Tom Boy Names For Girls

Tom boy names for girls are becoming popular, and you may have a hard time deciding which one to choose. This article explores a few popular options. We also consider Dylan, Blake, and Blake Lively. Which one will be the most appropriate for your little one? The answer might surprise you!


Blake is a male name that has two meanings: to be fair-haired and to be dark. It originated as a surname and has been used as a first name for boys for over 150 years. Blake was not popular in the eighties, but has gained popularity as a modern first name for boys. Today, it is the top-ranked baby boy name in England, Scotland, and New Zealand. As a name, it is also versatile and can be used for either a blonde or a brunette baby.

There are many unisex versions of Blake. Blakely is often shortened to Blake for ease of pronunciation. Bobbie, a common nickname, means “traveler from a foreign land.” The male version of Bobbie is spelled Bobby, while the female version is commonly spelled Bradlee, which means “wide meadow.”

Jordan is another solid choice for a boy. It has been popular for four decades and is not overly girly. It is a good choice for a boy who wants a strong and independent personality. The ending is more pronounced for girls in the U.S. than in England, where it is largely used as a nickname. You may have heard of Bellamy on the CW’s The 100. Another great character named Bellamy is Melody on Scandal. She won a Critics Choice Award for best supporting actress for the series.

Blake Lively

The first time you hear the name Blake Lively, it probably brings up the picture of an actress. Lively, however, is anything but perfect. Her body appears to have been enhanced through plastic surgery. She has long legs and big boobs, and her hair is blonde. She is also famous for being the star of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a movie in which she played a soccer-playing tom boy.

Despite being a tom boy name for girls, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now parents to a baby girl. Last week, the couple attended Ryan Reynolds’ star-giving ceremony at Hollywood’s Avalon Hotel. Ryan and Blake Lively brought their young daughters, including their 2-month-old daughter. The couple was obviously excited to share the big moment with their daughters. According to a recent interview with Today, Ryan revealed the name of their daughter. “We kept the name of the baby secret for a couple of reasons,” he said.

Blake Lively is a great name for a girl because it is a gender-swapped name. Blake means “fair” or “dark.” The name is derived from Old English. It started out as a last name but became a popular first name by 2012. It is a classic name that goes well with any last name. As an added bonus, it can be shortened to Charlie or Charlotte.


Blakely is a modern, masculine name, derived from the meaning “beautiful”. This name is also a popular choice among moms, and it is a great option for both boys and girls. It is unusual for a girl to be given this name, but it has been used for boys since the early twentieth century.

Blakely is a masculine gender-neutral name that is a combination of Scottish and British origins. The name derives its name from several places in Northern England and Scotland. It has a regal, noble air to it and is associated with power, majesty, and wisdom. The name also carries an air of refinement and evokes views of verdant plains. This name would be a perfect fit for a modern mom who wants to give her daughter a refined, trendy, and stylish name.

The meaning of Carson is “son of the marsh-dwellers”. The name Cobie, which means “the swarthy person’s settlement,” is a similar meaning. It can also be spelled “Carter,” but this is a shortened form. In addition to Blakely, you might also consider a boyish version of this name, Sloane. Sloane means “beautiful,” and it is a common spelled variation. Another boy name that is popular among moms is Spencer, which means “house steward.” This name can also be spelled “Stevie” or “Tyler”.


If you are looking for a name that is both masculine and feminine, consider Dylan. This Welsh name is a great choice for girls because of its relaxed and poetic vibe. It is similar to names like Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan. However, if you’re looking for a name that’s less gendered, consider one of the other versions of Dylan.

The name Dylan is Welsh in origin, meaning “sea.” It is associated with the sea and a famous poet named Dafydd ap Gwilym. Its English version is David, which means “friend.” Dylan is also a character from Welsh/Celtic mythology. His father, Math, the King of Gwynedd, could not remain alive unless his feet were placed in the lap of a virgin. The virgin who held his feet was called Goewin. Math’s lover, Gilvaethwy, wished to have a daughter named Dylan.

Other boy names with similar meanings include Carson, meaning “son of the marsh”, Glenn, and Corey. These names are also very popular for boys. Some of these names have an English and Scottish origin and can be spelled differently. Another girl name for Dylan is Kacie, which means “friend”. This is an unusually masculine name for a girl, but it is also a name that is slowly making its way into the female sphere.


Aiden is an old-fashioned Celtic name meaning “fire.” While it was traditionally a boy’s name, it is becoming popular for girls as well. Aiden is also spelled Aidan and pronounced “ad-ee-an.” Aiden Quinn, the actor and Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend on Sex and the City, is an iconic figure in Welsh culture.

Aiden is a popular girl’s name in Ireland, where it comes from the Gaelic word ad-aida. Aiden means “Little Fire” in Irish. It is also a common unisex name. Other popular options include Alexander, meaning “protector of mankind,” Andie, meaning “courageous,” and August, meaning “magnificent.”

Aiden also sounds like a boy’s name. The Scottish name Carson means “son of Jens.” Other options for a boy’s name include “Glenn” and “Carter”. The latter is an alternative spelling of the Scottish name. Both names have a similar meaning, and are both suitable for both boys and girls.


Sammy is the diminutive form of the male name Sam. It was popular among male babies in the 1950s but has become more popular for girls. Though it has not yet reached the top of the charts as a first name, it has been an increasingly popular nickname for girls. In the 1990s, the name Samantha reached the Top Ten list for girls. Despite its surprising popularity, this name has lost some of its luster.

This male name was first used for gamekeepers in England, where it was considered a male nickname. In the 1970s, it was popular for boys. However, it has been making its way to the top 1000 list for girls, and has reached as high as #59 for boys.

Sydney is another male name that has been gaining popularity in the past several years. The name was used by Charles Dickens for his character in A Tale of Two Cities. It has also been used in numerous movies and television shows. Austin means “ruler of the house.” The name is royal, and has a royal history. While it has fallen out of favor in the United States, it has maintained its popularity as a tomboy name in other countries.


Reagan is a cool, modern boy name that works with a variety of modern styles. It pairs well with names like Harper and Aubrey, and it is not nearly as common as some other boy names. It blends trends while being unique and fresh. It is similar to Meghan, but also has a more contemporary edge.

The name is of Irish origin, and means “little ruler.” It is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname O’Riagain, which means “descendant of Riagan”. It is a strong choice for a boy or girl, and its association with Kennedy and Madison lends it a regal air. It has also made a splash on the Hollywood female side.

Ronald Reagan was a lifeguard during his boyhood. He saved over seventy-seven people from drowning during his six summers working in Lowell Park in Dixon, Illinois. His father was a Catholic and strongly opposed intolerance. His sons, Ronald and Neil, grew up in a Catholic home.

Reagan is also a great choice for a tomboy girl. While it has a masculine sound, it does not sound too “girly”. Reagan has been a popular girl’s name since the 1970s.

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