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If you’re looking for a tomboy anime character, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a great selection of tomboy characters in various series. Just be sure to include the name of the anime series and the image of the tomboy character. Anime tomboys can be found in all media, from manga to anime.

Haruka Tenou

Haruka Tenou is an anime character who is both strong and feminine. She is a great role model for the LGBTQIA+ community. Although she appears to be a boy in the manga and anime, she is a female and wears unisex clothing. This enables her to embrace both her feminine and masculine sides, challenging gender stereotypes.

The manga and anime depict the tomboy in a complex way. Often, she wears feminine outfits and even wears female school uniforms. When she is not wearing her male cloak, she refers to herself as a female.

Unlike her male counterparts, Haruka is an independent thinker. She also has precognitive dreams. These dreams help her to know when a particular event is about to occur. Haruka is also influential in battle. She augments her physical prowess with magical energy.

Haruka Tenou’s fanboyish hair and sparkling green eyes are a great combination. She aspires to become a prince and to win the hand of the Rose Princess Anthy through combat. Her talent as a swordswoman makes her a legendary swordswoman. She can defeat any suitors and eventually wins the princess’s hand. She may be a tomboy in the manga, but she is much more than she thinks.

Haruka has two female friends. She has a friendly rivalry with Elza Gray. Her best friend, Michiru, is a more feminine lady. She and Michiru are close friends and have a relationship despite their gender differences. However, Haruka and Michiru have no love-making or sexual relationship.

Shima Nishina

A tomboy anime character is the opposite of a girl. Instead of having a girl crush, she is a stoic and independent teen with short flame-colored hair and green eyes. Although she has a badass attitude, she also has great potential. Although she spends most of her life in a boys’ academy, she is an expert swordsman who embraces traditional anime tomboy tropes.

The surname of the character Shima Nishina means “two,” which means “sort,” “family,” and “course.” The name Shima uses for her pen name is “Yokoshima,” which means “sideways,” “width,” and “island.” Shima’s name is based on her background and love for manga and anime.

Shima Nishina is influenced by manga and anime characters like Revy and Sailor Moon. She is Chinese-American, has tanned skin, and sports a ponytail. Her character design is sexy, and she is a fierce fighter with bloodlust. She is very protective of her friends.

Shima has many different personalities. Depending on the situation, she can be manipulative, disrespectful, and crazy. She loves physical combat and can fight with Nandaba men. However, she eventually loses her idealism and is more aggressive and selfish than her usual tomboy counterpart.

The character has a deep personality. She uses her beauty as an excuse for being selfish. However, she still loves bubble baths. She is also a tomboy anime character. She is very strong-willed, but is often at odds with her overprotective mother.

Shiro Tsugumi

Shiro Tsugumi has a combination of protectiveness and the need to follow orders. She was once exploited by Lord Kosameda but gained self-esteem after Kojiro Kanemaki became her “clan leader” at the Daito Mine. Hideo Kosameda adopted Tsugumi after her parents died. Hideo Kosameda abused her brother, leaving her very vulnerable.

While Tsugumi wears girly clothes, she is not a typical tomboy. She has a fierce streak and can handle explosives and traps. She can also use hand grenades in battle. This characteristic makes her a rare find among girls.

Seishirou was first introduced as a male transfer student. Despite her feminine looks, she is often mistaken for a boy. Despite this, she doesn’t mind being a “trap” tomboy and displays dominant male characteristics in the manga.

In her manga series, she is a member of the Brotherhood of the Galactic Space Police (FLCL). Her favorite villain is the notorious space pirate Atomsk. Her mission is to catch him and his minions. She has several personalities and the ability to manipulate her opponents. She is also a complicated romantic interest.

Another anime character that is not considered a tomboy is Kurotori Chiyoko. She loves the occult and tries to summon Cupid to help her. To do this, she calls a witch named Gyubid, who claims to be a hot witch instructor. Eventually, she becomes a witch and begins attracting the locals’ attention.

While some of the Slice of Life Moe episodes are slow, they keep pace. It’s not as intense as Soul Eater but is an enjoyable light watch.

Seishirou Tsugumi

Seishirou Tsugumi is a beautiful blue-haired girl who is misunderstood as a boy. Claude Ringheart raised her. Though she was not born to male parents, he mistook her for a boy and gave her a masculine name. Because of this, she was often mistaken for a boy, and she was only told that she was a girl by her teacher, Shu Maiko.

Although she first appears as a male transfer student, Seishirou quickly becomes Chitoge’s childhood friend. Her androgynous appearance makes her confused with a boy, but she is a proud tomboy and is perfectly content with being a “trap tomboy” sometimes. Her affection for anime characters is evident in her emo, and her love of video games demonstrates her deep respect for them.

Although Tsugumi has the characteristics of a tomboy, she has a feminine touch. She is protective and does not shy away from confrontation. She is the first one to join a fight. In addition to being an iconic swordswoman, she is a rare find among girls.

Tomboys are a popular part of the manga industry. A tomboy anime character may be a girl who dresses like a boy who dresses like a girl or a tomboy who likes to be the center of attention. A tomboy may be shy and like the spotlight but hates hard work. Regardless of the type of character, anime tomboys are a great way to introduce tomboyism into popular culture.

Seishirou Tsugumi is a popular anime character in the manga universe. Her openly lesbian personality has sparked controversy, but her character is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. In the manga, she has a girlfriend named Sailor Neptune. She is a powerful fighter and a racecar driver, but she is also elegant and comfortable in her sailor/princess persona.


If you’re looking for an anime character with strong female characteristics, Revy is the one for you. She’s a Chinese-American with a ponytail, tanned skin, and a short temper. She’s also an avid smoker and drinks a lot. Despite her feminine features, you’ll recognize her foul-mouthed attitude.

She’s also an otaku who collects toys of anime characters. In the anime series Sailor Moon Crystal, she emerges as a genderqueer lesbian. Although her relationship with Michiru was convicted in the English dub version, her relationship with the other female character, Sailor Neptune, was an example of a positive representation of the gay community.

She wears a long, flame-colored skirt, black boots, and diamond-shaped earrings in the manga. Her goal is to be a prince, but instead, she wants to win the hand of the Rose Princess Anthy through combat. Her skills as a swordswoman are legendary, and she defeats every suitor. She’s not the typical anime tomboy, but she’s intelligent, fierce, and a great leader.

Revy is one of the strongest characters in the series. Her strength and speed make her one of the most dangerous mercenaries in Roanapur. Her superhuman combat skills are reflected in the fact that only a few characters can hold their own against her. She’s also incredibly cool. While Revy may not be a typical anime tomboy, she’s undoubtedly one of the most beloved and iconic.

As one of the most popular tomgirl anime characters, Revy is not always portrayed as a ‘tomboy,’ but her innate fear of violence is a significant part of her personality. She isn’t the most confident, but she does have the potential to be the most dangerous character in the series. She has no interest in being a nerd, but she still has her share of eccentricities.

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