadow” and Bo, which means “live.” Other popular tomboy names include Charlie and Becky. Charlie is an English name derived from the word “charlie,” which means “free man.” Other names that are used are Dana, which means Denmark, and Davie, which means “beloved.”

The word “tomboy” was first used in 1592, and originally referred to a boisterous boy. It was closely related to the word “tom-fool,” and in fact, the word “tom” has a history dating back to the 16th century.

The origin of this name is English, but it has also been used in French and Viking languages. The name can also be spelled with other spellings, including Codi, Codey, and Kody. The famous people with this name include Cody Chesnutt and Bernetta Peters.

Another cute name that is a perfect choice for a tomboy girl is Avery. Originally, Avery was a name for boys, but today it is used both for girls and boys. It is now climbing the baby name charts as a cute choice for girls. The meaning of Avery is also unique.

Some names with an Irish or German origin are perfect for a tomboy. The German name Aubrey means “free”. Another good choice for a tomboy is Harriet, which means “ruler of the house”. Allie, a short version of the family name Alice, is also a tomboy name.


If your child is a tomboy, you may be surprised to learn that the name can be just as popular as a girl’s name. In fact, some of the most popular girl names have tomboy meanings, and are perfect for tomboy kids. Tomboy names are popular and versatile, so if you’re considering giving a tomboy name to your child, do your research first.

Although the term “tomboy” has a history of discrimination, the term has been overused for decades now. The label was a relic of a time when women were denied the right to vote. Today, many girls display a mix of tomboy and girly traits.

As a tomboy name, Joey can be fun and quirky. Katie Holmes’ character in the Harry Potter movie was named Joey Potter, but her real name was Josephine Lily Potter. In addition, Josie is a cute nickname for Josephine. Historically, Josephine was a popular name for girls. It was also the nickname of a famous cabaret performer, Josephine Baker. In fact, the name Josephine has been given to seven queens and princesses. It has vintage charm.

Popular tomboy names are often related to popular TV shows or movies. Tyler is a character name from the television show The Crown and means “ruler of the people.” Andrea is the feminine form of the Greek word Andreas, which means “man.” Andrea can also be a combination of two words, Andrew (man) and Andra (strong). Andra is not a very common full name, but it has its charms.

Meaning of tomboy names

The meaning of tomboy names is often ambiguous. The word originally referred to boisterous youth. The Oxford English Dictionary cites Ralph Roister Doister as the first use of the term. In 1915, playground advocate Joseph Lee claimed that the “tomboy phase” was essential for the physical development of children aged eight to thirteen. This concept was very popular during World Wars I and II.

A name with a tomboy meaning is one of the most popular girl’s names. Popular tomboy names include Harper, which means “harpist.” This name is considered a literary classic, and can be shortened to “Harper.” Similarly, a name meaning “scout” may be considered a tomboy name. Other names with tomboy meanings include Anastasia, Andromeda, and Antoinette.

Another name with a tomboy meaning is Sloane. This name originated as a masculine name, but has recently been adapted to fit a girl’s character. Sloane, which means “small lake,” is another tomboy name. Augusta, a name first entered the charts in 1916, is now given to about 100 baby girls a year.

Frankie is a cute nickname for a tomboy. In Latin, Frankie means “free.” Harriet is another traditional tomboy name. It means “ruler of the house.” And for the average girl, Allie, a short version of the family name Alice, may also work. Bobbie, an English nickname, can also be a great tomboy name.

A girl with a tomboy name may exhibit a variety of male traits. For instance, she may have a short hairstyle, wear masculine clothing, and participate in boyish activities.

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