Tom Boy and Girl Names

If you’re considering naming your child a tom boy, you have some options. The English name Wesley means “western meadow.” Another name with a similar meaning is “wren”. This little bird is especially adorable. If you like the sound of these names, you can also try Riley, Carsyn, and Bailey.


Bailey is a cool name for a girl who likes to explore and challenge the world. She is often mistaken for a boy, but that doesn’t bother her at all. She is a creative person who is fond of drama. She wears a pink frilly dress that her dad gave her because it was the last thing he gave her, and she is quite short for her age. In addition, she has scars on her right hand finger from an operation.

Bailey’s father, Jack, is an attractive and practical man. He works at Jimbo’s Guns and occasionally takes Bailey hunting. Jack deeply loves his daughter, but he doesn’t understand what she feels. He disapproves of her relationship with Kenny, but Bailey likes her father.

Bailey was originally given to people who lived near a bailey, but it is now widely used as a first name for girls and boys. It is a popular girl’s name in the UK and America. Bailey also has a strong masculine sound, which makes it appealing to both sexes.


Riley is a young girl who is twelve years old. She is a member of the seventh grade and goes on adventures with her best friend Maya Hart. She is optimistic and has a quirky personality. She is also described as innocent and cute. The name Riley is a great choice for a girl.

Riley is an Irish-derived name that has links to nature and human impact on it. The name means “descendant of Raghallach,” which means “red king.” Riley also represents rebirth and growth. Originally, the name was derived from Irish names like Reilly, which referred to a person who was valiant and courageous.

Riley is a popular name for boys and girls. It’s a great gender-neutral name and four to five times more common among baby girls than for boys. Riley has been on the top boy names list for over 100 years, but became more popular for girls in the past couple of decades. The name’s popularity peaked in 2002, when it was ranked number 99. In 2016, it climbed to number 22.


While the name Carson is a tom boy favorite, it can also work for a girl. Pronounced car-son-LEE-yun, Carson is a little dark and is perfect for girls who love to explore nature. Several unisex variations are also available. Waverly, traditionally a boy’s name, is also becoming more popular for girls. With its literary ring and lilting three-syllable sound, it’s not surprising that it’s becoming more popular for girls.

Another popular name for girls is Carson, which is a Scottish name that means son of a marsh. Similarly, Carsyn means a brave person. Other names for girls include Carter, which means cart-driver, and Casey, which means battle-hardened. The latter name is also often spelled as Kacie, which means brave one. Lastly, French-based Chandler means “candlemaker.”

As an Irish boy’s name, Callahan derives from the O’Cianain family name. The O’Cianain clan was known for their high church members in the Middle Ages. This name has been gaining popularity in the U.S. since the early 2000s, but has dropped a bit recently. Still, it’s a modern, stylish name in the same league as Kayden and Kieran.


The name Aubrey is a classic choice for a baby girl. This name has a rich history, is relatively unisex, and still retains its feminine feel. Although it originally was a boy’s name, the name is now equally popular among girls and boys. Its unisex qualities include strength, charm, drive, and thoughtfulness.

The name Aubrey is a German name meaning ‘ruler,’ and is easily pronounced. Another option is Evan, which is an Anglicized version of John and comes from the Welsh name Lefan, which means ‘young warrior’. It is popular as a destination name and has been in the top 100 for decades.

The name Aubrey is of German origin, and means “ruler”. It has long been used as a tomboy girl name, and has even been shortened to ‘Aubrey’. Another tom-boy-friendly option is Waverly, which sounds cute on little girls and means ‘wavy’ in Gaelic.

Aubrey is a nickname for someone with dark hair

Aubrey is a name with a long history in the English and French language. The name means “elf ruler” and was originally used exclusively for boys. However, its popularity shifted in the 1970s, and today it’s used 98% for girls. The popularity of the name is attributed to Bread’s song, “Aubrey.” Other notable people with this name include actors Aubrey Plaza and Drake.

Aubrey is known for enjoying the company of women, and in his youth he hid a pregnant girl on his ship. In 1802 he married Sophia Williams, and they had three children together. While his children are now grown up, Aubrey continues to enjoy the company of women.

The name AUBREY is associated with a wide range of ethnicities and nationalities. The name is disproportionately common among whites; just 2.8% of people with the name are Hispanic or African-American. But the name is also associated with a variety of ethnic groups, including Hispanics and Asians.


Marley is a modern English baby name that has a beautiful meaning. It is a unisex name but is more commonly used for girls. Its popularity has been decreasing since 2008 but is still a nice choice for a boy or girl. Marley is a very pleasant name that evokes feelings of peace and kindness.

Marley for boys was first recorded in the mid-12th century, but did not break into the top 1000 until 2008. It spent the entire time in the bottom 900 baby names. Today, it is ranked #948 on the list. The name Marley has a slight feminine sound that Americans tend to love.


Choosing a name for your son or daughter doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are several beautiful choices available for your little one. First, consider the name Sam. Its origins are in the Hebrew language. It means “God is telling” or “supplanter.” It is a classic name with strong biblical associations. Other options for a boy’s name are James or Joe, which have French or Latin roots. Alternatively, a girl could also choose the name Savannah.

Another great choice for a little girl is Samantha, a female version of Samuel. This name originated in the 18th century and became a household name thanks to the 1960s sitcom Bewitched. In the 1990s, the name ranked in the top ten names for girls. It is a popular choice, but still has some surprises to offer. Sam has a regal feel. It is also a good choice for those who want something that evokes the 80s.

Sam and Samavedra are also popular. These names are both unisex and can be used to name a boy or girl. Samavedra is an Irish variant of Samaveda, which means “love.” Other popular unisex names include Sam and Spencer.

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