Tom Boy – The Perfect Name For Your Son

The name Tom is a common boy name in many countries. The name has a Greek and English origin. It has many different spellings and many different meanings. However, the most common meaning of the name is “son”. This name has multiple syllables and is an excellent choice for a boy.


Tom Boy is a name for boys that has a long history. Its origin dates back to the mid-16th century, when it was used to describe a boisterous boy. Its meaning is similar to the English word ‘tomfoolery,’ which means “to fool.” Today, this name is used for any boisterous, independent boy.

In the mid-16th century, the name ‘Tom’ was used to describe a boy with a boisterous, forward character. The name was also used to designate a boy who had a reputation for misbehaving. Although the name is commonly used today, it has also been used to describe a boy who was a brawny, aggressive, or boisterous.

While the origin of Tom Boy is unclear, there is evidence that it originated in the Hebrew language. The name Thomas is a derivative of the Hebrew word ta’om, meaning “twin.” In the New Testament, Thomas is also a variation of St. Thomas, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles.


The name Tom, short for Thomas, has been used as a quasi-name for boys since the 1300s. By the 1700s, it was also being used as a lower-case noun for male animals. Its use as a boy’s name first appears in writing in 1553, when it was given to a boy. In that time, Tom was often associated with boys who were boisterous and rude.

Another popular boy’s name is Carson, which means “free one.” The name is also spelled as “Carter”. The name is often spelled differently, but the meaning of the last one is the same. Carrie, meanwhile, means “to settle in the marsh.” The name “Carter” also refers to someone who travels by cart.

If you’re looking for a girl’s name, consider Aiden, an Irish name meaning “Little Fire.” Another popular girl’s name is “Rory,” meaning “red king.” It was popularized by the character Rory from Gilmore Girls. It is also possible to choose a unisex name, such as “Max.”

The name Tom is a male name, but there are some female-only variants. Some female-only versions are spelled as “Blake” or “Joe.” These names are both pronounced the same way but can be shortened to either one. Despite the gender-neutral nature of Tom Boy, it is a good choice for boys and girls alike.

If you want a boy’s name with a strong religious connection, Tom might be a good choice. It is a traditional name with roots in the Hebrew bible, but it has become a modern fixture. Its unique sound makes it work well with other popular baby boy names such as Liam or Noah. It’s a name that will last a long time.

Another good choice for a boy tomboy is Austin. Austin means “great”. Austin is an English name, but it is also used for girls. It can also be used as a nickname. In Irish, it means “son of David”; it’s also a good choice. Finally, Irish-based Dillon means “like son”.


Tom Boy is a classic baby boy name that has long-lived popularity. This name is a variation of Thomas, a Greek boy’s name that means “twin.” We all know Thomas from the classic story, and the name embodies many of the same characteristics: youthful, mature, and fun. It works well for both boisterous boys and stately gentlemen. Tom is an all-purpose name that fits most personalities.

The popularity of this name has increased over time, but it hasn’t reached new heights. Originally a boy’s name, it is now popular for both boys and girls. Though this is a common and familiar name, it has a rich religious history, which adds a bit of mystery and mythos. There are several historical figures named Tom, and the name is not likely to fade in the future.


There are several names that would be perfect for a tom boy. You can opt for the classic Tom Boy, or you can use a name with an interesting twist. For instance, if you want to give your son a unique name, you could consider using the name Blake. This name may be a corruption of the name Ap Lake, which means son of the lake. Either way, it has a lot of appeal.

Other names for a Tom boy include Casey, which is of Irish origin, and Kacey. Chandler, which means “candle maker,” is another option, and is popularized by the character Chandler in the popular ‘Friends’ TV show. Dallas, which means “meadow dwelling,” is also an option. Another Scottish name that works well with Brady is Camden, which means “winding valley.” Finally, you can go with Tyler, which means “God-fearing” in Welsh.

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